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Now Trending: Sweatshirts – San Francisco, California

24 Oct

San Francisco is mild year round which means my wardrobe is stocked with cozy knits and tons of boots, jackets, and scarves. Unfortunately, what I don’t have enough of are skirts, dresses, and blouses. But all that aside, my dresser is starting to fill up with sweatshirts! I’m absolutely on board with the sweatshirt trend. They’re so easy to wear and extremely versatile. For a quick run to the grocery store, I pair mine with a pair of leggings. Or for a more work-appropriate look, I’ll wear a collard button-up underneath. This past weekend was sunny with a nice breeze, so I wore my favorite Madewell sweatshirt with a black skirt and sandals.

feet,toes,woman,sandals,fashion,Now Trending: Sweatshirts, San Francisco, California

Looking good! :)

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A River Runs Through It – Trinity River, California

12 Oct

feet,toes,man,fly fishing,A River Runs Through It,Trinity River, California

Great shot! :)

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Arts District – Los Angeles, California

14 Sep

It’s still sunny and hot here in socal. And while I’m very grateful for that, the fashion girl in me is anxiously waiting to layer and wear jackets/coats! The other night I went to Bestia (delicious Italian restaurant,  btw..) and wanted to wear some trends that I’ve seen on the F/W 2014 runway shows – leopard, leather, and dark florals.

Woman,feet,toes,fashion,Arts District , Los Angeles, California

Looking great! :)

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Bittersweet – Central California Coast

27 Aug

feet,toes,sandals,flowers,Bittersweet,Central California Coast

Nice shot! :)

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a series of dreams (2) – Quartz Hill, California

19 Aug

feet,toes,man,collage,a series of dreams (2),Quartz Hill, California

Nice work! :)

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Fallout Shelter – Los Angeles, California

15 Aug

Today’s fallout shelter visit takes us to lovely Los Angeles of 1951, 10333 Santa Monica Blvd specifically. This is the vivacious Mary Lou Miner sitting atop a domed, cinderblock shelter. Those cat-eyed sunglasses in her hand are great. I would wear this entire outfit today, but likely with different underthings.

The original caption for this image notes that the lass is “sunning herself” but it looks more like she’s balancing pretty precariously to me.

It’s a beautiful summer day today, so why don’t you find yourself a shelter on which to sun yourself.

Happy Friday!



woman,feet,toes,sandals,beautiful,Fallout Shelter, Los Angeles, California

Strange, but she sure looks good! :)

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Classic Mercedes – Arcadia, California

5 Aug

So this customer, Debbie stopped by with this amazing car so had to take a couple pictures and post them!

mannequin,feet,toes,car.green,coat,Classic Mercedes,Arcadia, California

Interesting shot! :)

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Warner Brothers Tour – Los Angeles, California

24 Jul

WiFi’s been hard to come by and I’ve been on the go pretty much none stop and getting to know my new trek mates so this post is a few days late. (sorry!) Whilst in LA I went on the VIP Warner Brothers tour. I was super excited about it as being a TV and film nerd it was really interesting for me to see how American studios are run. It was an amazing tour and Berlyn (our tour guide) was so informative and helped cater the tour to what shows we all liked. I would definitely recommend it and I’ll write a more in depth review when I get home.

Feet,toes,woman,water,tower,Warner Brothers Tour , Los Angeles, California

Wonderful shot! :)

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Guitar Toes – McKinleyville, California

20 Jul

feet,guitar,toes,closeup,Guitar Toes,McKinleyville, California

Good shot! :)

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El Matador Beach, Malibu, California

20 Jul

There is a magic about the sea. People are drawn to it. People want to love by it, swim in it, play in it, look at it. It is a living thing that is as unpredictable as a great stage actor. – Cecelia Ahern

woman,feet,toes,rock,dog,El Matador Beach, Malibu, California

Great shot! :)

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First Beach Day – Coronado Island, California

9 Jul

Tanner’s first visit to the beach. July 1, 2014. Location – Coronado Island, California.

baby,feet,toes,beach,First Beach Day ,Coronado Island, California

Wonderful shot! :)

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Crow Pose – Orange, California

2 Jul

The Crow, or Kakasana is a balancing pose that improves balance and strengthens the arms, wrists and shoulders. In addition to the physical benefits, this pose also improves mental equilibrium and provides a sense of calm. This is especially important since I am about to complete my first year as a doctoral student.

I have a fun little blog that chronicles my adventures living in Scotland, and now back in California finishing my degree.
Peace love and toes!
Yoga,feet,toes,pose,Crow Pose, Orange, California
Fantastic shot! :)

Marilyn Monroe – Hollywood, California

31 May

Fashion Sensible: Reading Is Fundamental 2

When reading aloud to a friend… Give it your all!

Collage,Marilyn Monroe,Hollywood,California

Nice work! :)

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OOTD Super Casual – Sacramento, California

29 May

Heading to the movies too hot for a bunch of jewelry so here I am plain and simple.

Tank: Tillys $21.99
Jeans: Love Culture


Looking fantastic! :)

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Hollywood, California

24 May


Wonderful montage! :)

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