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7 Dec

Mobile carpets, the predecessor of the teepee.

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Love it! :)

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19 Nov

picture of a drawing in a book

picture of bare feet and a book on a floor

Very nice, love that book! :)

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South Africa

22 Sep

Toey greetings to you from wet South Africa.

Love your site, one thing to meet and read interesting writing, another to see everyone’s toes, we are one big foot :)

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Nothing like a story for a Sunday afternoon! :)

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Thompson River, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

31 Mar

The Treehouse by Dodie Goldney is about the creative life.  I believe everyone has the capacity to be creative.  I hope to inspire people to do more creative things and think more creatively. (Wow, I think I just wrote my mission statement).

I was just looking through old photos, pondering what I might post about next, and I found this pic of my toes, from February 3, 2005. I actually dated the photo. I’ve spent years photo-documenting the renos that now appear on The Treehouse.  I don’t have that carpet anymore, but I actually was trying to get a photo of the pattern on the rug.  I don’t know why I saved the toe shot, except that it MUST have been to send them to Toemail one day!  I’m excited!

This photo was taken in the Treehouse, (my home), which is on the Thompson River in beautiful Kamloops, BC, Canada.  I kind of like this one. It looks like my toes are totally photobombing the pic.  Toebomb?

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Thompson River, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Like the patterned carpeting and fun shot!

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11 Jan

This was taken in a Singapore hotel room last week.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Singapore

Nice shot!

Serik, Turkey

27 Aug

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Serik, Turkey

That looks so lush and beautiful!

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Islamabad, Pakistan

15 Sep

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Islamabad, Pakistan

Carpet College: There is a wealth of knowledge idly sitting around, waiting for customers in the Jinnah and Super Markets, wasting time, just like you. What are you waiting for? Go bug them! Make them unfold and refold 172 carpets in 105 degree heat! They like it!

The Unaccompanied Lady spends hours talking to Pashtun carpet dealers (most of them are Afghans) about everything related to carpets. They are not predatory jerks like in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar and some of them actually know what they’re talking about. Drink tea and talk about patterns, geopolitics, sheep breeds, Pashtun tribes, cotton prices and trade transit routes until the generators kick in and it’s time for Unaccompanied Ladies to go home. Have them show you their most expensive pieces and after you have a heart attack because they are so beautiful and you can’t afford them, make the guy tell you why that one is more expensive than this one. Feel your mind get larger and your understanding of the world broader by earning a Masters in Warp and Weft at Carpet College.*

The Unaccompanied Lady recommends Niqash Carpet, near Mr. Books in Super Market, and Herat Shop in Jinnah Market.

*The Carpetblog Carpetbuying Manifesto is coming. It’s not ripe yet. Please stand by.”

Full post here.

Wonderful picture from a totally unique blog!

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Vancouver, British Columbia

4 Sep

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Vancouver, British Columbia

So tell me now, where was my fault

In loving you with my whole heart
Lead me to the truth and I
will follow you with my whole lie


Excellent lighting!

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