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Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

29 Dec

Wordless Wednesday: Braving the Cold for a Christmas Day Swim

picture of people jumping in water on Christmas day in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

Brrrr, that must be cold! :)

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Happy Holidays!!

25 Dec


Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

21 Dec

With Christmas less than two weeks away, holiday decorations are popping up all around Surfers Paradise.  Many of them feature Santa in a swimsuit, which I find hilarious.  They’ve been playing Christmas carols over loudspeakers in the pedestrian mall and there’s even a real live Santa that makes appearances every once in a while to take photos with kids (and Asian tourists…. let’s be real, mostly Asian tourists.)

Santa Claus statue at the beach in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

Wonderful shot! :)

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20 Dec

Every year Canada Post runs an incredible program that is manned and operated by volunteers.

In the months leading up to Christmas children can send their letters to the North Pole and Santa will write back.

Of course “Santa” is probably a fifty seven year old retired female accountant but it doesn’t matter.

The whole thing is magical.

Occasionally I like to spice up my sister’s life by sending her ridiculous things in the mail.

Sometimes it’s a drawing.

This hangs on the fridge next to a mosaic made by our five year old cousin.

Those are my mother’s abs by the way,

not an homage to snakes on her stomach. I’m in the middle.

Sometimes it’s an awkward valentine professing my love for her roommate.

Recently, I’ve felt the need to step it up a notch.

So I decided to write to Santa on her behalf.

We’ll see whether Santa writes back.

Dear Santa,

Lookin’ hot. I’m loving the black belt that you wear. So trendy.

 Last year you were awesome by the way.

I loved how all of the clothes you brought me also fit my sister

which was fabulous because

when I gave them to her,

she found them very wearable.

For this year I would like clothes again

however as always I’m a little picky.

I would like a very specific garment- a bee keeper hat.

Just the hat.

Not the outfit, and preferably in beige.

Living in the downtown of a metropolis can get kind of boring

so I’d like to spice things up by plopping

the bee keeper mask and hat on my head

and then wandering through the streets

pretending I’m in the middle of a

post apocalypse movie.

Also if you could bring me a guy

who looks like Will Smith

to help me out with the whole charade

I’d appreciate it too.

Don’t get too stressed

about bringing me the actual Will Smith,

I know you’ve got a budget.

I’d also like whoever you bring me

to be able to juggle.

There is never enough juggling

in post apocalyptic alien war movies.

Much love,


I should probably add that

Diana and Phillip are very happy together and

to my knowledge Diana has never expressed

an interest in Will Smith

or Will Smith lookalikes.

I merely was drawing from my meager well

of post apocalyptic movies

which consists of “Men in Black”.

Also I once saw a poster for “I Am legend”.

Generally I don’t watch movies

because that would requires for sitting

for a period greater than ten minutes.

*Names of Diana’s boyfriend’s

have been changed to protect their anonymity

because they never asked to be a part of a family

with a weirdo writer.

drawing of people in Hawaii

What a fantastic concept! :)

Pasay City, Manila, Philippines

15 Sep
This is our group picture during our company Christmas party with a Madri Gras theme. Everyone is enjoying and partying.
Life is like a party. Always enjoy every bit of it.
feet,toes,office,party,Christmas,Pasay City, Manila, Philippines
Nice shot, bet you had a blast! :)
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Melbourne Beach, Florida

6 Apr
 This photo was taken of my little boy on Melbourne Beach, in sunny FL, while we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa during Christmas.
toemail, toes, feet, photography, Melbourne Beach, Florida
Cute shot!
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Modjadji, South Africa

22 Jan

When John and I decided we were going to visit the village we wanted to bring gifts for some of the kids for Christmas.  Many of these children had never received a Christmas gift before, and we wanted to brighten their holidays up a little bit.  Thus, we asked friends and family from America to send little trinkets that we could make into bags to pass out.  Thanks to Nicole Sherman, Pam Beck, Jen Travis, Peggy Koontz, Tricia Burkholder, Joni Chudomelka, and Andy Chudomelka we were able to make 60 goody bags.  We passed 30 of these out in Rasewana (the village where the Monyela’s live) and 30 in Madumeleng (the village where the Ramokhola’s live).  The kids were insanely excited, and we were happy to see all their wonderful smiles.

I’ll leave you with some pictures and wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas from South Africa.

feet,children,christmas,Modjadji, South Africa

feet,children,christmas,Modjadji, South Africa

That is a truly wonderful thing you have done for those children! Bravo!

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Gulf of Mexico

31 Dec

Attached is a picture from a Christmas cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. One foot is mine and the other is my friend’s. They are our Christmas toenails! You’ll see sparkles on her purple toes and a Christmas tree on my red ones.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Gulf of Mexico

Cute Christmas pedicures!

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Transkei Waterfall, South Africa

27 Dec

My version of Christmas is going to the most remote place I can find. The photo was taken from a kayak, in the Mtentu River about 2 kilometers upstream from the river mouth, (Indian Ocean), South Africa. Spectacular place.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Transkei Waterfall, South Africa

Gorgeous there!

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24 Dec

I have asked Santa for new holiday socks, but until they arrive, my cat Dylan helps to keep the drafts off the sock with the massive hole!!! :)

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Minnesota

Very cute!

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

24 Dec

There are not too many places in the world that I’m eager to return to. Dubai, however, is one emirate that I love to escape to every now and then and could even see myself moving to one day. From the international population to the awe inspiring buildings and developments, and of course, my dear friend who hosts me each time I’m there,  Dubai is a truly extraordinary place. Here are some shots from a few of my trips:

feet toes, photography, Santa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Really wonderful picture!

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9 Nov

Taking advantage of our warm 40*F temps to hang Christmas lights in our trees.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Iowa

Good idea and very nice and colorful shot!

Torquay, Australia

9 Jan

JohnnyGoogle writes, “Just a typical sunny day in December down at Torquay. To be fair, it was probably hotter than normal but the fine sand, bright sunshine and clear blue sky is no less than we would expect over the Xmas period.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Torquay, Australia

Christmas Australian Style

So many people enjoying the weather there!  Very beautiful shot!

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San Jose, California – Christmas Toes

14 Dec

Ewa writes, “A picture I took a few days ago of my daughter’s foot tangled in Christmas lights.”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, San Jose, California

Great Christmas shot!

Punta del Este, Uruguay

30 Mar

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Silvia writes, “Hi, my name’s Silvia. I’m from Argentina. This photo was taken December 2010 in Punta del Este, Uruguay… It was a lovely break before Christmas. The weather was great! That gave us glorious five sunny days….”

Can just imagine the relaxation you felt there with your feet in the water. :)  Nice photo!


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