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Adel, Georgia

29 Aug

sometimes i spend soOOOoo much time looking at my circumstances and home and see all the things that could be better that i fail to see exactly how beautiful it already is.

i was outside this morning with Cali in my backyard that lives behind two big glass sliding doors that, if i were so inclined, i could see every morning when I wake up. instead, i look back there and think, “what if i finished this area so that when i stepped out here, it wasn’t always so soft and spongy?” or “man, that swing sure would look good in a color of some sort” or “i sure wish that a/c unit wasn’t so loud or ugly.”

this morning, though, i saw it–i mean REALLY saw it, for what it was–and thought, “wow…this is a small, semi-private oasis, living right outside my bedroom door–my GLASS bedroom door…” and it’s true. the trailer blocks off anyone viewing me from my in-laws’ house. the only way anyone would see me is if they were walking near or on the pool deck. it’s simply gorgeous.

having realized that with my morning doggie-walk out-of-the-way, i figured the perfect way to enjoy it was to go back out with a camera and a cup o’ coffee–raspberry & vanilla flavored, please :)

i ALSO realized in that quiet time away from my doggie & my kiddo that the perfect color for the swing was mustard yellow (fast becoming my favorite color, along with teal)–not too bright that it would clash with the in-laws’ colors across the yard, but enough of a difference that the swing can become the feature it’s meant to be.

now i’ve just got to get the trailer painted a similar color scheme as my in-laws’ house and all will be well; harmonious, even.

see, quiet times can be enlightening in a positive way when you stop trying so hard to solve problems. sometimes the solutions will creep up on you, stealthily, unexpectedly, and pounce when you’re not even in the same mental galaxy of said solution’s problem.

feet,toes,coffee,cup,morning,Adel, Georgia

Looks like the start of a great day! :)

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Forest Hill – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

11 Aug

“2nd cup” strip

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Forest Hill, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Nice shot!

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

16 Dec

feet, toes, vegetables,coffee,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,photography

Fantastic composition!

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San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

10 Oct

We spent the next few days in San Cristobal de las Casas. Actually we did not do much, besides enjoying tasty mexican food in cafes and restaurants. Really great were the tasty coffee and the little cakes in San Cristobal. Carmen also spent some time to go shopping on the marketplace and buy new clothes. At last she found her ‘aladin pants’ which she had been looking for since quite some time.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, San Cristobal de las, Casas, Mexico

Very lovely looking town!

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2 Jan

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Really nice composition!

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Statesboro, Georgia

1 May

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Statesboro, Georgia

rootietoot writes, “I was enjoying 6am coffee on a quiet Sunday morning and my cat, Gracie, decided to join my feet on the footstool. It was a cool morning and she felt good there.”

Cats love to get cozy with us, as we do with them.  :)  Nice photo!

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