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Guatape, Columbia

22 Oct

Guatape has just over taken Salento as my favourite little town in the world. This place is tiny, stunning, colourful and surrounded by natural beauty. We stayed in a gorgeous hostel, El Encuentro, with views of the lake and La Piedra. This morning we went against our regular belief system and did exercise on  a Sunday. We climbed the 740 stairs to the top of La Piedra, a huge rock coming up through the middle of Guatape. The views were stunning and worth every step.
This place is just wonderful!

feet,toes,steps,women,Guatape, Columbia

business,colorful,Guatape, Columbia

cliff,stairs,Guatape, Columbia

staircase,walkway,cliff,Guatape, Columbia

islands,water,houses,view,Guatape, Columbia

feet,toes,hammock,woman,view,Guatape, Columbia

Wow, what a place! :)

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Columbia, Missouri

23 Dec

Viewer Discretion Advised #2


two pictures of rachel in Columbia, Missouri

Excellent shots! :)

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Columbia, Missouri

15 Dec

Ms. Shyamala Sundaram, Violin Tutor

woman sitting barefooted and playing a violin on a carpet in  Columbia, Missouri

Beautiful picture! :)

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Cocora Valley, Columbia

5 Dec

Sitting in a hammock after lunch, admiring the amazing view!

El Portal de Cocora Restaurant

feet,toes,woman,relaxing in Cocora Valley, Columbia

Columbia, South Carolina

10 Oct

The attached toe pic was taken in Columbia, SC and became the subject of a post on my “Carolina Yankee” blog, which I titled “Toe be or not toe be.” The post actually has several toe pics included.

 Oddly enough, the cover photo of the Carolina Yankee Facebook page is of my bare tootsies and has been since day one!

fet,toes,women,sand,Columbia, South Carolina

Fun shot! :)

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Columbia, South Carolina

6 Oct

Personal Sketch

This sketch doesn’t even capture half of what I’ve been feeling lately. Feelings of frustration, stress, aggravation, depression, anxiety, disappointment… the list goes on and on. Although, I know everything is going to be okay, I just want to curl up into a ball and let my mind drift off to my “Happy Place.”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Columbia, South Carolina

The sketch certainly portrays those emotions. Best wishes and great sketch!

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Cruising To Alaska

14 Aug

This is just one of the majestic views we saw from the window of our small room on the Columbia, the largest ship of the Alaska Ferry Fleet. We traveled the Alaska Marine Highway, from Bellingham, Washington to Haines, Alaska in July.

 You can see more photos and read haikus of our journey at http://rigzenchomo.com

Walk in Beauty,
Skywalker Payne, RN


feet,toes,boat,mountains,water,Cruising To Alaska

That must have been one awesome trip! :)

Taganga, Magdalena, Columbia

9 Mar

foot,tree,sky,Taganga, Magdalena, Columbia

Great shot, onward and upward! :)

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Leticia, Columbia

20 Nov

To tell the truth I had no idea what to expect when landing in Leticia, the southeastern most city of Colombia that borders Brazil on land and Peru just across the river. The town survives on border crossings and eco tourism, with several companies selling day trips to ‘Monkey Island’ and other similar adventures. Many of the so called ‘ecotours’ that I have read about in South America are anything but eco-friendly; allowing tourists to feed wild animals, handle them, and occasionally the tour group will release exotic animals into the area shortly before the tour arrives. I want to say that this is the main reason that we have not taken a tour, but we have held out primarily because our budget does not allow for many guided tours and we are trying to save up for Bolivia and Brazil.
Nina and I spent 4 nights in Leticia, longer than expected, and I would say it was at times relaxing, others times exciting. In general I found our introduction to the Amazon to be eye-opening. People seem to do strange things in the jungle, especially in border towns.
We enjoyed the sights and sounds of many beautiful birds, lakes filled with fish and turtles (Ninas favorite) and, most notably, one very large spider, which had made its way into our mosquito net, our sole layer of protection as we spent 2 nights in hammocks sleeping in the jungle. We had found a nice Spanish man on couchsurfing.org who allowed us to string up our hammocks under a roof 11km outside of Leticia, but after two sleepless nights and no accessible food, power, or reliable water on the property, we left the jungle property and decided to spring the money for a nice hostel inside the Amazonian city. Below is a picture of Nina with some young girls we encountered, outside their home by the creek in Leticia.


And that is the power of children, happy despite poverty, a lesson for us all.

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Columbia, Maryland

19 Sep

Ann writes, “Once a year, for the past several years, the gang of Love Life Images does a project called Day In The Life.  It’s the one day a year that we turn the cameras from our clients to ourselves.  It’s a candid, unscripted look into our own lives, through our own eyes.  Sometimes we plan our days based on the fact that DITL is coming: “Oh, I should do that for Day In The Life,” you’ll hear someone say every now and then.  But even when we plan to do specific things because of their potential visual appeal, (I actually tried to schedule a dentist appointment on this year’s DITL, but it didn’t work out…), our days don’t go quite as planned.

What a perfect analogy for life this is.  Sometimes you’ve just gotta roll with the punches.  Or down a hill, as I did.”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Columbia, Maryland

Ouch!  Nice one! :)

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Guatape, Antioquia, Columbia

7 Aug

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Guatape, Antioquia, Columbia

Looks like there is a nice breeze happening.

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