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Córdoba, Spain

12 Jul

A couple of months ago ThirdYearAbroad.com published an interview about my internship at Armani on their website. But that was only half of my Year Abroad! Before moving to Italy for that, I spent six months living and studying in the beautiful city of Córdoba, in the south of Spain, and I haven’t really touched much on that so far on this blog. I’ve now posted an article on my time in Córdoba on the website, which you can take a look at here:


          I studied at the University of Córdoba as an Erasmus student, but I also taught English privately and in a school on the side, and fitted in a fair bit of traveling around the rest of Andalucía. I seriously recommend you put Córdoba on your list of places to visit, as I had a fantastic time, met some truly lovely people and I have very fond memories of my six months there.

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Beautiful picture, you make Cordoba sound wonderful! :)

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Cordoba, Argentina

14 Dec

One of the first days I was living in Córdoba, I was wandering around, as I usually like to do when I am in a new city and stumbled upon Plaza de la Intendencia (which I would go to many more times for the language group English and Mate that I became a part of). I was sitting there for awhile, people watching (which I also love to do) when a large group of people dressed up in all sorts of costumes started filling into the Plaza.

It ended up being a free circus!!

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Beautiful shot!

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Cordoba, Argentina

23 Nov

After the brutally hot bus ride from Buenos Aires to Cordoba, Kristie and I arrived at our hostel. We reserved a private room* and ended up with the equivalent of an apartment. Fine by us given our relatively small digs in BA. As we didn’t arrive until 11pm or so, we decided to decline the hostel’s offer for going out at 1:15am, and hit the sack.

Friday and Saturday included coffee, trying to visit a museum dedicated to citizens who disappeared during the 1970s at the time of Argentina’s dictatorship but was inexplicably closed both days, almost attending a Catholic concert at the cathedral on Friday night, walking through some parks that have seen better days, trying to avoid running into the mobs of people on the pedestrian streets and catching some Bond Skyfall action.


Looks like a cool park!

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