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Bogense, Denmark

14 Oct
Three years ago my parents and I were picking up my sister from school in Andebølle, Denmark to come back home to Slovakia. We were staying at her friend’s place for a few days and we visited a few places like Bogense, Ebeltoft and Kopenhagen. 
The photos were taken at the Bogense beach. It was very windy and quite cold there even though it was June. But the sun warmed the sand so it felt really nice.
feet,toes,shoes,sand,Bogense, Denmark
flowers,sand,beach,Bogense, Denmark

feet,toes,sand,beach,anklets,Bogense, Denmark

Nice shots, and good times no doubt! :)
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Copenhagen, Denmark

24 Jul


toemail, toes, feet, photography, Copenhagen, Denmark

Cute shot!

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Frederica, Denmark

13 Jul
 Dear editor – another picture from
Christian  Heller  Jensen
Danmarksgade 60 B 2 tv. DK 7000 Fredericia
 75 155 155  –  21 45 06 64 

toes,feet,sandals,grass,Frederica, Denmark

Nice shot, lovely little flowers! :)

Fredericia, Denmark

4 Jul

feet,toes,dancers,ghana,folklore,Fredericia, Denmark

Nice shot! That’s a pretty awkward angle to keep that thing spinning, pure talent! :)

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Aarhus, Denmark

23 Jun

A Moment of Peace.. 01-06-2013

toes,feet,yoga,meditation,woman,Aarhus, Denmark

Nice shot! More peace, please? :)

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Odense, Denmark

18 Mar

My picture was taken in Odense, Denmark!

My toes were cuddling each other when my friends and I were having a picnic!

this is the site of my blog: travel till i drop, and stop, and rock, and travel again…!

feet,toes,grass,Odense, Denmark

Fun picture, makes us really want spring to get here early! :)

Esbjerg, Denmark

8 Feb

toes,foot,flower,Esbjerg, Denmark

What a beautiful flower! :)

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Copenhagen, Denmark

31 Jan

feet,toes,water,Copenhagen, Denmark

Nice shot!

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Råbjerg Mile, Nordjylland, Denmark

13 Dec

toes,feet, two women, desert, Denmark,photography

Hasselblad 501CM with CFV16, Carl Zeiss Distagon 50 f/4 CF

During our summer holiday this year, we visited Råbjerg Mile, a desert like area in Nordjylland.

Awesome picture!

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Ribe, South Jutland, Denmark

4 Nov



Looks like that water might have been pretty chilly!

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Copenhagen, Denmark

8 Oct

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nice shot!

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Washington, D.C.

11 Jan

jstirpak writes, “Inside this leaking submarine
The hull is closing in
The water is above my ankles
Now that I still can’t get you off of my mind
I don’t think that we can pull this one off
We shall see, time will tell
What is time and why does it
Taste like salt water inside of my mouth?”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Washington, D.C.

Very beautiful sculpture!

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Århus, Denmark

22 Dec

truels writes, “Read in my previous post about the exhibition “Sculpture By The Sea”. Here is some more photos from this great exhibition in Århus these days: Sculpture By The Sea (2)

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Århus, Denmark

Artist: Chen Wen Ling (China)

Title: Red memory-shy boy

Wow … fantastic!

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A Beach In Denmark

26 Nov

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Denmark

“This was taken on a beach in Denmark. I was there with my best friend and we just had a wonderful time. I love this photo, cause it gives me a feeling of freedom…”

Yea, and a beautiful sky doesn’t hurt :)

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8 Apr

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Denmark

cykelvester writes, “Recently I had my first comment on this blog from someone who wasn’t my family, my friend or someone trying to sell viagra. This comment was on recent post where I had drawn a foot. As I remember I did the foot just as bit of exercise in something other than faces and hot celebrity bodies… though those are fun to draw. Anyway, the comment was from the good people at toemail who requested that I do more feet drawing. Well, I was never one to disappoint.”

Excellent drawing and thank you! :)


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