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Beyond the Finnish line – London, England

4 Oct

Finnish pride on display. Three guys, on some team or other, representing their faraway northern land. Happy to smile for the camera.

Men,feet,toes,runners,flipflops,Beyond the Finnish line, London, England

Get a kick out of the bird! :)

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Nap – Sheffield, England

31 Aug

There is always time for a nap // 25 06 14

feet,toes,woman,fantasy,doves,Nap,Sheffield, England

Beautiful image! :)

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Lemons – Hampstead Heath, London, England

26 Jul

feet,toes,flipflops,Lemons, Hampstead Heath, London, England

Good shot! :)

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Pavilion Dance Residency – Bournemouth, England

22 Jul

We had a really wonderful first week of R&D for Distance Duet at Pavilion Dance.  We are using the text messages of real couples to develop the work.  In Bournemouth we looked closely at the messages for clues about the personalities of the senders and researched ways of representing aspects of personality physically.  We also tried different ways of incorporating sending texts to audience members during our showing at the end of the week.  We’re excited to continue the project at Dance City next week.

dancers,barefoot,Pavilion Dance Residency,Bournemouth, England

dancers,barefoot,man,woman,studio,Pavilion Dance Residency-Bournemouth, England

dancers,barefoot,man,woman,handstand,Pavilion Dance Residency,Bournemouth, England

Looks like an awesome project! :)

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Selfie – Bedford, England

9 Jul

Now this was just a casual outfit for a dinner date with a friend. The sun decided to come out so of course my new sunnies and sandals were out again, although I slightly regretted the sandals on the walk home. Only slightly… But on a day like today when the weather just could not make up it’s mind, I love my knitted cape. This thing is a favourite of mine, a gorgeous colour, pattern and with a hood and little knitted in sleeves, you will see more of this. It is brilliant for all weather because it is warm but can be open and flowing when the weather is hot. It was a great match for my simple leggings and long grey oversized t shirt (that you can’t even see sorry). Plus it holds great sentimental value (I get very attatched to my clothes) because my grandma bought it for me when I went to see my family out in Australia last year. Thanks Grandma!

Knitted Cape – Sportsgirl (Australia)

Wet look leggings – River Island

Grey Tshirt – AllSaints

Sandals – Newlook

Sunglasses – River Island

feet,toes,fashion,Selfie, Bedford, England

You look fantastic! :)

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Painting – Soho, London, England

9 Jul

park,figure,feet,toes,Painting ,Soho, London, England

Beautiful work! :)

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Darth Vader Loves – Leeds, England

21 Jun

Darth Vader loves: Vintage pastel jacket with floral stitch detail, River Island playsuit and white platform heels

darth,vader,loves,fashion,Leeds, England

Very creative! :)

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In The Garden – Crawley, England

14 Jun

A photo of my bare feet taken on a sunny day in my garden in Crawley, England. This is the photo I took to be included in the article on “How To Ground Yourself” posted on my blog Pure Starseed. One of my top ways to get grounded included:

  • Sitting in the garden with your bare feet touching the earth – the connection will drain away the positive electrical charge that has build up in your body from being in close contact with computers, mobile phones, TVs etc. After 30 mins if earthing you will feel so much better and more calm and inflammation in the body will be reduced.

feet,toes,In The Garden - Crawley, England

Not a bad idea! :)

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Able Men – Canterbury, England

13 Jun

Evgeny Gridneff cartoon, Able Men - Canterbury, England

Good one! :)

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Warm Up – Suffolk, England

12 Jun

Did some sketching today to warm up the rusty fingers and joints.
I want to practise shading… I didn’t erase the pencil sketchings as they add a bit more depth..

Drawing of a barefoot dancer by Susanna Blaauw

Good one! :)

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Street Art, Brick Lane, London, England

11 Jun

woman,walking,Street Art, Brick Lane, London, England

Nice shot! :)

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London, England

21 May

collage, illustration,art,London, England

Good work!! :)

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Cornwall, England

7 May

For this shoot I was inspired by the season. In particular, a pear tree in my garden which has new buds shooting and a nearby tree, where some Magpies are busy building a nest to house their young.

Once again my friend Sophie was happy to model for me. I love to take her picture, she’s very photogenic and knows how to pose, as she has done plenty of modelling for other photographers. She loves anything creative and is a keen blogger, often writing about our adventures: http://sophielouiseanne.blogspot.co.uk/

The location was an easy choice as I have completed a shoot here before: http://traceywarbey.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/fairwell-to-autumn/ and it’s close to where we live.

We got there at dusk, having gone to another location for a different shoot: http://traceywarbey.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/what-pulls-us/ and quickly got Sophie prepared.

I wanted her to represent a bud, so needed her in a folded position. I also wanted her to look as pale as possible, so we covered her in flour, which is a very cheap and effective prop to use. Earlier that day, I had gathered some twigs from my garden to place in her hair to resemble the nest.

The preparation and positioning took time. I wanted the composition to be perfect but the light was fading very quickly. I realised that although I had my flash with me, the batteries were dead, so I had to increase my exposure compensation in order to take the shot. This in itself caused problems in post processing due to excess noise in the image, which had to be rectified.

The following settings were used: ISO 6400, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/60sec.

There are a set number of steps I tend to use in post. I mainly adjust colours in curves, increase the contrast and add dodge and burn to bring out the shadows and the highlights. On this image I used a texture as an overlay to make the background darker and used a layer mask to hide Sophie, as I wanted her to stand out as much as possible (being the main focus in the frame). After a small amount of skin smoothing to finish, I added a vignette. A popular effect amongst photographers as it draws the eye into the centre of the frame….

I hope you like this post. If you have enjoyed reading then please feel free to follow, so as to keep up to date with any new posts and…

Thanks for reading!! :-)

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Beautiful image! :)

London, England

3 May
Newly knitted pedicure socks…warm feet,cool toes.
Toes,feet,knits,London Eye, London, England
What a fun shot! :)

London, England

3 May

Vikram Kushwah

Surreal image by Vikram Kushwah

Love it! :)

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Vikram Kushwah


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