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26 Jan

Greetings from Florida once more. The Border Collie is Ms. Zulu (http://anarette.com/tag/zulu/). She enjoys riding in the car with the windows rolled down. Happy New Year from Anarette and crew!


Great shot! :)

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The Old Man and the Sea – Crescent Beach, St. Augustine, Florida

11 Dec

I don’t know what it is about this photo, but it is one my favorites that I have ever taken. He could have been staring off into the distance thinking about the taco he was going to be having for lunch, how the Harlem Shake videos are getting really redundant and annoying, Beyonce or anything else that could make you really sit and think about life ( like, food. Did I mention that? Lunch? Tacos? Spanakopita? Eggplant Parm. K, just want to make sure). He could be thinking about a loved one, a missed opportunity, his lover- and the beauty is we will never know. And looking at this picture I took a guess, and kept on guessing until I created, “The Old Man and the Sea.”

So have a look and have a read. Dive on in.  (ps. sorry for the obnoxious spacing, I can’t figure out how to fix it)

Peace and blessings,



The Old Man and the Sea

There once was a man who lived in a house

And the house was made of wood

It always had been

There once was a man who lived in a wood house

Who had nothing to worry about except

The fish in the sea, the sun in the sky, and the call of the birds

That flew overhead

It had always been that way

Continue reading The Old Man and the Sea here.

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Ms. Zulu – Florida

20 Aug

More greetings from Florida. It is a rainy day today so my dog Ms. Zulu and I waited for the rain to stop before we wandered outside.  I adopted Ms. Zulu from the animal shelter and it is her goal to spread the word about pet adoption, see my website: http://anarette.com/about/the-crew/

foot,toes,dog,window,Ms. Zulu,Florida

What a beautiful dog! :)

This Is Not A Gap Year – Tampa, Florida

8 Aug

This is not, and never will be, a gap year. Gap years aren’t a real thing.

The term “gap year” suggests that doing anything other than following the conventional path doesn’t count as a part of your life, or at least as a part of your “real” life. I once said that you don’t need a permanent home, a job, a routine, and responsibilities to justify the realness of your experiences.

All of these different types of years, “gap” or otherwise, are just different ways to live REAL life.

I have traveled a lot in the past two years. I’ve lived abroad, I’ve lived at home, I’ve backpacked, I’ve volunteered, I’ve worked, I’ve interned…I’ve bathed an elephant, I’ve done quantitative research, I’ve taken shots, I’ve taken risks, I’ve put a note in the Western Wall, I’ve gotten a tattoo in Thailand (And I’m definitely not alone on this one), I’ve been inside some castles, buddhist temples, and gothic cathedrals, I’ve watched the stars in the desert and the sunrise over the ruins at Angkor Wat…

This isn’t a phase or an isolated period – it’s all my life.

This is not a gap year and it’s not something I’ve chosen by accident or by default, although I will say there were moments when I have felt more sure of my decisions than others.

But I realized something important recently, and it’s crazy that it’s taken me two years to come to this but: I love to travel!

women,backpacks,travel,feet,toes,barefoot,This Is Not A Gap Year,Tampa, Florida

Awesome! :)

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Destin, Florida

19 May

I wanted a tattoo and because of some of the prayers and scripture He led me to in those days, I knew the symbol had to be a bird. The Revelation song that had been playing in my mind and heart was sung by Kari Jobe and when I saw the cd cover, there was a bird. I initially wanted that one, but it wasn’t just exactly right. The search has taken a bit of time and since it will be permanent as long as I am here on this earth, it needed to be just right. So, I found it and gathered some of my friends who walk this journey with me. I have one or two others that I wish could have joined the party because their friendships are intertwined in this season and story, but they could not all be here. I hope to see them soon.

So, here is what I chose as a symbol of all that I have just shared. His color was chosen because it symbolizes joy and that is something God fills me with daily and has been pointing me to in this season of life.

This morning as I drove out of my neighborhood, a blue jay flew in my line of sight. I just had to smile!

(see the slide show of the tattoo being inked on here)

tattoo,bird,feet,toes,beach,Destin, Florida

Great story! :)

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Tallahassee, Florida

27 Apr

The Graduate…

Margo. How exciting! She is about to graduate from FSU, and this is a huge accomplishment 7 years in the making… I cannot imagine how she pulled this off as a wife and mother of 3 and all the commitments that comes with that..

Margo needed some graduation announcements and although we had some bad weather this day, there is a large window in Margo’s home that let in some beautiful light (even through the clouds). She is also an amazing artist (her college minor) so we really wanted to showcase a little of her art also.

Sarah Humes Photography, Tallahassee, Florida

Nice shot, and congratulations, Margo!! :)

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Coral Springs, Florida

22 Apr

Why Am I Not Progressing on my Yogic Path?

by Vikky Santana

This has been a week of the results from my yoga practice coming back to me through the people I have been engaged with for years. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m “doing it right and fast enough.” The path creates such incremental changes that at times, we can’t even see them. This morning my daughter helped me realize there are times on the path that we are not supposed to be changing but standing still enough so that others can latch on to the light within us. If you ever feel that you’re not progressing fast or well enough look around you. There may be someone around you needing you that has a completely different opinion of your progress.  Here’s an exchange this morning between Bailey and I…

During our 30 minute commute to Bailey’s school, Vikky Santana and Baileyshe blurted out, I have to change schools!!! A lot of responses flooded my mind but I detached from the moment and observed. She listed five reasons why she needed to leave all of which added up to her feeling of being overwhelmed. I took another deep breath but stayed silent. Then I asked, these are emotions and they are temporary even though they FEEL VERY REAL. Why do you “think” you feel these emotions? Because I’m dumb and can’t keep up. Really? Well your GPA says differently so let’s go deeper. You’re thinking of running away from a situation that is stressing you out. Do you believe that this will fix the feeling of being overwhelmed long term? No she said but I don’t know what to do. I could see her face all scrunched up with tension.

I asked her if she was frightened to tell me this? Yes but you always help me figure stuff out so I decided to ignore the fear and tell you. Your energy makes me happy. I’m happiest when I am with you and we are talking, singing, laughing and yes even when you are nagging me about stuff I haven’t done or mistakes I’ve made. I want to learn to be and stay happy. (This broke my heart that at this young age someone can actually be feeling pain and wanting to make happiness a priority. More silence. More detachment and dispassion from MY emotions because I knew that would cloud this moment)…Mom I think I need to get back into yoga. (Never expected this one) And why do you think you need to deepen your practice because you never really left, you just pulled back and found more interest in other things which is normal. Well, I’ve been watching you. (Yikes) You’ve been through some REALLY hard times over the last few years. Through all of it, the tears, yelling (yes I yell at times), money issues, frustration, roadblocks, a broken heart and physical pain, you kept coming back to yoga. Even though you hurt, I could tell that deep down you were happy and just dealing with things without those things dragging you down deep inside. (WTH????? I never knew she was looking at me THAT closely. Suddenly I felt like a science experiment. Lol.)

Well, you’re always welcome to come with me when I teach. I don’t force you because your practice has to come from inside of you and no amount of pressure from me will make it stick. Besides sometimes we have to hurt to want a change. I felt a little relief from her as her eyes softened, her shoulders relaxed a bit. As she looked out the window she said OK I’ll go where you teach and I’ll use that as my practice place. I have to get better before I can go to Anuttara Yoga Shala. I laughed and said no one is judging you. They recognize that you showed up and then they focus on their own practice. I know but I have to be better before Philip sees me practice. (Another individual that has left a lasting yogic impression on her. Feeling so blessed and appreciative of the path I took and who I learned it from.) I let it go and figured enough lessons for someone so young this early in the morning.

I closed it up with Bail, the physical practice starts us but the real changes happen inside little by little. We change the way we behave, move, breathe, what we focus on and listen to. All of this brings about different choices and internal peace regardless of what’s going on outside of us. She hopped out of the car and I thought she had tuned me out as she focused on collecting her things. Before she closed the door she said, thank you for agreeing to be my guru again. My dispeller of darkness. Namaste mama…

Shit just got real for me…and now another level of depth begins as it always does once the lesson is learned.

Thank you for reading this. I hope it brings you peace, healing and inner awareness. For me it has brought a new level of compassion, commitment, rawness and humility.

All my love,



Wonderful post! :)

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Vikky Santana

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Email: Yoginivikky@att.net
Facebook: youcandoyoga

Barefoot Beach, Florida

18 Apr

legs and feet looking at the ocean in Barefoot Beach, Florida

Nice shot! :)

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Naples, Florida

13 Apr

toes on a beach with starfish in Naples, Florida

Nice shot! :)

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Dunedin, Florida

7 Apr

Today, I did something I thought would take me years!
Second try at Supta Kurmasana (Supine Tortoise Posture).

man doing supine toroise pose in Dunedin, Florida

Nice shot, doesn’t look easy! :)

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Seagrove Beach, Florida

27 Feb

Thanks for checking out my blog! We are moving to Hawaii in 2014 so my toes will be in the sand a lot more! J

feet,toes,sand,beach,sky,Seagrove Beach, Florida

Nice shot! :)

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Miami, Florida

15 Feb

feet,toes,beach,pink,sand,Miami, Florida

Nice shot! :)

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Tampa, Florida

11 Feb

West Seventh Freelance is happy to report a brief respite from Minnesota COLD in the form of a visit to Tampa, FL to see my sister and brother-in-law. I, of course, rushed right to the beach… (can you count all the different toes in the photo?!) ;)

foot,toes,birds,beach,sand,Tampa, Florida

Good shot! Sure is nice to get a winter break! :)


7 Dec

Another greeting from Florida, this time from a sailboat. It was a very ‘stealthy day’ as it was hard to distinguish the sky from the water.  This enticed me to write the poem Blue-Gray, see: http://anarette.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/blue-gray-moments


Nice shot! :)

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

4 Dec

dog on a surfboard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Great shot! :)

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