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Mask – Doro, Kiel, Germany

3 Sep

hiding behind a mask

Great shot! :)

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No Sleep – Hamburg, Germany

13 Aug

feet,toes,drawing,man,bed,dark,clouds,No Sleep,Hamburg, Germany

Good work! :)

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It’s Raining – Berlin, Germany

27 Jul

feet,toes,people,baby,stroller,phone,It's Raining,Berlin, Germany

Great shot! :)

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Pouf – Berlin, Germany

19 Jun

My new pouf

Pouf - Berlin, Germany,feet,toes

Nice shot! Bet it’s comfy too. :)

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Summer – Germany

16 Jun

The first picture was taken downtown Giessen / Germany.
It shows a woman lying in the sun reading a book behind a small wall, with her feet on the wall.
It is a typical “walk by shot”, I took the chance.

The second picture was taken beside a motocross racetrack in Beuern / Germany

greeting from the heart of Europe

Feet,toes, flipflops,Summer - Germany

Feet,toes,flipflops,dirt,sunshine,Summer - Germany

Nice shots! :)

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Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

27 Apr

“How To Change Your Face”

surreal picture in Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

Interesting image! :)

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Berlin, Germany

22 Apr

Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe (feet hill): Berlin

feet at war memorial in Berlin, Germany

Sad place, but necessary, lest we forget!

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Munich, Germany

11 Apr

Digging through backlogged collections is fun.  I always seen to unearth a photo, negative or slide that eluded my initial passover.  In this case, I found a poignant negative from 1945-1947 showing two barefoot children who survived the war somewhere near Munich.  The photographer (unknown) had quite the eye for detail as evidenced in his 400+ negatives in my collection.

photograph of two boys after the war in Munich, Germany

Poor boys!

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Deenesh Ghyczy – Berlin, Germany

8 Apr

Double vision paintings from Berlin based Artist Deenesh Ghyczy.


painting byDeenesh Ghyczy - Berlin, Germany

Interesting work! :)

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9 Mar

Isabelle Wenzel

abstract image of a woman inside a shirt

Interesting image! :)

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Hamburg, Germany

5 Feb

feather – 01/2014

drawing,collage,feet,toes,feather,pen,Hamburg, Germany

Nice work! :)

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Bonn, Germany

29 Jan


feet,toes,woman,portrait,polaroid,Bonn, Germany

Wonderful portrait! :)

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Dorothee Deiss – Berlin, Germany

16 Jan

“(…) when I found the bathrobe in a corner, perfectly fitting to the bedspread, that was when I knew I had the picture”

says photographer Dorothee Deiss, who ended up number four in the  Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, organized by The Portrait Gallery in London. It is one of my Favourite Places, and since I booked a trip to London, I quickly had a look to see what’s on show. This is, and I can’t wait :)

To me portraits seem magnetic and mesmerizing and the Portrait Gallery is like a candy shop in that sense: There are paintings, photographs, films, slides and mirrors, whatever medium necessary to capture human expression at it’s best. Faced with the faces of historical highnesses and common folk alike, my mind wanders, tapping into their stories. The Portrait Gallery used to be around the corner from work when I lived in London, and as a member I would pop in on a regular basis.

Prize winning Dorothee Deiss lives and works as photographer AND pediatric endocrinologist in Berlin. She studied medicine first, then photography, in Berlin and the US. Her portrait, from her project VisibleInvisible, is of twin sisters she visited in their house. First she took a more conventional picture, she says, but then found the bathrobe… eureka! Inspiration found.

sisters,twins,bed,feet,toes,photograph,Dorothee Deiss - Berlin, Germany

Amazing shot! :)

Dorothy Deiss Photography

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Bavaria, Germany

7 Jan

When I was a boy, I dreamed of traveling to enchanting places with my wife when I got older… I must be older.  We took our first international trip a few years back and stayed at the Lisl Hotel (pronounced the same as the the 16 going on 17 daughter in The Sound of Music).  After a few nights in Austria, we traveled to Bavaria, Germany to see one of the most beautiful castles I have ever seen and the one that Walt Disney patterned his after in his Magic Kingdom.  My toes loved waking up in this room with the windows open, my heart alive, and the woman I love next to me.  My wife wrote a blog entry about this trip at http://tracyawesome.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/08/hauptstrasse.html and you can read more about the hope she offers others at Seized by Hope.

feet,toes,room,castle,Bavaria, Germany

Good shot, nice story! :)


Munich, Germany

30 Oct

foot,toes,painting,collage,museum,Munich, Germany


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