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Barefoot In The Grass – McKinney, Texas

30 Jun

As a child growing up in McKinney, Texas I walked everywhere in my bare feet.  I just loved the feel of the cool, green grass as it hugged my toes and made them wiggle with glee.

foot,toes,Barefoot In The Grass,McKinney, Texas

Nice shot! :)

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The Southeast, USA

13 May

Rehydration on a warm afternoon

People sitting on grass drinking water

Nice shot!

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Staatsburg, New York

6 May

More turtles

foot,turtle,grass,Staatsburg, New York

Nice! :)

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The High Line, New York City

31 Oct

feet,toes,people,group,The High Line, New York City

Nice shot, who says New Yorkers have gone soft? :)

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New Zealand

23 Sep
Head in the clouds, feet on the ground
Ideas fall heavy like rain
Yet one remains
feet,toes,flowers,grass,New Zealand
Nice shot, good words! :)

Western Pennsylvania

1 Sep

What Yoga Is Truly About

You know how it is, whenever you see someone in a crazy yoga pose usually people react with wanting to be able to do that pose too. “Oh it looks so cool!” “You’re lucky you’re so flexible.” “Show me how to do that pose!” are all frequent responses that I get whenever someone sees me in a more advanced pose.

I always take their compliments and tell that I’d love to show them a few of the basics when it comes to yoga. After that happens though, many aren’t seen again.

The longer I practice yoga and share pictures or videos on social networking sites, the more I realize that many people have a strong misconception of what yoga is truly about.

Yoga isn’t about the “fancy” poses. Yoga is about finding the best poses for you, the poses that make you feel good.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know how fun it is to be able to do all kinds of various poses but they aren’t something that I strongly desire. Each pose will be able to be achieved when you’re body is ready to take that step.

Forcing yourself into a pose creates tension and isn’t beneficial to you. Easing into poses and doing what feels good for your body creates ease and relaxation.

Introduce dedication, love, and positivity toward your body into your practices and in return you will receive just that and more.

Next time you step onto your mat let go of all of your negativity toward yourself. Make your practices about you. Improving you, taking care of you, and most importantly loving you.

feet,toes,yoga,pose,grass,trees,Western Pennsylvania

Wow, always amazed by these poses anyway! :)

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Cairns, Australia

21 Jul
It was taken 3 weeks ago in Cairns, Australia, while visiting a market at the lagoon.
feet,toes,clothes,market,Cairns, Australia
Good shot, nothing like getting right in with the goods! :)

Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada

19 Jul

Enjoying this summer vacation soooo much!

feet,toes,grass,stones,Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada

Lovely composition, can almost feel those stones under our feet! :)

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Frederica, Denmark

13 Jul
 Dear editor – another picture from
Christian  Heller  Jensen
Danmarksgade 60 B 2 tv. DK 7000 Fredericia
 75 155 155  –  21 45 06 64 

toes,feet,sandals,grass,Frederica, Denmark

Nice shot, lovely little flowers! :)

St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

4 Jul

“It’s summer, aww yeah…”

foot,toes,grass,summer,St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

foot,toes,grass,summer,St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Nice shots, can’t make up our minds which one we prefer?

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Kiama, New South Wales, Australia

25 Jun
– taken in Joy’s backyard, Kiama, NSW, Australia.
– these are the feet of the 4 artists who are in a co-operative, Mothersart Kiama – Magdalena Pillai, Melinda West, Riana Begg, & Joy Briggs.
– amongst us are henna artists, etchers, jewellers, & painters.
toes, feet,four women, grass,Kiama, New South Wales, Australia
Great shot and it looks like you guys do some pretty good work! :)

Manila, Philippines

23 Apr

I joined a photography group on Facebook this week. This week’s theme is…..Feet!

My original models were not game for having their twinkle toes taken by me so they hot-footed away from the breakfast table before I could grab my camera. My Dearest (older) Son, sweetie-pie that he is, offered his feet for my viewing pleasure :)  He doesn’t normally offer to model for me.

The Lost in the Details theme from the Weekly Photo Challenge was still fresh in my mind so I took it from this angle to see how it would look. I took a couple of shots, this was the one I was happiest with, which I’ll also be posting in the group in a little while:

feet,toes,sandala,Manila, Philippines

Nice shot, I am sure the group was impressed! :)

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Markham, Ontario, Canada

16 Apr

A fine day in the sun. Nothing better than spending the day in flip flops with neon pink toenails.

feet,toes,flip flops,grass, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Nice shot!

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Karachi, Pakistan

5 Apr

ursallah and friend, Karachi.

feet,toes,grass,friends,Karachi, Pakistan

Nice shot, makes us wonder what they are doing? :)

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Fayence, France

29 Mar

A sunny afternoon of Easter weekend 2011, in the South of France

feet,toes,flip flops,grass,Fayence, France

Nice shot!

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