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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

23 Dec

During this holidays, and after my salary was cut because of Spain government desires, I’m visiting my mom in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, while I write my Ph. D. thesis, which can be very stressful, so I have to relax from time to time. ;)

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Interesting lighting.  Nice shot!

Check out moramor !

Lakewood, Ohio

15 Dec


Here I am on the scale this morning. The three colored markers are Green: Safe, Yellow: Caution and Red: Dangerous. I need to lose 15 pounds just to be in the Danger zone! And the holidays are here. It ain’t gonna be pretty…

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Lakewood, Ohio

That scale is too accurate! :) If all else fails, there’s always the New Year’s resolution.

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28 Sep

“One of My favourite shots – some of you will have seen this one before. ”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Thailand

Such a beautiful shot and love the waves in the background too !

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Paris, France

23 Feb

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Paris, France

Steven writes, “I was visiting my lover in Paris for the holidays. The bitter cold was interrupted on this day by a welcome flurry of snow and I had to get my toes into it out the window of our 7th-floor maid’s quarters apartment.”

Sounds like you were in an adventurous mood! :)

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California Christmas Toes

27 Dec

4 from wild child.

“I could hardly wait to have some cheerful cherry red toes and these sparkly hand-painted snowflakes for the holidays this year!

toemail,feet,toes,photography,travel,California Christmas Toes

I usually love bright colors, but every once in a while I’m in a quiet, pensive mood and it always reflects in the nail polish I choose.  :)

toemail,feet,toes,photography,travel,California Christmas Toes
I found the greatest little company through a friend – ToeSox – and I’ve had lots of fun keeping my toesies warm and cozy.  :)

toemail,feet,toes,photography,travel,California Christmas Toes

How could anyone *possibly* be blue when wearing this bright shade while wading in the cool, clear, blue water of an original painting for fun!? :)

toemail,feet,toes,photography,travel,California Christmas Toes

Thanks for taking us through the gallery, wild child! Great shots!

And for more fun pictures please check out wild child’s blog!

Toronto, Ontario – Christmas Toes

18 Dec


workingtechmom writes, “Got home from karate.  I always wear sandals to drive to class and decided to stick my toes in the snow for your blog.  Couldn’t muster the willpower to do two feet since it was so cold, but my toes are in the Christmas spirit coming at you from Toronto Canada! Happy Holidays to you and all your blog friends.”

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  I have to admire your toemail spirit too!  I guess I’ll be doing that myself before the winter is out.
Check out more fun stuff at workingtechmom.

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