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Walk of Life – India

4 Oct

Feet,toes,woman,Walk of Life,India

Good shot! :)

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Reading – Hyderabad, India

14 Aug

feet,toes,drawing,cartoon,funny,scale,Reading,Hyderabad, India


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Eid al-Fitr – Kolkota, India

4 Aug

girl,feet,toes,bicycle,Eid al-Fitr,Kolkota, India

Nice shot!! :)

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The Blue City – Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

29 Jul

Time flies. And so do I – all over India. This past weekend was dedicated to Amritsar – known for its Golden Temple and the Wagah Border. The upcoming weekend will be spent in Varanasi – apparently one of the craziest places on earth. However, two weekends ago I was in Jodhpur – the Blue City. Here it is;

Woman,child,feet,toes,photograph,The Blue City ,Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Alley,blue,biles,The Blue City ,Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

The Blue City,photograph, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Great shots! :)

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Spirit Calls – Mumbai, India

19 Jul

feet,toes,ghosts,Ouija,Spirit Calls,Mumbai, India

Good work! :)

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Cousins – Bombay, India

18 Jul

feet,toes,drawing,figures,Cousins ,Bombay, India

Great work!

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July 4: Blessings for You – Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

17 Jul

It was taken early one morning in Varanasi. The boy seemed so “above” all the other children – he told me he’s Brahman (the highest caste) and that he would be able to bless me. The 2 other young children I was wandering around with were quite quiet and respectful of him. It was interesting.

Boy,Brahman,July 4: Blessings for You,Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Incredible shot! :)

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Young Thinker – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

12 Jul

feet,toes,flipflops,man,Young Thinker ,Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Fantastic shot! :)

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Unconcerned People – India

8 Jul

people,subway,train,feet,toes,Unconcerned People, India

Nice shot! :)

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Women – Delhi, India

18 Jun

Sometimes it is true that a picture can paint a thousand words. This week’s photo challenge: A Split-Second Story, inspired me to dig deep throughout my vast archive of photographs, each one telling a story of a certain place and time. In my opinion, there is no place on earth that a simple photo can tell so much about a place than India.

India, one of the most populous countries on the earth, is full of color, contradiction, glory and pain. It is a place of wonder, sorrow, fear and hope. India bursts with humanity on every street or corner you pass. You can see it all there – poverty, wealth, good, bad, happy, sad, beauty and tragedy.

Behind the beautiful, lavish parts of India always lies the most abject poverty imaginable. Nothing can prepare you for the stark reality of desperation, misery and despair of walking through a real live slum in the heart of India’s capital. Sometimes the most severe poverty is hidden behind the walls and within the confines of a slum. Other times, it stares right back at you like a hard slap across your face. You try to look away, and ignore the creeping, uncomfortable nagging guilt. But you can’t.

Woman,poverty,cane,walking,Women - Delhi, India

Woman leaving the newly constructed toilet compound thanks to WaterAid.

feet,toes,poverty,Women - Delhi, India

Women living on the street, outside the walls of the American Embassy near Vivekananda Slums in Delhi, India.

Horrible poverty!

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Kolkata Handicraft Expo – Kolkota, India

10 Jun

Colourful India

Taken in Kolkata Handicraft Expo, 2014.

Woman with colorful wares at Kolkata Handicraft Expo, Kolkota, India

Great shot! :)

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Ahmedabad, India

21 May

man sitting barefoot in Ahmedabad, India

Great shot! :)

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Kolkota, India

20 May

Elliot park l Kolkata

barefoot boy standing by a tree in Kolkota, India

Very nice pic! :)

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Ahmedabad, India

15 May

Shoe shine in  Ahmedabad, India

Nice shot! :)

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Gurgaon, India

9 May

I took the metro, and then an auto-rickshaw home (in Gurgaon, India), and we were stuck in a jam (as usual). This lady’s bright, red toenail caught my eye… It did stand out, you know..

foot,toes,rickshaw,Gurgaon, India

Quite the contrast. :)

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