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Acro Yoga & Inversion Swing – Bali, Indonesia

15 Dec

Acro Yoga & Inversion Swing - Bali, Indonesia

Nice shot! :)

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Sleeping – Bandung, Indonesia

6 Nov

feet,toes,man,rickshaw,flipflops,photography,Sleeping, Bandung, Indonesia

Taking a break! :)

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Nana – Bali, Indonesia

14 Oct


Beautiful image! :)

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Black Sand – Bali, Indonesia

30 Sep
Best day to end the Bail trip. Great month and great company. Legit the BEST sunset ever! Special thanks to the photographer – Alan Wong (https://www.facebook.com/ alan.wong.14855
Goal of my blog:
I will be writing more about this Bail vacation in my later post. Where did we go? What big thing happened there, and lessons that I have learnt.
Also, I will be mainly blogging about fashion clothing and interior design. Clothes that I wear & interior design inspiration.
Begin of my fashion study at The Fashion Institute in Sydney.
Daily life update of foodie and life back to my lovely hometown – HONG KONG. Hopefully more and more traveling posts!
I am more than appreciating people who comes across to my newbie blog – “skim flat white”. Thank you so much for the interest and support. For those who are curious why is it called skim flat white. Closest friends might find out because it is the one & only coffee I would drink. Stick with SKIM FLAT WHITE :) ktx
Woman,walking,beach,photgraphy,sunset,Black Sand,Bali, Indonesia
feet,toes,woman,beach,phtography,Black Sand,Bali, Indonesia
picture,polaroid,beach,woman,feet,toes,Black Sand, Bali, Indonesia
feet,toes,picture,beach,woman,polaroid,Black Sand,Bali, Indonesia
Very nice shots! :)
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Street Monkey – Bali, Indonesia

27 Jul

feet,toes,Men,Monkey,photograph,street,Street Monkey,Bali, Indonesia

Awesome shot! :)

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Indrayani Beach – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

16 Jul

People,feet,toes,Indrayani Beach, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hope they found it. :)

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Borobudor – Magelang, Indonesia

3 Jul

Borobudur. The Ancient Beauty of Java.

I woke up early, set-up my stuff and went straight to the bus stop. My itinerary for that day was Borobudur in the morning and Prambanan in the afternoon. They are in different directions though but as per some blogs, it could be done in one day on DIY. Borobudur shouldn’t be missed when you are in Yogyakarta or even when you are in Java. Well, I think, people came to Yogyakarta mainly because of Borobudur and Prambanan.

Borobudur is a Buddhist temple and is located in Magelang, 50km away from Malioboro. It is one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world. It has a pyramidal base to support the superimposing ten terraces. Each terrace has perfectly molded bell-shaped small stupas harmonious scattered from each other. This amazing structure obviously displays the outstanding Indonesian art from between the early 8th and late 9th centuries.

From Malioboro, I took the line 3A of Trans Jogja and alighted at PKU Muhammadiyah stop to transfer to other line. Please note not to get out of the station to avoid to buy the ticket again. I transferred to line 2B and alighted in Jombor station. By the way, I bought an Indonesian sim and got 3G so I couldn’t be lost. Sometimes, I am so lazy asking for directions. In Jombor, I took a bus to Borobudur. When arriving in Borobudur, a lot of touts will offer for a ride to the compound. The temple is still around 1 km away. I decided to walk.

The moment I was in front of the compound, I remembered some blogs saying it’s difficult to find out the entrance. Yes, it is true. It is a big compound so it will be tiring to get lost, Make sure to follow the signage. I actually entered at the vehicle entrance. In front of souvenir stores, there is a signage pointing to the entrance where to pay the entrance fee. Wait. There’s still another trick. That entrance is for locals (Indonesians) only. For foreigners, there is a separate entrance and of course of more expensive. Locals need to pay only Rp 30,000 while foreigners need to pay Rp 200,000. For foreigners’ entrance, there is a chilling area with free drinks (coffee, tea, water). They put the sarong to my waist. I just got the free mineral water and went directly to the temple. I was that excited.

And here I was. The temple is amazing. I was awed by its beauty. I started to explore the fantastic structure. Climbed. Walked. Posed. Shutter-clicked.

feet,toes,cartwheel,Borobudor,Magelang, Indonesia

bells,temple,Borobudor,Magelang, Indonesia

Awesome location! :)

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A Morning Walk – Jakarta, Indonesia

14 Jun

Woman with child in stroller,A Morning Walk - Jakarta, Indonesia

Nice shot! :)

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Poverty in Jakarta, Indonesia

8 Jun

Woman,child,feet,toes,sitting,Poverty, Jakarta, Indonesia

Interesting image… :)

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Flood – Indonesia

2 Jun



Nice shot! :)

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Bali, Indonesia

29 Apr
“It’s been a few months, since I started taking pictures of my feet again. A lot of people didn’t know, but my legs have been plagued with heat rashes. Terrible ones that wouldn’t go away. That was also why I starting wearing jeans and leggings. But they’ve kinda gone away, and now I’m only left with scars, and I am happy. I’m learning to embrace those scars and pictures of my legs again.”
feet on beach at Bali, Indonesia
Looks good to us! :)
Some of you may recognize Serene’s toes as the ones that graced our header for a few years!
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Lombok, Indonesia

14 Apr

From Where I Stand III

Eximus // Kodak Colorplus

On the deck of a boat to Lombok, Indonesia

on the deck of a boat going to Lombok, Indonesia

Terrific shot! :)

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Bali, Indonesia

12 Apr

people walking by monkeys in Bali, Indonesia

Fantastic shot! :)

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West Java, Indonesia

19 Feb

For the past six months, I’d tried largely in vain to get the adults and teenagers at my school to throw with their left foot first, point their toes, point the left elbow, and throw from behind their head – not shot-put it.

But these kids had it all down perfect. We didn’t need to explain a thing (other than what the stitches were for).

Matt was the one who realized why: They were impersonating us.

I’ll admit, I got goosebumps. Watching it all click so quickly, each throw and catch markedly better than the previous. I got excited and look at Matt, “Wanna try some routes?”

Matt demonstrated a curl route. The boys did it.

Matt demonstrated an out route. The boys did it.

Matt demonstrated a corner route. The boys did it.

Matt then demonstrated cornerback play. The boys did it.

Sure we had to adapt some terminology along the way; Receiver became “Striker”, and touchdowns became “Goals”, but the kids got it.

Soon, we moved our game to the concrete court and started having them plan and run routes against each other. These kids were tracing imaginary lines on the ball before the snap to indicate what route they’d run. After each play, they’d rotate positions, trying new roles and combinations.

kids playing football in West Java, Indonesia

kids playing football in West Java, Indonesia

Great shots, and a real cultural exchange! :)

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Bali, Indonesia and Thailand

15 Feb

Just before I left Bali, I shot some sound healing videos with Sun King Wallaki and Light Enchantress Radha Divine. Here are some great pics from the shoots.

Time stood still for me out there with no internet or phone signal I was forced into presence- such a present to become more in tune with the sounds of nature from gibbons to hornbills and spending hours swimming in the deep fresh water and attempting some balancing postures or floating on a massive log in the middle of the lake.

dock,paddle,lake,mountains,mist,Bali, Indonesia

Jungle Yoga Surat Thani Thailand


Every afternoon involved several hours of intensive ashtanga practise as well as pranayama breathing techniques and satsang- open dialogue about anything and everything with Danny.

people doing yoga near a lake in Bali, Indonesia

Photo by Bettina Heinze – Jungle Yoga Surat Thani Thailand

It was a massive learning curve and I immediately started to feel physically stronger, which I put down to engaging the mulabandha- contracting the entire core muscles whilst practising yoga and also the pranayama exercises of holding breath and contracting core muscles at the same time muscles. I’ve always loved the truth in the concept that building physical strength also increases mental strength and the same goes with both physical and mental flexibility- changes that take place on a yoga mat affect the mind, body and spirit.

Jimbo a superyogi from Nashville and my yogi sister hut neighbour Bettina Heinze from Germany- here they are doing some acro yoga.

feet,toes,people doing acro yoga,Bali, Indonesia

Jungle Yoga Surat Thani Thailand


Love is…. the most wonderful fuel for creativity and connection as well as being the most universally understood, appreciated and pure feeling…. and well… it’s just everything really isn’t it? Loving the self, loving others, loving life.

feet,boat,lake,mountains,Bali, Indonesia

Jungle Yoga Surat Thani Thailand – http://www.jungleyoga.com

Awesome! :)

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