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Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua

17 Oct

foot,toes,island,water,Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua

Good composition! :)

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Autonomous Region of Madeira, Portugal

16 Oct


Bom dia com alegria!! O fim de semana está à porta e tenho bons planos, a  feria de gastronomia de Valência, uma prova de vinhos e trekking fazem parte dos meus planos !!!

Hoje continuo com fotos das minhas últimas férias na minha bela ilha, Madeira!!! Se no meu último post declarei o meu amor pelo mar (podem vê-lo clicando aqui), neste post apresento-vos outra das minhas grandes debilidades: as montanhas madeirenses! Já subimos ao pico mais alto da ilha, o Pico Ruivo, neste post, e as fotos de hoje na zona do Paúl da Serra e Serra d’Agua.

Espero que gostem das fotos e obrigada pelos comentários!

Ps. Nas fotos em que saio com a minha família, parecemos cansados? Sim! Temos uma boa desculpa, acabávamos de trocar as sapatilhas de montanha por umas chinelas depois de acordar bem cedo e fazer uma caminhada de umas 4 horas.


feet,toes,mountains,island,people,standing,clouds,Autonomous Region of Madeira, Portugal

Photo: Catia Silva

Fantastic shot, above the clouds! :)

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6 Oct


Wonderful shot!

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Mallorca Island, Spain

20 Aug

foot,toes,water,rock,Mallorca Island, Spain

Beautiful shot, really makes you wish you were there! :)

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Hilutungan Channel, Mactan, Philippines

7 Jul

Read any tourist guidebook about Cebu, and you will certainly come across a paragraph or two about how beautiful Mactan’s beaches are. The resort island is dotted with sun-kissed beaches, magnificent resorts, world-class hotels, and five-star restaurants.

Okay, so you visit the resorts and find out that they are all excellent. The lawns and gardens are immaculately sculpted as if you have just entered the Garden of Eden. You sit on the lounge chair sheltered by swaying palm trees as you wait for the staff to bring you your favorite drink.

However, you feel that something is, well, missing. Something not exactly right. These paradises, no matter how spectacular are, are too man-made.

So where is that endless pristine, white-sand beaches, the turquoise lagoon, the colorful fish that I saw in the photos, postcards, websites, and guidebooks? you might ask. In short, where is the real paradise?

Well, you don’t need to worry. The paradises (note that we used the plural form) that you’re looking for are just a few miles offshore in the tiny islands that jut out of the Hilutungan Channel. You can get to these paradises in just 20 to 30 minutes by riding an outrigger boat called a pump boat. Getting to these pockets of heaven on earth via an outrigger boat is called island hopping. In Mactan, island hopping is a must-do activity during summer.

Check out our island hopping tour (link to our island hopping post: http://adrenalineromance.com/2013/07/03/island-hopping-around-hilutungan-channel-visiting-paradises/) and other adventures in Adrenaline Romance.

feet,toes,Island,water,Hilutungan Channel, Mactan, Philippines

Great shot, island hopping through there must be a blast! :)

Lokrum, Croatia

15 Jun

Dubrovnik is the perfect base for island hopping in Croatia. During our trip to Dubrovnik, we decided to explore the some of the islands that grace the Croatian coastline. If you’re looking for 3 easy island day trips from Dubrovnik, then read on. If you’re not, then enjoy the pictures! The turquoise waters are mesmerizing.


Lokrum is so close to Dubrovnik’s Old City that you can see it from the Old City’s port. We traveled to Lokrum by boat and from the moment we stepped foot on the shore, all we could see is the lush greenery that surrounded us. There were colourful peacocks everywhere. They were prancing around the botanical gardens, around the monastery ruins (now restaurant) and by the shoreline.

Although we experienced 15 minutes of rain, the sun managed to peek through the clouds and make an appearance for the remainder of the afternoon.

Our first stop was Mrtvo More (Dead Sea), which is a lake in the middle of the island. The water is emerald-green and so still that you feel like you are swimming in a bath. Well a bath that is surrounded by trees and rocks, that is. Rick and I enjoyed wading into the water and going for a swim. He even joined a few others who were climbing up a rope that was attached to a large tree, and jumped into the clear waters of the lake.

Our next stop in Lokrum was the shoreline. There isn’t much to see except for the waves crashing against the shore and a few peacocks that decided to join us! I couldn’t get over how pristine the water was so we spent a good hour just enjoying the view.

feet,toes,beach,islans,Lokrum, Croatia

Nice shot, we are really getting some great posts from Croatia lately! :)

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15 Apr

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Philippines

So true and nice shot!

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Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico

12 Jan

I was standing on a beach in Cozumel.  The Caribbean Sea so clear and blue it left me speechless.  I stood there, with my face to the sun, eyes closed.  I listened to the laughter of the other people, roar of the surf and felt such peace.  I knew I was in my element.  I didn’t want to go home; wanted to make the sea the place I live, laugh and love.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Beautiful story and shot!

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Boracay, Philippines

5 Jan

My Favorite Shots Taken During My 2011 Boracay Trip

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Boracay, Philippines

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Boracay, Philippines

Great shots!

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Boracay, Philippines

23 Dec

Another travel post! I went to Aklan this past week and my last two days were spent in the wonderful island of Boracay. My last visit was way back in 2006 and it was just how I remembered it- white sand, clear waters, tourists. Truly paradise from sunrise to sunset. Being known as one of the best beaches in the world, well, what more is there to say! Nothing beats laying out on a chair in the forgiving heat, pure buko/coconut in hand, Conor Maynard’s Contrast album on play, listening to the waves of the ocean, and seeing never ending mountains off in the distance. I finally got to experience Bora nightlife, too, which, by the way is a whole other world from the daytime. As my cousin said, “We broke the dance floor.” Let’s just say it was very hard to pack up and leave the next day. :( Sigh. Until next time, Bora!



Great shots!

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Cheltenham Beach, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand

16 Dec

The first really hot weekend we’ve had in Auckland, New Zealand since I moved here in March. We went down to Cheltenham Beach to catch the sun. The tide was low and the water was really clear and beautiful. That island you can see in the distance is Rangitoto. Beautiful day!

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Cheltenham Beach, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Cheltenham Beach, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand

Beautiful day for sure and great shots!

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

4 Oct

Although my life tends to revolve around boarding flights and working in travel, I am also a keen writer, pianist and back in the days when free time existed I painted a lot too. I am currently studying for a National Diploma in Travel & Tourism which will ultimately count towards my degree in Travel management and Tourism. Oh and of course I am an avid Formula One Fan…probably the only sport I will sit down to watch from beginning to end (and possibly rewind to see the best bits again).

And finally your probably wondering why my site is called aroundtheworldinheels? Well my parents didn’t nickname me Imelda Marcos for nothing! Shoes are my thing. For some women its all about handbags or maybe sunglasses. For me its shoes. A beautiful pair of new shoes is enough to make me happy for a week! And of course no matter where I go in the world I have at least two pairs with me. Come what may, rain or shine, muddy terrain or desert sands I’ll have them with me! Even if it does mean I end up with a few sore ankles or two!

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Dubrovnik, Croatia

We are honored to have you barefooted here! :)

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Lamma Island, Hong Kong

25 Sep

Saturday a bunch of us expats here in Hong Kong took a junk trip to Lamma Island. There was lots of food, drink, body paint and bare feet!

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Great photo collage!

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8 May

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Grenada

Beautiful shot!

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Ao Nang, Thailand

28 Apr

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Ao Nang, Thailand

That island sure looks explorable!

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