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Sunbathing – Naples, Italy

14 Nov

People,feet,toes,legs,bathing suits,ground,towels,Sunbathing,Naples, Italy

Great shot! :)

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Focusing – Venice, Italy

28 Oct

So engrossed in finding the right angle to compose my shot of one the roof features of Hatfield House was I, that I had walked through a well sign-posted gate completely oblivious to the fact that I was in a private area of the property.  Selective attention is the phenomenon that causes us to miss often obvious features of the environment around us when we are concentrating on one thing in particular.

Wonder if she knew her feet were wet?

Woman,water,camera,wet,photography,people,Focusing,Venice, Italy

Great shot! :)

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Monterrosso, Italy

23 Oct

Sometimes, we don’t realize what we have until we say goodbye.

Was missing Italia today. This was possibly one of my most favourite days of 2012.

Photo by Martin Romo

feet,toes,beach,water,sand,Monterrosso, Italy

Nice shot! :)

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GLI SCALZI – Malborghetto, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy

24 Aug

GLI SCALZI – Marina Gioitti

Artigiana, artista.

Con il marito, Silvano Nicolaucich, gestisce la “Casa Oberrichter ” a Malborghetto, UD.

Definire Casa Oberrichter solo un ristorante è sicuramente riduttivo, questo luogo è un rifugio per l’anima … www.casaoberrichter.com

Tutto quello che all’interno potrete osservare è realizzato da Marina e Silvano.



Direttore artistico di Casa Oberrichter e indiscussa padrona di casa, è artista a tutto tondo, pittrice, artigiana, decoratrice di interni, insegnante di pittura (tiene regolarmente corsi con un sempre più folto gruppo di allievi), metre di sala e, nonostante sia allergica all’alcool, è in grado di proporre ottimi vini, in abbinamento ai piatti.

woman,feet,toes,costume,GLI SCALZI ,Malborghetto, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy

Beautiful outfit! :)

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Barefoot – Milan, Italy

5 Aug

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Catch a tiger by the toe.
If he hollers, let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

In the inner part of the monastic church, the anxious bride was about to say the yes that would have changed her life forever, but the two little bridesmaids couldn’t have cared less. They were long gone, longing for freedom, carefree, outdoors game and… barefoot running.

Ambarabà ciccì coccò
tre civette sul comò
che facevano l’amore
con la figlia del dottore;
il dottore si ammalò:
ambarabà ciccì coccò!

Nella parte più interna della chiesa monastica, la trepidante sposa stava per pronunciare il sì che avrebbe cambiato la sua vita per sempre, ma alle due piccole damigelle non poteva importare di meno. Erano ormai lontane, desiderose di libertà, spensieratezza, giochi all’aria aperta e… corse a piedi nudi.

girls,feet,toes,Barefoot,Milan, Italy

girls,feet,toes,castle,walls,stones,Barefoot,Milan, Italy

girl,feet,toes,Barefoot,Milan, Italy

Fantastic shots! :)

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Reading On The Beach – Ostia, Italy

19 Jul

feet,toes,book,water,sand,Reading On The Beach,Ostia, Italy

Nice shot! :)

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Fashion – Parma, Italy

15 Jul

feet,toes,clothes,Fashion, Parma, Italy

Good shot! :)

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Urban Anatomy Sketch 2 – Pisa, Italy

29 Jun

Urban Anatomy Sketch 2 | Schizzo d’Anatomia Urbana 2

drawing,sketch,Urban Anatomy Sketch 2,Pisa, Italy

Good one! :)

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Urban Anatomy Sketch 5 – Pisa, Italy

25 Jun

Urban Anatomy Sketch 5 | Schizzo d’Anatomia Urbana 5

foot,toes,drawing,Urban Anatomy Sketch 5,Pisa, Italy

Good work! :)

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Walking – Verona, Italy

14 Jun

From the Tuscany countryside, we headed to the wonderful city of Verona. Now, Verona is mostly known for being the home to the famous home of Romeo and Juliet. Both homes are beautiful and I’m a complete sucker for Shakespeare, plus the city isn’t crazy and hectic like Rome. On our first night, we were all rather skeptical, thinking that Verona was one of those places we should’ve just skipped-my brother had wanted to spend that day and a half in Venice. But after a full day in Verona, we ended up really loving that city. It’s not a place where you can spend multiple days because it’s really not a very large city, but I definitely think that it’s worth the trip. The reason it’s difficult to spend a lot of time in Verona is that you can walk the entire city in the course of a day. On the note of walking versus driving, I highly recommend dumping your rental car back at the store once you get into the city (if you used a rental car to drive to any of these cities from more rural villages). You can walk virtually anywhere, the maps provided by the hotels are incredibly helpful, and the cost of parking/gas is insanely high in Italy. Save yourself a headache, as well as some extra spending money and return the car.

Verona has the best shopping that I saw during our time in Italy. It has the crazy, expensive brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton but I found some cute, little stores like this adorable textile factory store where I found the cutest tote bag.  I had a lot of fun walking the streets of Verona; it really is one of those picturesque Italian cities that you see pictures of.

Feet,toes,Walking - Verona, Italy

Nice shot, sounds like a fun town! :)

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Free Fallin’ – Rome, Italy

29 May
lisa shalom, feet,toes,woman,falling,surreal,photography

Lisa Shalom Photography

Wonderful image! :)

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Baia Domizia, Italy

1 May

I just got back from a 3-week road trip across Italy.

feet,toes,sand,beach,water,clouds, Baia Domizia, Italy

Nice shot! :)

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Rome, Italy

24 Apr

People sunbathing in Rome, Italy

Nice shot, looks very relaxing! :)

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Pisa, Italy

27 Mar

Caring gentleman

Collage of drawing and photographs

Nice work!

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Favignana, Italy

26 Mar

 picture of legs at beach flipped and juxtaposed

Interesting image! :)

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