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Kerala, India

14 Apr

Weekly Photo Challenge:Threshold

Masters of the Kalari art in action, Venue: Kerala, India

Masters of the Kalari art in action in Kerala, India

Great action shot! :)

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Southern Wayanad, Kerala, India

25 Jan

I hadn’t made it more than thirty yards down the street from the entrance to our homestay in Southern Wayanad, in Kerala, before I was joined by several local children who’d been playing in the yard of a nearby house.

As they ran out to intercept me, one of them said “Hello” to me in English, and when I said hello back, they all dissolved into giggles as they ran ahead of me in the street. I asked them what they were doing, and in response, I got another wave of giggles. One of the smaller boys held up a dragonfly, which he had captured and was holding by its wings, for me to see. The air was thick with dragonflies, fluttering lazily in the heat. Another boy had picked a purple flower from the side of the road and held it out for me, too, until he received what seemed to be too much teasing from his friends, and he ran off to the front of the group, shouting in Malayalam.

I motioned to my camera and said, “photo?” They happily complied, jostling each other into a line across the middle of the road:

children posing on road in Southern Wayanad, Kerala, India

Amazing kids! :)

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Kerala, India

24 Oct

I went to India to attend a friend’s wedding. After the festivities, I did some traveling on my own, planned through a travel agent, because I am not THAT adventurous. I ended up staying in places that were much, much nicer than I would normally be able to afford in the US. This was one of the places, a lovely resort in the state of Kerala.

feet,toes,hammock,ocean,water, Kerala, India

Nice shot, looks like you found a little piece of utopia! :)

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Kochi, Kerala, India

25 Jul

Pothole dancers of Kerala

A pedestrian walking through one of the roads, yes one of the pot hole filled roads of my city, Kochi, in Kerala state of India.

foot,toes,potholes,waterfilled,Kochi, Kerala, India

Very interesting shot, seems like you need to “hop-scotch” your way around them potholes lol :)

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Kerala, India

21 Jul


feet,toes,oldman,resting,Kerala, India

Great shot, bet he has put a lot of mileage on that machine! :)

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Fort Cochi, Kerala, India

10 Jun

Engineering Workshop

These, as you will appreciate, are not your usual holiday snaps and although I have lots of photos of elegant temples, noble forts and palm fringed beaches, it’s these more prosaic scenes that I find more rewarding. Certainly I have gained greater confidence in photographing people in the street and at their workplace while in India and this has allowed me to venture into workshops like this.

This small engineering workshop is next door to the laundry you will have visited with me earlier. It’s equipped with some heavy machinery and is clearly not short of work. I’m not sure of the wisdom of wearing loose clothing with all those lathes about, but this is India…..

feet,toes,engineering workshop,man,Fort Cochi, Kerala, India

Great shot! Sure gives us insight into how things are and can be done in different parts of the world, everyday life always makes for the best pictures! :) Could even make a great blog, people in the workplace from around the world!

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11 Jan

These type of small bridges were very common till some time back. As per my observation, these narrow bridges acted as a moderator for drinking. People were very cautious not to drink too much, so that they could cross these bridges safely. Now, the roads and bridges are wider, so this self regulatory system failed.

feet,toes,bamboo,photograph, Varapuzha,Kerala,India

Too bad, seems like the world was once a more sensible place! :)

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Guruvayoor, Kerala, India

28 Nov

This piece of cloth worn below the waist is called a Mundu and is a must to enter the temple. It also is part of the famous local dress code of the state.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Guruvayoor, Kerala, India

Interesting and nice shot!

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Kumarakom, Kerala, India

22 Nov

This photo was taken on my holiday to Kumarakom, which is in Kerala, India. My cousin Nandita, (who lives in Bombay), and I, (from St. Albans, UK), went for 5 days to the Zuri resort in Kumarakom in April 2010. The 2 of us love posing for photos, so naturally our feet should also get as much exposure! After all, who are we without our feet?? :-))

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Kumarakom, Kerala, India

Looks beautiful there.  Great shot!

Cochin, Kerala, India

29 Oct

International White Cane Day

October 15 was International White Cane Day. These two visually impaired men roam the streets of Cochin, selling lottery tickets for a living.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Cochin, Kerala, India

Great shot!

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Vypin Island, Kerala, India

10 Mar

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Vypin Island, Kerala, India

“Local bar in Cherai village on Vypin Island, Kerala, India. ”

Great shot!

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Cochin, Kerala, India

2 Feb

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Cochin, Kerala, India

Interesting shot.  Great!

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Thevara – Kochi, Kerala, India

16 Dec

Raxa Collective writes, “The stance is familiar to anyone of North American, Cuban, Central American or Venezuelan heritage.  But it is not what it first might seem to anyone from those places.  An anglophile, indophile, or carribophile will immediately recognize the bat our neighborhood friend is gripping.  On any given day, on any given street in the country that currently holds the trophy as world champions in cricket, you are likely to see something like this.

Thevara is no different.  Small lanes are like giant stadiums to these fellows.  And what is our friend likely thinking?  More like, dreaming.  Just like his Havana, Caracas, Managua or Brooklyn counterpart he is dreaming of the fences.”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Thevara, Kochi, Kerala, India

Great shot!

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Kottayam, Kerala, India

1 May

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Kottayam, Kerala, India

Looks like some serious water down there!

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