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Lakewood, California

6 Mar

Checking out the annular solar eclipse.

feet,toes,phone,woman,man,street,sitting,Lakewood, California

Nice shot! :)

Check out Ron Jimenez’ Flickr Photostream and his blog, Speaking Canuxican !

Lakewood, Ohio

19 Jan

Jingle Toes, Jingle Toes…

Jingle all the way!

This is my niece in-law Kristi and her daughter Chloe at Christmas.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Lakewood, Ohio

Cute shot! Hope you and family had a nice holiday season.

Check out Seeing Things !

Lakewood, Ohio

15 Dec


Here I am on the scale this morning. The three colored markers are Green: Safe, Yellow: Caution and Red: Dangerous. I need to lose 15 pounds just to be in the Danger zone! And the holidays are here. It ain’t gonna be pretty…

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Lakewood, Ohio

That scale is too accurate! :) If all else fails, there’s always the New Year’s resolution.

Check out Seeing Things !

Lakewood, Ohio

20 Aug

John writes, “I went on a photo journey with a friend of mine and we stopped at the Lakewood Dog Park here in Lakewood, Ohio.

It’s a place set aside in our Metroparks for dogs to run free, exercise and play with other dogs. I took numerous shots and when I got to reviewing them I came across this Shih Tzu looking at his owner’s feet. I immediately thought of “Toemail”! Hope you like it:”
toemail, toes, feet, photography, Lakewood, Ohio
Thank you for immediately thinking of us! Love it.  Great photo and very cute! :)
Check out Seeing Things!

Lakewood, Ohio, Picasso Feet

10 Dec

toemail,feet,toes,photography,travel,Lakewood,Ohio,Picasso Feet

John writes, “I was inspired by Kevin’s painted feet from Williams, Arizona and want to submit my feet as I believe Picasso would have painted them! Mine are done in Photoshop by applying “Pixel Bender” filters: Twirl and Oil Paint. Please visit my blog at:http://gianni-seeingthings.blogspot.com/ where I post pictures of “seeing faces” in inanimate objects or any other thing that is interesting or amusing.”

Good one, John! There must be a gabillion ways to get creative with toemail! You can see the original picture on this page.

Lakewood, Ohio

4 Oct

John writes,
“Perhaps you will post this picture of my toes, taken with my new iPhone when I first received it. I was relaxing at my work station and going over the iPhone’s features.”
This is our first feet phone pic, John, and it looks like you sure do know how to relax!
Check out John’s blog, Lakewood Daily Snap, here.


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