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Legs – Wimereux, France

24 Oct

feet,toes,seawall,sand,Legs,Wimereux, France

Good shot! :)

Check out Alan Beasley !

I’m In Here, A Prisoner Of My History

18 Oct

Photo taken by contributor Carrie Hilgert, a photographer and portrait artist in her thirties from Northeast Kansas. After venturing into digital photography, she became interested in documenting her life with self portraits. This became particularly helpful when her life started to fall apart due to depression. All her other creative outlets left her, but she could always process her very dark feelings with self portraits. While she is doing much better now, she maintains compassion for those going through these hard things and hopes that her photography can give an honest insight into something that makes most people feel very isolated and alone.

About this photo: “This is from a series on fear and uncertainty. Fear seems to be a recurring theme in my life, no matter how hard I fight it. Fear of abandonment, of not being noticed, of my mental illness consuming me, of what people will think if they see the real me, of losing my creativity and worst, of getting to the end of my life without having let all of the wonderful things inside me come out. This image is about the battle against fear. I think most of us recognize that internal war with something. Whether it’s fear or not, no matter how long you’ve been fighting it, there are times when the battle is fierce and for me, it’s usually when I am trying to grow. The ego doesn’t like change.

Find more from Carrie at her blog or flickr.

feet,toes,legs,woman,bed,art,photograph,selfportrait,Carrie Hilgert

Carrie Hilgert

Awesome image! :)

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Legs – Kaneohe, Hawaii

13 Oct

feet,toes,legs,smimming,pool,Kaneohe, Hawaii

Interesting shot! :)

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Barefoot Beach, Florida

18 Apr

legs and feet looking at the ocean in Barefoot Beach, Florida

Nice shot! :)

Check out M. R. Beany !

Guildford, Surrey, England

14 Apr

Woman adjusting a mannequin in Guildford, Surrey, England

Interesting image! :)

Check out Daniel Cook Photography !


11 Oct

Aruban Glimmer Gal!

My 19 year old needed to just get away after being quite frankly, treated awfully by an employer (they wonder why youngsters dont want to work when many exploit their innocence).
As luck would have it my bestie lives in Aruba so off she went and within days this wonderful picture that to me symbolizes relaxation and freedom!
Nice picture,  and  good jobs are indeed harder to find today.
Check out sewinloveuk !

Halifax, Nova Scotia

6 Oct

Suburban Swimming Instructor

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Great collage!

Check out CDUNK Illustration & Creative !

Brisbane, Australia

1 Oct


More playing around with various media.  Moulding paste, Acrylic, Ink, Collage and rope on reclaimed MDF. The possibilities are endless.  Might try out other mediums soon.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Brisbane, Australia

Interesting collage!

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Unknown Location

4 Sep

Awful Leg

The dog was musing:
“What awful legs the humans have.”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Unknown Location

Cute and nice painting! :)

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Cincinnati, Ohio

29 Aug

Yellow Legs


Medium: Colored Pastels

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Cincinnati, Ohio

Very good!

Check out Karla Batres Art !

New South Wales, Australia

27 Aug

Dancing Queen

toemail, toes, feet, photography, New South Wales, Australia

A great shot!

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Pearl District, Portland, Oregon

25 Aug

Nothing But Legs in Portland, OR

Sculpture in a backyard in the Pearl District. Legs everywhere.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Pearl District, Portland, Oregon

Great sculpture! :)

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Gilli Islands, Indonesia

17 Jul

Early morning, I woke up just to catch the sunrise. I thought my younger group of friends who already planning to do sunrise watching last night were already standby, but they’re not answer my text then they’re must be sleeping. Kids these days :D . But it’s only the bapak bapak & ibu ibu who already standby at the beach.

After breakfast, we’re leaving the hotel for hoping the island. It’s a little trip to jump between Gili Air, Gili Trawangan & Gili Meno. And we did snorkeling too. This is my first time to jump in the sea. Too excited to see plus tasting the salty water :) . I am actually using my underwater camera, but my friend Acuy is taking my pictures so I’m just posting the underwater pics from him.

feet,toes,legs,underwater,Gilli Islands, Indonesia

group photos

feet,toes,legs,camera,bubbles,underwater,Gilli Islands, Indonesia

me taking pictures

Pictures look good, must have been a great time! :)

Check out me and life !

Assateague, Virginia

27 Jun

I love this shot because it combines a lot of things I like to include in my composition: leading lines, odd perspectives, texture, framing, and legs. Seriously, 75% of my photos are leg centered. I think I should do a whole series on them.

toes,feet,legs,road,center,Assateague, Virginia

Great shot, sounds like you have enough material to start a blog named “legmail” lol :)

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Vienna, Austria

14 Jun


I drew a giant mass of legs! I drew this a long time ago, but I never posted it because I never posted a lot of things in the past month. (Three months?)

Finally, though, a brief hiatus in the hurricane of exam week… it comes in the form of Friday! So I can share some more fun stufff.

It was supposed to be cute when I began drawing it but in the end it turned out pretty gross.

Sooper weeeeiird.

When I scanned it in, I had to scan it in two parts, which is why it has the crack in the middle. In reality, it’s a big sheet of paper. Drew it with deep blue shellac-y ink with a dip-pen. I think it’s pretty cool except for the fact that it’s mildly disgusting.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Vienna, Austria

A fun drawing! :)

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