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13 Mar

Toes on a trip to Paradise in the Maldives…

An idyllic place to spend long lazy honeymoon days on white sandy beaches, amongst the palm trees and incredible turquoise reefs.  The perfect place to lay back and relax with sparkling, twinkling, magical, golden toes….
Nice, you must have a wonderful time! :)
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14 Dec

We finally got married and went for honeymoon in the gorgeous Maldives :) . It was one of the most beautiful islands I’ve been to :) .

We saw lots of wild dolphins, swam with enormous Manta Rays, (cousins with stingrays but harmless and huge like 10 feet wide), spent most of our time snorkeling everyday and enjoying gorgeous reefs in different island. It was sunny everyday and the sea view is just awesome. Really enjoyed my time there :) . I’m all tanned now hihi

beach,man,photography, Maldives

woman, beach,photography,Maldives

Looks amazing there!

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