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Wedding – Sayulita, Mexico

2 Sep

Wedding day.  Bare feet in a circle on the Mexican Beach.  We actually got naked!  Here’s the story: http://wp.me/p1M11-gN   We also did some of the other perhaps untraditional and surprising things on that day–which all added up to bliss.  http://wp.me/p1M11-eq

feet,toes,beach,people,sand,anklets,Wedding,Sayulita, Mexico

Must have been awesome! :)

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DH Jet Skiing – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

4 Jul

We visited Puerto Vallarta with the family in June.  This was me relaxing on the beach while watching my 9 year-old and DH Jet Skiing.

feet,toes,beach,DH Jet Skiing , Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Nice shot! :)

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Kids Playing – Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

7 Jun

“Kids playing”  (photo taken in May 2013)
on the beach in Progreso, our week-end destination from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.  the kids were just playing there.  and I want to take more pictures of people acting and interacting in their daily actions.
I chose this one to answer our friend’s challenge on Facebook last month, #30diasdeclicks (he’s a photography teacher and gave us a theme a day to answer – this one was, against all odds, “kids playing”)

Kids,beach,playing,sand,running,fun,Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Nice shot!

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

17 Apr

Wordless Wednesday #12

Woman jumping on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Happy Pic! :)

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

6 Mar

The same day I got an email that you were following my blog, timsroadnoise.wordpress.com, my wife took this picture from Cabana #4 at the Hilton in Puerto Vallarta.  When she showed it to me, I couldn’t wait toemail you!

feet,toes,hotel,relaxing,Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Great shot, and that’s what toemailing is all about! :)

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Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

5 Feb

The day after Christmas we took an amazing catamaran trip out of Akumal, planned for us by my dad’s buddy and master dive instructor Arturo. The deep sea fishing was unsuccessful, and the water was a little too rough to properly snorkel in– but nothing could really dampen the amazing day we had. After sailing a bit down the coast to a secluded beach front, the captain made us the most amazing ceviche and guacamole we had the whole trip. He also taught us that an ice cold Sol goes down a lot easier after biting into a sliced habanero on a salted lime (Martha was all over this), and his pro tip for sea sickness is to just jump in the ocean.

group,beach,feet,toes,sand,Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

people,boat,feet,toes,sea,Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

woman,man,boat,fishing,sea,Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

group,boat,sunning,fisheye,beach,water,Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

beach,sand,people,water,sea,Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

people,beach,food,party,sand,sea,Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Looks like an awesome day! :)

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Japan, Mexico and Singapore

27 Jan
  • Tiny Hotel Rooms – Osaka, Japan

I’m 6 foot 2 and my boyfriend is 6 foot 3. We stayed in two places in Oaska – the first, where the picture was taken, the room was essentially 6 foot 3 squared (whilst taking this picture we essentially wedged ourselves with our heads against one wall, our heads against the other). The second room was narrower – closer to 5 and a half foot. People warned that accommodation was expensive in Japan, they didn’t warn me how small it was!


  • Camel Toe Socks – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

My boyfriend, the goof that he is, thought that these socks were an improvement on the usual 5-finger socks that he wears in an attempt to keep his feet dry. Given their perverse shape and pattern they’ve been named The Camel Toe socks and cause great amusement to all that see them. They’re from Japan originally.

socks,feet,camel,toe,Mexico, Puerto Vallarta

  • My First Pedicure – Singapore

The name says it all really! You’ve got to start a trip off in style once in a while haven’t you!


Fantastic pictures!

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17 Nov

So Mexico started in classic Bremma style. Those of you who follow us on Facebook will have kept-up since the last blog, but for the rest of you, you should click here https://www.facebook.com/TotallyTandem to remedy that immediately. The long and short of it is that we hauled-up in Rosarito, with our new amigo Roberto, for 6 days. We assured the now lame Falkor that a new front wheel would be built to match the strength of the new back wheel, and even made an attempt at crossing back over the border into the States (front wheel in hand) to make our way back to Black Mountain Bicycles in San Diego.  Alas, the USA border patrol didn’t find us as charming as we hoped, and after a 4.5 hour wait, we were hastily shooed back into Mexico. The new plan, to get custom spokes sent to us and have Bren re-lace the wheel.


A happy man at having re-laced his first wheel!

The amazing Matt from Black Mountain Bikes cut all new ‘Wheel Smith’ spokes for our front wheel and sent them to us at Roberto’s house. And we couldn’t have been stuck waiting in a better place. Roberto and his family run THE best fish Taco stand on the coast. They welcomed us into their home and took care of us, even taking us out to celebrate my birthday. We certainly got lucky meeting Roberto on the cyclist website warmshowers.org .We also discovered that up the road from his house, along with a giant Jesus, is a wonderful establishment that allowed us to stroll right in & use their awesome pool & spa set-up, while serving us margaritas by the poolside. We weren’t hating it too much.

man sitting poolside in Mexico

And Brendo built his first wheel! What a legend! He laced that baby up good and proper and we are proud to report that no spokes have broken since. Thanks to Matt’s advice, Brendo’s incredible perseverance and a few YouTube clips, our front wheel is totally supersonic. And just in the nick of time too, these Mexican roads have certainly lived up to their reputation. When they are good, they are unbelievably smooth, and when they are bad, they are unbelievably treacherous. Sometimes the shoulder IS the white line, and if you are forced over it, you are dropping a good 60 cm onto rocks and general roadside chaos. But the Baja roads through the desert from El Rosario to Guerrero Negro have been astonishingly good. This is also a lot to do with the courteous drivers in the desert. Almost always the truckers pull right over into the other lane to share the road, while the other drivers only come close because of their exuberant fist-pumping out the window. The drivers in the desert have shown some incredible signs of encouragement with an array of whistles, thumbs up and honking scenarios that have sped us up along some of those hot, steep hills.

group standing in front of house in Mexico

Our friends in Ensenada; Felipe & Margarita

Right now, we find ourselves now in a little town called Loreto. We have ridden through incredibly desolate places, faced killer head-winds, been pushed by an immense tail wind to our longest day (148km in 6 hrs), camped in an Oasis, cycled from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez and swam in The Bay Of Conception. We have eaten well and tried loads of new treats. And my god, we have met some amazing people.

tan lines feet in water in Mexico

Our sandal tans under water to prove it aint just dirt!

man on hammock having a beer in Mexico

After riding our longest day, finding a campsite by an Oasis was only made more awesome with a cold beer

HUGE special thanks to the remarkable people who have graciously hosted us along the Baja Peninsula. It’s been incredible to hear your stories and share your lives for the briefest moments and take refuge in your kindness.

Roberto & family in Rosario: Iain & his daughter Molly in La Fonda: Felipe & Margarita in Ensenada: Duffy in Rosario: Sara & Adolfo in Guerrero Negro: Wendy & Ken in San Lucas: Yvonne, Debbie & Mick and Allie & Weylon in Lorreto.

happy group enjoying themselves in Mexico

In Loreto with Mick, Yvonne & Debbie

Sounds like a wonderful adventure! :)

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Mexico City, Mexico

31 Oct

Lovely Things: Latin American Female Artists

Without getting too personal, abstract, or cliché, I have been experiencing a period of self-reflection and growth these days that I think is reflected in what I’m currently studying.  I’ve been completely absorbed by the images of some modern female Latin American artists as of late, partially because of this excited state I’m in is somehow manifested in their works.  These women are fantastic and provocative.  They inspire and intrigue.  And they have entered my life at the perfect time.

Remedios Varos

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Mexico City, Mexico

Beautiful painting!

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Melaque, Mexico

15 Oct

Mexican Toes Playing Beach Bocci 

feet,toes,beach,sand,bocci,Melaque, Mexico

Nice shot! :)

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Cabo, Mexico

21 Sep

For my Best Friend’s 40th Birthday.  She wanted to go to Cabo, Mexico. Us four girls had an amazing bonding time together.  I even made us T-shirts to wear on our first girls trip.  Best trip so far with my girls!!  It was also the trip we came up with mexican names for each of us.

Two of us are very early risers and we would go the beach every morning to watch the sunrise.  The other two enjoyed sleeping in.  The last day of the trip we made the other two wake up with us to watch the sunrise.  This picture is our fond memory of Cabo Girls Trip.

feet,toes,women,beach.sunset,Cabo, Mexico

Nice shot, looks like a good time was had by all! :)

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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

19 Sep

Photos of People Taking Photos-Part 2

Playa Del Carmen is one of my favorite places for people watching.  A stroll along the beach can provide ample opportunity for taking photos of people taking photos.
feet,toes,people,beach,camera,Playa del Carmen,  Mexico

feet,toes,beach,sombrero,camera,Playa del Carmen,  Mexico

feet,toes,beach,posing,women,camera,surf,Playa del Carmen,  Mexico

Great shots, people watching is always fun, wherever you go! :)

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Mexican Riviera

19 Sep

There is definitely something about Mexico: sun, Mexican rhythms and friendly “Hola!” all around. Our arrival to the Manzanillo port was colorful and exciting adventure as we got to spend almost 5 hours there and, later on, couple of days in another cities of Mexico exploring local culture by eating food, talking to locals and shopping for some authentic trinkets!

So much there should be said about Mexico and it is such a shame that I do not have enough time to share it with you! Most important thing is that this is completely different world. If we start with description of local markets, houses and churches then we will need to step back from usual stereotypes and think wide and out of the box! Well, I am off to eat my Mexican Eggs, so bon appetite and stay posted!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As I remember now – Mexico left one of the brightest impressions amongst other destinations of my journeys. You are probably questioning – why? As odd and unusual as it might sound, but this country surprised me with generous and welcoming mentality of local people. We all know that Mexico is not in the top of most wealthiest countries in the world, but it should not matter completely when it comes to the people and their states of mind. Religious yet open-minded, poor yet very generous, crippled by crime yet beautiful nature – this place is as controversial as it can only be.

Burst of colors,  textiles, flavors and new, unexpected gastronomic extravaganza – would be my main highlights of visiting this amazing place. Of course, everyone is in the possession of deciding on their own, but as experienced traveler I should say that you can travel to Italy or Spain, indulge yourself with beauties of France, but in order to twist your mind and spin your way of looking at the world – Mexico should be in your “to visit” list.

Remember – you wont know until you try!

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Mexican Riviera

Nice shot, seems like you were delightfully surprised! :)

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Batopilas, Sierra Madre, Mexico

29 Aug

2girls,feet,toes,sandals,dresses,doorway,Batopilas, Sierra Madre, Mexico

Wonderful portrait, such nice kids! :)

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Akumal, Mexico

26 Aug
I can now say I’ve known paradise. White sand, clear skies, shiny sun and blue waters. And amazing people.
We couldn’t make up our minds whether we should visit Akumal or not, but I’m so glad we did, it was totally worth it. We got there by “colectivo” some kind of collective taxi or small bus, no need to take a taxi, that would have been more expensive. I spent the day with my family surrounded by lovely people, drinking beer under the palm trees and swimming with sea turtles for just the 180 Mexican pesos that the snorkel equipment costed.
The whole money in the world can’t buy moments like this.
feet,toes,beach,sand,sky,people,Akumal, Mexico
Nice shot, Akumal really looks good and sounds great!

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