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Spirit Calls – Mumbai, India

19 Jul

feet,toes,ghosts,Ouija,Spirit Calls,Mumbai, India

Good work! :)

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Young Thinker – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

12 Jul

feet,toes,flipflops,man,Young Thinker ,Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Fantastic shot! :)

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Mumbai, India

14 Jan

Random photos I’ve taken while walking around in Mumbai: candid, un-posed, spur-of-the-moment shots.

feet,toes,shoes,rickshaw,Mumbai, India

Auto-rickshaw demographic

man,basket,bananas,head,Mumbai, India

Banana man

man,sitting,sandals,feet,toes,Mumbai, India

I think, therefore I am

woman,child,toes,feet,Mumbai, India

To school before the rains come down

Nice shots! :)

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Mumbai, India

3 Jan

“The locals still call it ‘Bombay’. Mumbai may be politically correct but it is the politicians’ name,” says our guide Pankaja.

As new kids in town with only a couple of days to explore a city of possibly 20 million people (nobody knows for sure), it helped to have a car, driver and guide organised, to smoothly transfer us through the traffic jams to a few of the main attractions. Thanks, Abercrombie and Kent!

Of course to really see Mumbai we needed to leave the air conditioned car and proceed on foot.

And we expect the unexpected in India…

picture of a young knife sharperner in Mumbai, India

Great portrait! :)

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

18 Dec

statues at the opera house in  Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

statues on a frieze at the opera house in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

statues atop the opera house in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Great shots!

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Mumbai, India

5 Nov


We work in the same office. Yesterday I saw the girl on right gift a chocolate to the one in blue. They both hugged. I asked them what was the occasion. “We are both going on our maternity leave.” They said while happily munching on the chocolate together.

feet,toes,pregnant,women,chocolate,Mumbai, India

Nice shot, chocolate always works for sure. :)

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Mumbai, India

23 Aug
 Have a submission for the toemailers blog! not sure if you came across this on my blog… this is about a part of mumbai / bombay, that people don’t really know much about, even locals like me. tend to bypass it completely!
do check it out and see if the last picture works for your blog….
foot,toes,sandal,text,ground,Mumbai, India
Nice shot, works for us! :)
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Mumbai, India

11 Aug

Salute to true love that would rather hold legs than hold hands.
Seen at KalaGhoda Festival 2012, Mumbai.

feet,toes,couple,statues,saluting,Mumbai, India

Great shot, makes us want to see more! :)

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Mumbai, India

11 Jul

(Thursday 11 April) We walked to the India Gate where we were bombarded by people wanting to sell you all sorts of crap. Mitchell got attacked by a man who put a flower in his hand with some sweets and wrapped a piece of string round his wrist. Then I got attacked too and it’s impossible to get them to leave you alone! The man then asked Mitchell for a donation of 200/- which Mitchell replied with “You can have 10/- and like it!” and the man gave in and took the money. The gate was interesting and I learnt that it was built by the English when they took over and ironically the last English to leave were made to walk through it. We then went to buy a ticket for the boat ride to Elephanta Island.

When we got to the boat there was a film being shot outside the gate and I was being blind and walked right past it but when Mitchell told me to watch it being filmed it was too late and they were packing everything away. The boat ride was an hour long and when we got on I wanted to sit downstairs because it would be less bouncy but Mitchell wanted to pay 10/- each to go upstairs and sit in the sun – he soon regretted it and we walked back downstairs. When we got to the Island we had a ridiculously long walk up a steep hill and I struggled bad which obviously annoyed Mitchell like it always does! The walk was worth it though as at the top of the hill are caves carved into the rock with stunning mythical gods carved out of the walls. It was amazing and to top it off the place was swarmed with monkeys. We spent over an hour admiring the monkeys and Mitchell even fed one a nut that he found on the floor. The monkeys are amazing and it is defiantly one of our favourite things to do just to sit and watch the monkeys in awe. One monkey stole a bottle of coke out of a girls and and then took it back into the tree with him. He bit into the end of the bottle and drank all the coke and then threw the bottle away. Then another monkey stole a bottle of water and did the same. He was rudely pushed aside by a bigger monkey who managed to unscrew the lid and drink the water out the bottle like we do – it was amazing. We then decided we’d spent enough time with the monkeys and reluctantly moved away from them. We walked up another stupid hill of steps towards Cannon hill where there were 2 cannons. Mitchell went off and explored them and disappeared before reappearing from the side of the hill. It was such a long walk and it was hot and my body had given up. We made our way back to the boat and the hour long ride back to Mumbai.

feet,toes,mam,monkey,feeding,Mumbai, India

Great shot, awesome looking little monkey person! :)

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Chowpatty, Mumbai, India

22 Jun
A big hello to you guys from the toes of me and my friend. She is two years younger to me, but both of us are born on the same day ( June 15). We were neighbours and eventually became closer than sisters. Being a Gemini, I feel really blessed to have found my twin.
toes,feet,heart,sand,beach,Chowpatty, Mumbai, India
Beautiful shot, yep, that’s what friendship is all about :)
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Mumbai, India

17 Apr

This day bed has been in the family for generation.  Tea has been had, naps have been taken, battles have been fought and love has been made.

toes,foot,day bed, Mumbai, India

Nice shot, and oh, the stories it could tell! :)

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Mumbai, India

21 Feb

Bye To Mumbai and to India

And that’s India done. There were lots of highs and a fair share of lows, but it was a great experience on the whole.

feet,toes,gateway to India,Mumbai, India

Cool shot!

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Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

16 Jan

“The Street Is My Studio”

This man was so deeply engrossed in making these little figurines of sorts using wire and god knows what else!

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Great shot!

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

12 Jan

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
The weekend went by in utter laziness. Hubby dearest wanted to go on a hike to Lonavala, then to Pune and back to Mumbai after a day.  But me, in no mood to oblige. :-P  Perhaps the following weekend!!!

The picture you see up above; yes,  it’s weird. I have a thing for feet together; :-P like the way sometimes they hang out together. Well, to begin with, I thought I’d update you about the weekend I had. It was a mix of things and then, while writing, I put up this photo and it reminded me of all the pictures I had taken of “feet,” per se!!!!

Nice shot!

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Bandra, Mumbai, India

28 Aug

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Bandra, Mumbai, India

That’s a wonderful portrait!

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