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Sunbathing – Naples, Italy

14 Nov

People,feet,toes,legs,bathing suits,ground,towels,Sunbathing,Naples, Italy

Great shot! :)

Check out Michele Liberti !

Naples, Florida

13 Apr

toes on a beach with starfish in Naples, Florida

Nice shot! :)

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Naples, Florida

23 Oct

Wring It Out

feet,toes,yoga,woman,pose,Naples, Florida

Nice shot, sure wish we could do that! :)

Check out Andrea Paola Yoga Blog !

Naples, Florida

7 Apr

I came across this beautiful quote today by Robert Tew that really landed with me, “Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.” It’s definitely easier said than done, but it’s something that I am implementing into my life and yoga practice. I’m feeling very inspired and just had to get on my hands! :)

Wishing everyone a beautiful and inspired day!

toes,feet,yoga,Naples, Florida

Great shot, wish we could do that! :)

Check out Andrea Paola Yoga Blog !

Naples, Florida

25 Jan

feet,beach,toes,sand,view,Naples, Florida

Beautiful, ultra relaxing view!

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Via San Biagio Dei Librai, Naples, Italy

18 Dec


“What could be more beautiful than a dear old lady growing wise with age?

Every age can be enchanting,

provided you live within it.”

 Brigitte Bardot

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Via San Biagio Dei Librai, Naples, Italy

Wonderful shot!

Check out Relative Imperfection !

Naples, Italy

22 Jan

Cakes McCain writes, “One of my favourite places in Naples is the Madre Contemporary Art Museum. What better place to feel inspired?
Last week I made my pilgrimage, took in the beauty of my surroundings and loved Naples a little more… ”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Naples, Italy

Great one!

Naples, Italy

16 Jan

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Naples, Italy

So nice and peaceful.

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Naples, Florida

12 Jun

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Naples, Florida


i got my toes in the water,
ass in the sand,
not a worry in the world,
a cold beer in my hand,
life is good today.

inspired by Toes by Zac Brown Band”

Awesome sunset!!

Check out Zee Anna’s Flickr Photostream !


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