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Wanderlust – Auckland, New Zealand

26 Oct

If there was ever a place where it was impossible to feel sad, Wanderlust festival is it. There’s no other way to describe it.
There’s a buzz in the atmosphere that is electric – the result of a bunch of like-minded people who appreciate a day of fitness in the sun, the most delicious healthy foods and lots of happy faces.
Me and my friend Bridget went along to this festival with no yoga training whatsoever. We didn’t have a mat or any exercise gear.
We just wanted to observe, as yoga has been a thing we’ve both wanted to tick off the bucket list for a while now.
We got to kick back and watch a lot of ladies (and a few men) decked out in their Lulu Lemon gear twist themselves into different positions in the hot sun. Meanwhile, we munched on Little Bird goodness and slurped on The Beverage Boy juices.

feet,toes,yoga,people,Wanderlust, Auckland, New Zealand

Looks great! :)

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Wharariki Beach, North West South Island, New Zealand

29 Jun
This is my foot on Wharariki beach, North West South Island, New Zealand. I was there with my beautiful wife on honeymoon for six months camping. It was epic. We have returned to our native England and miss New Zealand very much.

Leigh and Laura

foot,beach,sand,footprints,sea,Wharariki Beach, North West South Island, New Zealand

Nice shot, looks beautiful there! :)

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Baylys Beach, Northland, New Zealand

27 May

eating out

Campers setting up a table in the sand in Baylys Beach, Northland, New Zealand

Great shot! :)

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New Zealand

10 Mar

I’ve always been a sucker for the romance of the past where life seemed simpler, relationships inevitably involved love-triangles (well, at least in novels and films), and life for the most part was unfettered by the demands that we’re presented with today.

woman,feet,toes,sandals,dress,hat,book,reading,New Zealand

picture of a home etiquette book

Yes, these days our lives are so disparate. We’re often stretched for time as we rush around attempting to cross off items from our ever- expanding  lists of ‘things-to-do.’ I like a fairly tidy house but the  idea of running a household for instance, has been outside of my realm of comprehension until recently, and I don’t think I’d ever live up to the expectations as set out by Mrs Beeton and her book of Household Management.

interior of a fancy home in New Zealand

When it comes to household chores I’m a girl whose more than likely to vacuum around furniture, and if I was so inclined to pick up a broom, dust and dirt would promptly be swept under the rug. I’m allergic to dusting (or at least have an aversion to it), but if it’s any consolation I don’t mind doing laundry, albeit, you’ll never catch me ironing tea towels, socks, sheets or underwear–who does that anyway, right?

woman looking thoughtful on a porch in New Zealand

Style File: World Tuxedo Jumpsuit (similar here and here)/ Kobe Husk Sandals from here (similar with heel)/ Black straw hat (similar in black and white)/Silver Jewellery/ Porcelain and Wood Art-Deco Drop Earrings/ Chinaware courtesy of Mrs M. Sly (similar teapot). Photography Credit: Howard Sly.

I love this Tuxedo Jumpsuit as it’s one of those timeless pieces in my wardrobe that feels ultimately modern, elegant and it’s something that I pull out when I’m not in the mood for a dress. I’m fond of the detail–the halter-neck and structured waist give me some shape and I’ve yet to find another jumpsuit as flattering, especially given my height. The flat sandals provide an easy day-time look, whereas I’m more inclined to dress it up with heels for evenings out.

picture of a woman in a dress with her back turned in New Zealand

Wonderful post!

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Queenstown, New Zealand

5 Feb

Since mid-October, I have called Queenstown my home. It’s going to be tough to leave; I’ve set up a pretty great life here. Between some amazing hikes, cool adventures, and working at the gondola, I haven’t had many dull moments.

In the morning I set off for a four day hike to Stewart Island. While scrambling around town trying to prepare, we picked up some hitchhikers who were in town for two days. They asked what we recommended they do. This meant two things:
1. I am now considered “local” enough for people to ask me my opinions, for directions, etc. (Even get discounts on stuff!)
2. I can answer with confidence.
Aww yeah.

Seriously though, my time in Queenstown has been incredible. I’ve been paragliding and (impromptu!) bungy jumping from the original bungy. I’ve logged more kilometres and hours on my bike than I thought ever possible. I’ve done the touristy things, like eating fergburger or Patagonia ice cream (mmm!), gone sightseeing in arrowtown, and raced on the luge at the top of the gondola. However, I’ve also been lucky enough to see things that most tourists don’t, like the gold mining ghost town or the cool rope swings at Lake Hayes.

three woman jumping in front of mountain valley in Queenstown, New Zealand

bungee njumpers near Queenstown, New Zealand

paragliding near Queenstown, New Zealand

woman jumping into water near Queenstown, New Zealand

three woman smiling near Queenstown, New Zealand

Fabulous adventures! :)

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Gisborne, New Zealand

4 Jan


toemail, toes, feet, photography, Gisborne, New Zealand

Cute and great shot!

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Te Paki Sand Dunes, Northland, New Zealand

24 Dec
We’d planned to hire boards from the camp ground near Te Paki and surf the sand dunes. In reality the camp ground was for sale and abandoned, and an open shed door gave me the horror movie creeps.
So the giant sand dunes  (sea nowhere to be seen) were experienced in the form of crazy jumps, slides and flips rather than sand surfing.
woman jumping on sand dune in Te Paki Sand Dunes, Northland, New Zealand
Wonderful shot! :)

Northland, New Zealand

20 Dec

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”
― Kahlil Gibran

feet,toes,beach,surf,view,sand,Northland, New Zealand

Nice shot, and love the quote! :)

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Auckland, New Zealand

5 Dec

Upon setting foot in Auckland, I was somewhat intimidated, for I have been away from larger cities and crowds for awhile. This bustling city is where 1/3 of New Zealand ‘s population crowds together resides. It is also one of the most popular gateways to the North Island. Due to its liveliness and thriving trade, people often have the misconception that Auckland is the capital of New Zealand. (In case you too are mistaken, it is not.)

I did not have an exact destination in mind. Instead, I allowed my curiosity to lead me. Symbols of interest called to me and I followed. My aimless free-minded trail led me to art galleries, interesting alley, a windy harbour and roads that are graced with intriguing wall art.

mural on wall on street in Auckland, New Zealand

statue of a man in chains in Auckland, New Zealand

Captive and bounded, but his heart remains free. Catch me if you can!

mural on shipping conytainer in Auckland, New Zealand

Stop and admire the art on streets. Are you thinking what I am thinking? There’s something intriguing about someone’s back.

mural on a wall in Auckland, New Zealand

She walks on determinedly, as always. :)

Boy walking barefoot along a wharf in Auckland, New Zealand

Young heart never dies. Sprint on and take the world by storm!:)

Great shots, looks you had a wonderful time! :)

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Canterbury, New Zealand

28 Nov

The plan was to have this posted before Joseph and I left for the North Island on Tuesday, but life happened.

After church on Sunday, October 13th, we stopped briefly at the ReStart Mall on Cashel Street to grab a bite to eat.  While there, we browsed through some of the shops and were surprised by a Maori Performing Arts group.  The Maori Performing Arts group was attempting to raise money to travel around Australia.  The group demonstrated the haka and sang a couple of Maori songs.  While we were watching the show, there was a little boy (the same age as Elijah) who kept trying to take our bag of chips from our pram (aka stroller).  It was really funny to watch.

Maori Performing Arts Group in Canterbury, New Zealand

Nice shot, that’s a pretty good sized performing group! :)

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Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

26 Sep

South of Cathedral Cove, on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, a woman enjoys the peaceful end of Hot Water Beach, one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist destinations.

feet,toes,woman,beach,phone,sand,mountains,hat,Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

What a beach! Really nice picture. :)

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New Zealand

23 Sep
Head in the clouds, feet on the ground
Ideas fall heavy like rain
Yet one remains
feet,toes,flowers,grass,New Zealand
Nice shot, good words! :)

Wellington, New Zealand

12 Sep

…that was taken in Marine Parade, Seatoun, Wellington, New Zealand and that is Worser Bay at the background ^_^

feet,toes,camera,car,self,portrait,Wellington, New Zealand

Very creative self portrait! :)

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Auckland, New Zealand

31 Aug

This is from the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand … I have to admit, I was a little nervous taking this shot, but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t!

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Auckland, New Zealand

Wow, that sure is a long way down! :)

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Karekare, North Island, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

21 Aug

We, the peoples of moana nui, connected by the currents of our ocean home,
declare that we will not cooperate with the commodification of life and land.
We invoke our rights to free, prior and informed consent.
We choose cooperative trans-Pacific dialogue, action, advocacy, and solidarity
between and amongst the peoples of the Pacific, rooted in traditional cultural practices and wisdom.
E mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono. A mama. Ua noa.

adapted from the closing statement of the Moana Nui 2011 conference

            If you must feel tortured

                        Respect your misery

                        And be happy about it

                        Only the nonsensical is

                        At ease with the Absolute

                                         James Broughton


“I don’t want to hear your philosophy if you cannot grow corn.” Winona LaDuke, Anishinaabekwe  Ojibwe


feet,toes,surf,beach,Karekare, North Island, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

feet,toes,surf,beach,Karekare, North Island, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Interesting submission! Nice pictures and some food for thought! :)


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