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Karekare, North Island, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

21 Aug

We, the peoples of moana nui, connected by the currents of our ocean home,
declare that we will not cooperate with the commodification of life and land.
We invoke our rights to free, prior and informed consent.
We choose cooperative trans-Pacific dialogue, action, advocacy, and solidarity
between and amongst the peoples of the Pacific, rooted in traditional cultural practices and wisdom.
E mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono. A mama. Ua noa.

adapted from the closing statement of the Moana Nui 2011 conference

            If you must feel tortured

                        Respect your misery

                        And be happy about it

                        Only the nonsensical is

                        At ease with the Absolute

                                         James Broughton


“I don’t want to hear your philosophy if you cannot grow corn.” Winona LaDuke, Anishinaabekwe  Ojibwe


feet,toes,surf,beach,Karekare, North Island, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

feet,toes,surf,beach,Karekare, North Island, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Interesting submission! Nice pictures and some food for thought! :)

Titahi Bay, North Island, New Zealand

29 Jul

feet,toes,beach,sand,surf,mountains,view,Titahi Bay, North Island, New Zealand

Beautiful shot, wouldn’t mind being there right now! :)

Check out tchelseats’ Flickr Photostream !

Wairere Falls, North Island, New Zealand

16 Dec

So I’ve been up to see Wairere Falls before but never managed to get to the top.  The half way point seemed good enough, haha. But this time I wanted to get to the top. It was a great day and, compared to the other couple of times I have walked up there, it seemed easier this time. Add on an extra 40 mins and we were at the top!!!

You can see right over Matamata and the surrounding towns far below and stand on a platform, of sorts, that sits next to the waterfall so you can see down where the lookout point is half way up. I can really believe I didn’t go all the way up before but I will be doing it again before I go!!!

It’s 2 weeks until the families new Au Pair arrives, which seems crazy, and then I will have all of 2 weeks ish to help her settle in and sort my stuff out before heading back to Waiuku for Christmas!!

I’m not sure what will happen in between. Hopefully I can finish sorting out some travelling down to the south island but come May, when I need to leave the country, I will be flying to America to start a new year as an Au Pair!! No details on where yet. !’m hoping for California, hehe, but I’m filling in the application and putting down plans to get my visa sorted while I search for a family. I’m on to the next adventure and so excited but it’s hard to see other people leave and leave others behind. :) One day I will be back and hopefully when I turn up on their doorsteps, they’ll remember me, haha.

feet, toes, photography,woman,Wairere Falls,North Island, New Zealand

Great view, and good luck in America!

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Kare Kare Beach, New Zealand

17 Oct

11 Years Ago

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Kare Kare Beach, New Zealand

Kare Kare 2001, photo taken by Arwen McMahon.

Spectacular hearts running and leaping through the raw light of day.

This brilliant day.

Over the Sea and far away

my love waits for me

night and



and counting

before my feet are on

another land

before my heart breathes in

her blissful spirit.

The Earth smiling for us

for she too knows

what it means.

The stars laughing

and playing


Their inner child



Kellie Jagoe 2012


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