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Art – Kuwait

16 Oct

feet,toes.painting,art,photography, Kuwait

Good work! :)

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The Wounded Angel – Hugo Simberg

14 Sep
Hugo Simbeg The Wounded Angel 1903

Hugo Simberg 1903

Wonderful! :)

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Painting – Andrej Vystropov

15 Aug

The path of life
Is cruel and full of beauty
Who plays at dice?

Pains and joys are the colors
Of this world of confusion.

feet,toes,fantasy,women,surreal,Painting, Andrej Vystropov


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Painting – Soho, London, England

9 Jul

park,figure,feet,toes,Painting ,Soho, London, England

Beautiful work! :)

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Amy Etherington – Durham, England

30 May

Whilst investigating surrealism I looked at the artist Man Ray and his piece ‘Le Violin d’Ingres’ in which he juxtaposes the image of a female nude with a violin. I really liked this idea of making the body into an inanimate object and so decided to investigate this further. I came across the artist Fran Herbello who creates similar work to Man Ray’s piece and cleverly juxtaposes the body and skin with objects in his photography. After researching his work and also reading in to ‘The Book of Skin’ I came up with an idea for a painting. I decided to juxtapose the feet with a pair of leather boots.

Surreal, image, feet,boots,blend,Amy,Etherington

Strange! :)

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Egg and Child Painting with Rainbow

10 May

The Art Beat program at the Unison HCS Keele-Rogers location is a weekly art program run by APSW for adults with psychiatric and/or developmental disabilities, led by an experienced instructor. This blog exhibits all of the artwork produced by the artists in this program. All proceeds will equally be contributed to benefit the program and the artists. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Painting of a child coming out of an egg

Good one! :)

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Madrid, Spain

5 May

Finally I can show the finished painting! Acrylic and oil on canvas. 44.9 x 57.5 inches. The only pity is that there´s a missing member I haven´t represented. He wash´t there the day I took visual information of them and I hope he can forgive me. Meanwhile I hope you like and enjoy this work!

Por fin puedo mostrar la última pintura que he hecho!  Acrilico y óleo sobre lienzo. 114 x 146 cm. Lo único que he de decir que falta un miembro del grupo por representar pero no estaba el día que recogí la información visual y espero que me perdone. Por lo demás espero que les guste y disfruten de la nueva obra!

Painting of musicians in Madrid, Spain

Really spirited! :)

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1 Mar
Painting from France

Léon Bonnat


Beautiful! :)

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The Dancers, Sergio Martinez Cifuentes

18 Feb

toes,feet,painting,The Dancers, Sergio Martinez Cifuentes

Beautiful painting! :)

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San Francisco, California

8 Feb

Painting,Stephen,Kelly,San Francisco, California

Beautiful! :)

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Karen Ann Myers – Charleston, South Carolina

8 Jan

“I am investigating the psychological complexity of women through intimate observations in the bedroom. The work is inspired by the cult of beauty in contemporary mass media. Intricately painted, decorative interiors are invented to titillate the viewer.”

Karen Ann Myers sketching for a painting

Karen Ann Myers sits in front of one of her paintings

Karen Ann Myers,painting,feet,toes,woman,bed,Charleston,SouthCarolina

Awesome painting! :)

Check out Karen Ann Myers !

Found at wicked vibes bring the joy

Oakland, California

19 Dec

I am attaching one painting that I created back in 1997 (in Oakland, CA)… the painting is titled “Enamorado” (“In Love”) and measures 37 x 58 inches. The media is acrylic and wood on canvas and wood (bed head board).

painging of a barefoot man on a bed in Oakland, California

Very nice painting! :)

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Lancashire, UK

15 Dec
These are drawings I have done of toes or feet. The colourful one is in oil pastel and linseed oil, and the other is pencil. My blog address is: http://ihstaton.wordpress.com/. I have to admit that in the pencil one I have focused a little more on the foot than on all five toes.
oil painting of a foot from Lancashire, United Kingdom
pencil drawing of feet in Lancashire, United Kingdom
Very nice work! :)

Paris, France

14 Dec

The Banjo Lesson- Henry Ossawa Tanner

First African American painter to include positive images of his own culture. I’m using this as the inspiration for my new painting. Can’t wait!

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Paris, France

Excellent painting!

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Mexico City, Mexico

31 Oct

Lovely Things: Latin American Female Artists

Without getting too personal, abstract, or cliché, I have been experiencing a period of self-reflection and growth these days that I think is reflected in what I’m currently studying.  I’ve been completely absorbed by the images of some modern female Latin American artists as of late, partially because of this excited state I’m in is somehow manifested in their works.  These women are fantastic and provocative.  They inspire and intrigue.  And they have entered my life at the perfect time.

Remedios Varos

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Mexico City, Mexico

Beautiful painting!

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