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Munich, Germany

23 Apr

I have been looking at all the photos you posted and I love the idea. Immediately one picture popped up in my mind. It was taken 2 years ago, in Munich at the European juggling convention. I love it because for me it represents freedom, and the changes in my life and my thinking that I made after that event.

 Here is my foot hooping under the Munich sunny sky.
foot,hula hoop,sky,Munich, Germany
Beautiful shot, bet that is easier than, no, that doesn’t look easy…lol :)

Perth, Western Australia

1 Jan

funny peoples

Out and about today in the streets.  I call it my birthday walk; cough cough. I must admit I was just walking the streets chatting with a good mate I caught up with and, as much as  saw a lot to photograph, I just really enjoyed the day.  But these couple of shots I couldn’t resist.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Perth, Western Australia

Great shot!

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Cordoba, Argentina

14 Dec

One of the first days I was living in Córdoba, I was wandering around, as I usually like to do when I am in a new city and stumbled upon Plaza de la Intendencia (which I would go to many more times for the language group English and Mate that I became a part of). I was sitting there for awhile, people watching (which I also love to do) when a large group of people dressed up in all sorts of costumes started filling into the Plaza.

It ended up being a free circus!!

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Cordoba, Argentina

Beautiful shot!

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