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Montego Bay, Jamaica

8 May

Just me and little Max on a quiet sunny afternoon in Jamaica. A villa overlooking Montego Bay, a hammock, and a great Mary Higgins Clark murder mystery. What more could a granny ask for?

Woman,feet,toes,relaxing,Round Hill, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Great shot!

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Rome, Italy

24 Apr

People sunbathing in Rome, Italy

Nice shot, looks very relaxing! :)

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9 Apr

I usually just take a shower, so it was so relaxing to take a bath for a change, I just had to take a photo. =D

toes in a bubble bath by Anja Perse

Looks like fun! :)

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Hanoi, Vietnam

20 Feb

man on scooter reading newspaper in Hanoi, Vietnam

Cool shot, he sure looks comfotable! :)

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Goa, India

13 Feb

So after the crazy buzz of Mumbai, the BF and I went to Goa to just chill out on the beach.

We opted to say in the quieter part of Goa (South Goa) as we were not looking to party hard.  If you want to party hard Goa has plenty of options in the North.

What I loved most is laying on the beach with nobody around for miles and miles. Blue skies and long stretches of sandy beach make Goa an idyllic holiday destination.

woman walking alone on beach in Goa, India

The most exhausting thing I think I did on this whole vackay was my star jump!

woman jumping on beach at sunset in Goa, India

Sounds like you had a good relaxing time! :)

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Delhi, India

23 Jan

man,sleeping,bench,barefoot,Delhi, India

Nice shot, looks very relaxing! :)

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Fullerton Arboretum, Southern California

1 Nov

This past summer I spent a really hot afternoon wandering the Fullerton Arboretum (in Southern California). The pathways were dusty, the air stale and sweltering, I was sweltering (and probably stale as well). I began questioning my sanity, counting down to sun stroke, until the path led to paradise… a spectacular, never-prettier, arbor. I plopped down on the bench, super glad for the shade and solitude. It took awhile before I ventured back into the sun. ~SueBee

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Fullerton Arboretum, Southern California

Nice shot, too bad you had to suffer to get there! )

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12 Oct

ARGENTINA Practical Basic Essentials – TTP Travel Guideshttp://traveltipsandpictures.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/argentina-practical-basic-essentials-ttp-travel-guide/


Nice shot, good place to just hand out and be! :)

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Northwest Montana

22 Aug

FUTAB on a leisure day

Feet Up Take A Break.

feet,toes,sandals,water,woods,Northwest Montana

Nice shot,  makes us wish we were just chilling on the water somewhere ourselves! :)

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St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, UK

29 Jul

For some weeks I have had a very sore knee. I can no longer run (jog) and going to the gym is out of the question. I saw one of the Personal Trainers from my gym when I was on the way into the swimming pool and was basically told to go home until I had a proper diagnosis.

I am very fortunate to have a friend who is a practicing chiropractor who will always fit me into her already ridiculously busy schedule. She was unhappy with the way my pelvis was ‘balanced’ and did what she could –  but I am now seeing a physio via my doctor as I am getting no better.

HOWEVER. My dear friend called by my house to check my working position as I spend a lot of time sewing and was horrified at my sewing posture. She has made several changes (which have proved difficult as bad habits are hard to break) but I still have work to do. The wonderful Claire whom I met at the Pattern Magic stretch course posted this which shows the Threads magazine article about sewing posture and also offers some less expensive solutions to problems shown (I am off to Ikea ASAP!)

Despite all the efforts to sort me out I am still very sore and walking like Methuselah at the moment. I had already booked time away from sewing to go scuba diving in Cornwall – but that is out of the question with this knee! So….. I am enjoying the unbelievably good British sunshine with my knitting and a pile of books and a wonderful view of St Michaels Mount  and look forward to the opportunity to dive when I am better. It is no hardship when the view is as good as this!

It still isn’t certain that my appalling sewing posture is responsible for my knee problem – but I really recommend that you check out your position before you have any possibility of injury. My knitting is coming along well, and the books are great – I could easily get used to this lifestyle!

Sadly I will be returning to real life on Saturday ready to start work again on Monday. I only hope the sunshine lasts!

toes,knees,paper,cabins,view,St Michael's Mount, Cornwall, UK

St Michaels Mount and Penlee Bay (and the offending injured knee)

Nice shot, great place to be, no doubt, and hope you are all better now! :)

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

8 Jul

Relaxing on a hot afternoon is a grand personal journey in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Awww, such a cute doggie! Great shot!

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Pangkor Laut, Malaysia

10 Jun

I’ve recently got back from nearly three weeks travelling Malaysia with my husband Shaun. I’d never been to Asia before so this was somewhere totally new to me and I was very excited about going. We also both really needed a holiday because we’ve had a lot going on recently- Shaun had been really busy at work, we’d just moved into our new flat and to top it off my hospital trips hadn’t been going well at all. My liver was being damaged from the medication I’d been taking and nobody realised that this was the case until I literally started turning yellow. I’m a lot better now but I was feeling fairly rough for a few weeks… clearly you don’t appreciate having a healthy liver until thats not the case!

After a 16 hour flight via Dubai we arrived in Kuala Lumpur where we started off our holiday, going around the city for a few days. Kuala Lumpur is a really interesting city- they’re trying very hard to be modern and technological up to speed with the Western world but they are building their city on jungle terrain- you’d see have huge, high rise skyscrapers surrounded by clusters of palm trees. One benefit of Kuala Lumpur’s ‘up and coming’ status is that it’s still really cheap- we stayed in a ridiculously swanky five star apartment complete with panoramic rooftap bar and infinity pool for the same price as a double room Travel lodge in London.

feet,toes, couple,drinks, relaxing,Pangkor Laut, Malaysia

Beautiful shot! And we really hope this trip provided all the “cure” you needed! :)

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The Blue Lagoon, Malta

1 Jun

Do you remember the Blue Lagoon movie? with Brooke Shields… Well, we found a Blue Lagoon in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea! I think the pictures speak by themselves, but I just want to add that this was the most soft and fluffy sand my feet ever felt! Really!

passport to happiness 3

The chairs were hanging on the rocks.

feet,toes,legs,relaxing,The Blue Lagoon, Malta

So relaxing…

feet,toes,water,splash,sticking out,The Blue Lagoon, Malta

Cartoon moment! :)

Great shots, looks like a fantastic pace to visit! :)

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Cavtat, Croatia

19 May

Cheryl at Cavtat seaport café.

toes,feet,woman,seaport cafe,Cavtat, Croatia

Nice shot, great place to chill and read for a bit!

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10 Apr


Lovely shot!

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