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Legs – Wimereux, France

24 Oct

feet,toes,seawall,sand,Legs,Wimereux, France

Good shot! :)

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16 Oct

Santorini, Rhodes, Dubai, Zanzibar, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, London, Glasgow and now back to the small paradise, back to Nevis. It was a great summer with so many trips and beautiful adventures! I have many photos, tips, adventures, recipes and books to share!


Nice shot! :)

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Benches – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

19 Sep

At the end of our beach promenade in Umhlanga Rocks, are two benches. This particular one is my favourite, and I love to sit on it, watching the waves and the action on the beach, before starting on the 3km walk back home. Today, it was already taken, by a pair of green flip flops belonging to this sunbather. I didn’t like to ask her to move them, and anyway, I would have been sitting right on top of where she was laying, so I had to settle for second best.

feet,toes,beach,sand,woman,Benches,Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Nice shot but hate when that happens! :)

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On the beach in Corfu, Greece

9 Sep

feet,toes,water,sand,dress,On the beach in Corfu, Greece

Nice shot! :)

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Beach Vendors – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

6 Sep

Here in Umhlanga Rocks, the beach vendors, are often to be seen trudging along the sand, pedaling their wares to the holiday makers. These three ladies had decided to take a well-earned break.

feet,toes,beach,people,Beach Vendors , Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Nice shot! :)

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Wedding – Sayulita, Mexico

2 Sep

Wedding day.  Bare feet in a circle on the Mexican Beach.  We actually got naked!  Here’s the story: http://wp.me/p1M11-gN   We also did some of the other perhaps untraditional and surprising things on that day–which all added up to bliss.  http://wp.me/p1M11-eq

feet,toes,beach,people,sand,anklets,Wedding,Sayulita, Mexico

Must have been awesome! :)

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28 toes on Umhlanga Beach, South Africa

19 Aug

Here is another beach pic with toes; eighteen puppy toes and ten human ones.

puppy,kids,feet,toes,28 toes on Umhlanga Beach, South Africa

Beautiful puppy! :)

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Sand Sculptor – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

2 Aug

Here is another pic from beautiful Umhlanga Rocks in South Africa.

A familiar sight along our beach is the sand sculptor and his creations. Peering under the pier, I noticed that he seemed to be having a siesta, whilst waiting for donations.

feet,toes,sand,beach,Sand Sculptor,Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Looks like he has it made! :)

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Reading On The Beach – Ostia, Italy

19 Jul

feet,toes,book,water,sand,Reading On The Beach,Ostia, Italy

Nice shot! :)

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Beach Vendor – Umhlanga, South Africa

16 Jul

Here’s another scene from our beach in Umhlanga. The beach vendor must walk many miles every day, as he weaves in and out amongst the sunbathers, trying to sell his wares. At least his head won’t get sunburned, because it’s protected by all the hats he has for sale.

feet,beach,toes,sand,Beach Vendor,Umhlanga, South Africa

Nice shot!

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Toes On Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

10 Jul

feet,sand,Toes On Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

feet,sandals,pink,shells,Toes On Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Good shots! :)

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First Beach Day – Coronado Island, California

9 Jul

Tanner’s first visit to the beach. July 1, 2014. Location – Coronado Island, California.

baby,feet,toes,beach,First Beach Day ,Coronado Island, California

Wonderful shot! :)

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Wharariki Beach, North West South Island, New Zealand

29 Jun
This is my foot on Wharariki beach, North West South Island, New Zealand. I was there with my beautiful wife on honeymoon for six months camping. It was epic. We have returned to our native England and miss New Zealand very much.

Leigh and Laura

foot,beach,sand,footprints,sea,Wharariki Beach, North West South Island, New Zealand

Nice shot, looks beautiful there! :)

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Sunday Papers – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

24 Jun

Here’s a pic I took this morning on our beach here in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa. This guy had chosen a really nice spot to read the Sunday papers.

foot,toes,watch,sand,Sunday Papers,Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Nice shot! :)

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The Pyramids – Cairo, Egypt

19 Jun

Last minute traveler? Yup, that’s me. If you want to call it procrastination, I’ll except that, too. My recent trip to Cairo was finalized on the same day I arrived. This is the best way to go, well not always, but the adventure, the rush and excitement is epic! Finally, I arrived…well to the continent, at least. This was definitely not my final destination, but Africa, aaaahhh! I’ll be back very soon to visit more of your beauty! (West or East Africa, next stop)!

woman,feet,toes,standing,The Pyramids - Cairo, Egypt

Wonderful shot! :)

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