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Now Trending: Sweatshirts – San Francisco, California

24 Oct

San Francisco is mild year round which means my wardrobe is stocked with cozy knits and tons of boots, jackets, and scarves. Unfortunately, what I don’t have enough of are skirts, dresses, and blouses. But all that aside, my dresser is starting to fill up with sweatshirts! I’m absolutely on board with the sweatshirt trend. They’re so easy to wear and extremely versatile. For a quick run to the grocery store, I pair mine with a pair of leggings. Or for a more work-appropriate look, I’ll wear a collard button-up underneath. This past weekend was sunny with a nice breeze, so I wore my favorite Madewell sweatshirt with a black skirt and sandals.

feet,toes,woman,sandals,fashion,Now Trending: Sweatshirts, San Francisco, California

Looking good! :)

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Istanbul, Turkey

20 Oct

Everything in Istanbul is just so beautiful. On our third day there we, of course, started our morning at an adorable café. I think cafes are always my favorite when traveling abroad. In a city like Houston, we just don’t have the luxury of great outdoor cafes. Between the humidity and the fast paced lifestyle, it’s so hard to just sit and enjoy life and all its beauty. After our coffee we began our fabulous rainbow stair descent towards Istanbul’s Modern Art Museum where we wandered for a while before heading to the Spice Bazaar.

feet,toes,sandals,woman,stairs,colored,Istanbul, Turkey

Nice shot, sounds like a great trip! :)

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It’s More Fun In The Philippines

13 Oct

My country never ceased to amaze me with its beauty.

Taken: La Union and Ilocos, April 2014






Great shots! :)

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Not The Desert – Nelson, Wisconsin

12 Oct

No this is not the desert.  It’s Wisconsin!

Sand, hill,photograph,Not The Desert,Nelson, Wisconsin

feet,toes,sandals,sand,tracks,Not The Desert, Nelson, Wisconsin

Nice shots! :)

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Sugarloaf Hill – Uruguay

27 Sep

fet,toes,chair,lift,scenery,coast,water,photography,Sugarloaf Hill,Uruguay

Very cool shot! :)

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Street – Montevideo, Uruguay

25 Sep

Feet,toes,sandals,Street,phtography, Montevideo, Uruguay

Nice shot! :)

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Yoros Castle – Istanbul, Turkey

20 Sep

Yaros Kalesi/day at the Black Sea

We took the day to relax on a ferryboat tour of the Bosphorus. An hour and a half up the strait, an hour and a half back down. In between the boat rides, I walked with students up a mountain to see the Yoros Castle (Yoros Kalesi). It was a trek, no doubt – sweaty and hot, no clouds to block the sun – and when we saw closed doors at the peak, I worried they would be disappointed. Almost ready to head back down, to relax with nargile by the water, I tried banging on the door a few times. A man opened it furtively. I begged him, in broken but desperate Turkish, to let the students in two explore. “Just two minutes!”

“In two minutes, I will lock this door and go to lunch. Two minutes!”

The students rushed past the door, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the thin strips of land that give shape to the Black Sea. Hundreds of ships, tiny like ants, waited their turn to pass into the Dardanelles. After a few minutes of jumping around and snapping group photos, we hustled out of the castle area, but continued to wander. Rufus, a stray dog, guided us down the mountain.

Perseverance, y’all – it pays off.

woman,dress,sandals,water,view,Yoros Castle, Istanbul, Turkey

Nice shot! :)

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Fashion – Accessorize it !

15 Sep

You know that the perfect accessories can totally change an outfit . It’s a silent, exciting night , you go out with friends or a date and want something simple but chic , choose a jumpsuit if you want to have an easy choice . Put a belt to make it classier and now it’s time to play : you have unlimited choices. Choose to be bold, shy, colorful, you can be whatever you want with the adequate “toys” .
The hard part was to choose between pink tones or green ones to sparkle the night and I went with greenish :

Now go out and have fun .

Woman,feet,toes,sandals,dress,stairs,Fashion.photography,Accessorize it !

( Jumpsuit – Forever 21 , Necklace – H&M ) Choose a white color for your nails, I love it .

Woman,toes,legs,bracelet,purse,nails,photography,Fashion , Accessorize it !

( Bag – Blanco, Ring – Pimkie , Neon Green sparkle bracelet – Forever 21 , middle bracelet – Bijou Bridgitte)

Looking fantastic! :)

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You Are Here – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

11 Sep

feet,toes,text,sandals,You Are Here, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Fun shot! :)

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Aquarium Tunnel – Las Vegas, Nevada

1 Sep


Illustrator: loujen haxm’Yor

Photo Title: ‘Yor Feet

CGI Artwork: A composite of my feet and an aquarium tunnel at one of the Las Vegas casinos.

My blog: loujenhaxmyor.wordpress.com

Have a wonderful day!  Peace.

feet,toes,fish,Aquarium Tunnel,Las Vegas, Nevada

Good shot! :)

Bittersweet – Central California Coast

27 Aug

feet,toes,sandals,flowers,Bittersweet,Central California Coast

Nice shot! :)

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Gameboy – Singapore

25 Aug


Anywhere, anytime! :)

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Empire State Building – New York City

23 Aug

With the entire afternoon left, and endless possibilities in NYC, we headed to the Empire State Building. Amazed at the fact that there was no line to get to the top, this was our second PEAK of the day. I know it’s cheating to have two Peaks, but walking through the building and surpassing where a line-up (of up to 2 hours) normally is, well, that’s just lucky. At the top of the Conservatory – you can see the WHOLE of NYC. All the movies come to mind that were filmed up there – none of which I can remember now – but WOW. That view. Peak, peak, peak of a lifetime.

view,skyline,Central Park,Empire State Building , New York City

feet,toes,sandals,woman,view,river,Empire State Building , New York City

Nice shots and what a view! :)

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Toes in Chicago, Illinois

21 Aug

Sitting on the patio reading a mystery on a beautiful summer day.

feet,toes,sandals,stool,sun,Toes in Chicago, Illinois

Nice shot! :)

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Reader – Stockholm, Sweden

21 Aug

feet,toes,reading,bench,city,Reader,Stockholm, Sweden

Nice shot! :)

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