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Sardinia, Italy

9 Mar

feet,toes,towel,Sardinia, Italy

foot,toes,view,Sardinia, Italy

Excellent compositions!

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La Caletta, Sardinia, Italy

17 Dec


Interesting footwear!

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Gulf of Orosei, Sardinia, Italy

30 Oct

We stayed in a small village named Cala Gonone, which is near the Gulf of Orosei. My friends and I decided that the best way to see the coastline was by boat. We booked ourselves in for a full day boat tour, slopped on some sunscreen and slapped on a hat and away we went.

The sun was shining and our boat was running full speed as we left the port. I remember looking back and seeing the beautiful colour of the water and then looking down to see the bottom of the ocean – it was that clear.

Every now and then, the driver would stop and let us explore the pebbled beaches that were only accessible by boat. The pebbles feel funny against your feet at first but after awhile, you get used to it.

feet,toes,photography,toemail,Gulf of Orosei,Sardinia,Italy

Looks fantastic!

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