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Alive Museum – Singapore

2 Sep

WARNING: This entry is photo-heavy and contain spoilers of the content of the museum! If you’re thinking of visiting this museum and want to keep the element of surprise, you may want to give this post a miss.

Feet,toes,toemail,phtography,Alive Museum, Singapore

feet,toes,toemail,phoptography,Alive Museum,Singapore

feet,toes,toemail,phoptography,Alive Museum,Singapore

feet,toes,women,toemail,photography,Alive Museum ,Singapore

feet,toes,painting,woman,toemail,photography,Alive Museum,Singapore

Fantastic pictures! :)

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Gameboy – Singapore

25 Aug


Anywhere, anytime! :)

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in the (hat) shadow – Holland Village, Singapore

12 Aug

so after several days on-the-go i came home. home to my hostel. it sounds kinda ironic. a hat is the best investment for my living these days. saves me from bad hair days. and the black skirt. do not forget the black skirt. everybody should own one (note: girl). mine is from by malene birger and it is perfect to dress down for school and dress up for drinks.
Fransiska Olivia
Looking great! :)
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Waking Up – Singapore

1 Aug

We all wake up differently.Sometimes to dreams still lingering in our heads, the last thought before falling into deep sleep, sometimes to a crooked neck, to people we love drooling on a new pillow case or to a heavy head for there is still a little bit of alcohol in the blood.. and really just want to sleep in a little bit more.. Maybe I’ve always enjoy the way our sun slowly lights up the room, the fresh scent of a new day, the excitement of knowing you can have the freedom to undo the wrongs and have a new chance to life. Renewal. Possibilities. Growth.

I used to wake up earlier than everyone else to have a little bit of a quiet time to myself. I make a cup of tea, have some fruits and regain a little bit of consciousness. To reflect on what was done and can be better, to the hours I will be giving and the people I will spent with, to the flow of a the day and how we can meet on common grounds.

These days, I find myself doing the same routine but with a different perspective. Looking back at the days ,trying to not regret on the decisions made and how to move forward with others. These days, life is taking its own course to change and be meaningfully simple. Be in sync with people that matters, stop when they are tired, go when they can, push them when there is a chance for goodness and nurturing into something wholesome.

A timely wake up call for a new shift.

I used to believe we need to be on the same page or shoes to feel each others. But I am starting to think that we need to stop to try to be in sync, it’s nice to be in sync, but we are individuals. Individuals who try to be happy on our own, but come together and share the simple everyday joys just so.

Last night was exactly how it was meant to be, unadorned, honest and real. We finally got to celebrate our one year anniversary. It was perhaps the best way to enjoy an infant blossoming into something, hopefully, better. We are all silly, stubborn and eccentric. We are all a little insecure, quiet, and loud. We are all happy in our own ways, and searching for a sense of belonging.

Feet,toes,dog,flipflops,Waking Up,Singapore

Good thoughts and a warm picture! :)

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True Love – Singapore

11 Jul

True love sees beyond what is seen by the eyes.

drawing,feet,toes,woman,True Love,Singapore

Nice one! :)

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26 May


What is unseen does not imply its absence. Sometimes, we shut out the things we do not want to see. We pretend the chaos is not there, the needed is not needed, the hard is not hard. There are times when unraveling is needed because the unseen is there. They are there.

foot,toes,black and white,unseen,Singapore

Interesting shot! :)

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9 Feb


Love the colors! :)

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1 Feb

floating baby sculpture in Singapore

Look like it’s just floating there! :)

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San Diego, California

30 Jan

I am from Singapore, where you got your pedicure from, but this photo was taken in San Diego where I was studying my senior year in UCSD. Here’s to stepping into the working world.

foot,toes,text,journey,San Diego, California

That foot was meant for walking! :)

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29 Jan

When I visited Singapore I knew it was above my overall budget for my trip, especially compared to the rest of Southeast Asia, but I just had to see it.  When he was a sailor, Joseph Conrad used to pick up his mail at the Fullerton Hotel. Somerset Maugham and Ernest Hemingway used to frequent the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel, which also invented the Singapore Sling. As a bibliophile, that was enough to peak my interest to travel here. Sadly, I couldn’t even afford a glass of water in the Raffles Hotel, let alone a Singapore Sling, but I did take a wander through the building.

view of downtown Singapore

Singapore’s skyline above the Esplanade Bridge

The Thinker by Rodin in Singapore

“The Thinker” by Auguste Rodin

downtown Singapore


statues of boys jumping in river in Singapore

“The First Generation” by Chong Fah Cheong

Great shots! :)

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Japan, Mexico and Singapore

27 Jan
  • Tiny Hotel Rooms – Osaka, Japan

I’m 6 foot 2 and my boyfriend is 6 foot 3. We stayed in two places in Oaska – the first, where the picture was taken, the room was essentially 6 foot 3 squared (whilst taking this picture we essentially wedged ourselves with our heads against one wall, our heads against the other). The second room was narrower – closer to 5 and a half foot. People warned that accommodation was expensive in Japan, they didn’t warn me how small it was!


  • Camel Toe Socks – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

My boyfriend, the goof that he is, thought that these socks were an improvement on the usual 5-finger socks that he wears in an attempt to keep his feet dry. Given their perverse shape and pattern they’ve been named The Camel Toe socks and cause great amusement to all that see them. They’re from Japan originally.

socks,feet,camel,toe,Mexico, Puerto Vallarta

  • My First Pedicure – Singapore

The name says it all really! You’ve got to start a trip off in style once in a while haven’t you!


Fantastic pictures!

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22 Jan

Lavender Community Sport Club


Cool composition! :)

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11 Oct

Attached is my photo of my foot on a pebbled reflexology path in Singapore. You find these in most of the parks over here and a painful to walk on barefoot.  Thought the cultural side might be interesting.

I’m an expat dad who recently started writing a blog from a dads view of things to do in Singapore and places to travel to.
Cheers ExpatDadSG



Nice shot, looks like it would be weird to walk on! :)

Sentosa Island, Singapore

14 Sep

I took this photo of my feet (including all toes) while I was staying on Sentosa Island in Singapore. I had just got off my ship (DB-50) after about 30 days of sea trials. We had spent the entire time in the anchorage with occasional trips out to do sea trials. I was SO glad to get off the ship, but still enjoyed watching them from my perch by the pool high above the harbor ;-)

feet,toes,water,hotel,view,Sentosa Island, Singapore

Nice shot, very unusual view !

Haji Lane, Singapore

23 Aug

Artsycraftsy exploration: Haji Lane in Singapore

I’ve just been to sunny Singapore and I did some exploring on my own. I stayed at a hostel beside the artsy Haji lane. Haji lane makes me nostalgic and reminds me of the old Cubao X and how we used to hang out in that area around 9 years ago. It also reminds me a bit of The Collective, with all the street art and stickers everywhere. Most of the stores were closed when I did my exploring, but I was content just looking at the beautiful artwork and store facades. The place was just brimming with color and creative energy:

To read more about my Singapore adventure, check out my other blog for the Part 1 post. :)

toes,feet,mural,haji lane,Singapore

Great mural, must be a very cool neighborhood! :)

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