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Street Art – Brussels, Belgium

2 Dec

Antoine Gady

Nice shot! :)

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In Sync – St Paul De Vence, France

30 Oct

feet,toes,couple,photography,street,In Sync, St Paul De Vence, France

Cool shot! :)

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Street – Madrid, Spain

20 Oct

feet,toes,people,street,street photography, Madrid, Spain

Excellent! :)

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Streetlife – Paris, France

10 Oct

foot,toes,stocking,street,performer,Streetlife, Paris, France

Great Shot! :)

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Street – Montevideo, Uruguay

25 Sep

Feet,toes,sandals,Street,phtography, Montevideo, Uruguay

Nice shot! :)

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Peaceful – Hoi An, Vietnam

29 Aug

During this voyage I realized that traveling alone is the biggest experiment I can conduct on myself. I say that because since I am the only person making decisions in new places, I can see the immediate results of my decisions and how exactly I react to new environments. I know I can see how decisions and environment affect me at home, but not quite as explicit as when I am this isolated and controlled subject. I can trace exactly how I met a person and what I did that lead to my circumstance right now.

When traveling alone, I’m an isolated variable and my new contexts are new experiments.

Hoi An is a beautiful port city with buildings painted with bright colors like yellow and turquoise, once colonized by the Chinese for its premium location in Southeast Asia. In Vietnamese, this dreamy city’s name means ‘peaceful gathering’ and when I was here, the open spaces and clear air refreshed my mind that I almost forgot about all the busy ruckus left behind in Hanoi.

woman,face,beautiful,sunglasses,Peaceful,  Hoi An, Vietnam

art,gallery,building,Peaceful, Hoi An, Vietnam

man,feet,toes,street,Peaceful,Hoi An, Vietnam

woman,alley,feet,toes,Peaceful,Hoi An, Vietnam

Nice shots! :)

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Crowded – Hanoi, Vietnam

11 Aug

Day 191/365, f/3.2, 1/160s, ISO 400, 35mm

people,feet,toes,street,market,Crowded,Hanoi, Vietnam

Excellent shot! :)

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Sleeping Man – Kluang, Malaysia

11 Aug

Anywhere will do: A tanned and barefooted elderly labourer in Kluang, Malaysia grabs some shut-eye after lunch in the first comfortable spot he finds.

feet,toes,pillow,street,Sleeping Man,Kluang, Malaysia

It’s sad, yet he seems right at home.

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Cambridge River Festival – Cambridge, Massachusetts

31 Jul

My friend Anna and I moseyed on over to the Cambridge River Festival – which, due to construction, was held in Central Square and not actually on the river – today.  There were lots of artists and vendors, music, and performers.  It was great fun! I even bought a cute glass frog to add to my collection of crawly animal figurines.

balloon,child,people,photograph,Cambridge River Festival,Cambridge, Massachusetts

Woman,hulahoop,photograph,people,Cambridge River Festival,Cambridge, Massachusetts

street,chalk,art,people,Cambridge River Festival, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Girl,hula,hoop,street,Cambridge River Festival, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Looks like a wonderful event! :)

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Street Monkey – Bali, Indonesia

27 Jul

feet,toes,Men,Monkey,photograph,street,Street Monkey,Bali, Indonesia

Awesome shot! :)

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Hawker – Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

23 Jul

A hawker selling food on the backstreets. This is still a common sight in Penang. They are largely “extinct” in most other cities and urban towns in Malaysia where they operate in hawker centres and markets. Penang is considered a hawker food heaven among the Malaysian Chinese population and deservedly so.

Yeah Yeah 1.0 album:-

feet,toes,people,photograph,Hawker, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Good one! :)

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Street – Tel Aviv, Israel

5 Jul

people,foot,toes,Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

Awesome shot! :)

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Daily Life – Beijing, China

21 Jun

I like seeing people going about their daily lives. Scenes that some might walk by and not think anything about, I like to stop and capture. These big cities are filled with endless opportunities for capturing people just being people.
Have a great weekend everyone!

men,playing,game,street,board, Beijing,China,MIke Pratt Photography

Great shot! :)

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Denver Chalk Art Festival – Denver, Colorado

16 Jun

People posing with art,Denver Chalk Art Festival - Denver, Colorado

Looks wonderful! :)

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Whisky – Brussels, Belgium

9 Jun


Monday is a gentleman jacks day for me…

Drawing,poster,pole,street,foot,toes,Brussels, Belgium

Good one! :)

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