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Pavilion Dance Residency – Bournemouth, England

22 Jul

We had a really wonderful first week of R&D for Distance Duet at Pavilion Dance.  We are using the text messages of real couples to develop the work.  In Bournemouth we looked closely at the messages for clues about the personalities of the senders and researched ways of representing aspects of personality physically.  We also tried different ways of incorporating sending texts to audience members during our showing at the end of the week.  We’re excited to continue the project at Dance City next week.

dancers,barefoot,Pavilion Dance Residency,Bournemouth, England

dancers,barefoot,man,woman,studio,Pavilion Dance Residency-Bournemouth, England

dancers,barefoot,man,woman,handstand,Pavilion Dance Residency,Bournemouth, England

Looks like an awesome project! :)

Check out Jennifer Essex !

Columbia, Missouri

23 Dec

Viewer Discretion Advised #2


two pictures of rachel in Columbia, Missouri

Excellent shots! :)

Check out Naveen Mahadevan !

New York, New York

24 Sep

Helloooo everyone! Hope you all had a good week. The summer is rolling along and the weather here in NYC has been really beautiful lately. Clear blue skies, not hot. Gorgeous. After a couple of blog posts bitching about my doldrum days and scarcity of modeling work, on Friday, at long last, I was rescued. Yay! Rescued from this idle summer of crap and nothingness. My knight in shining armor was the one and only Fred Hatt, who invited me to his studio in Brooklyn. We spent the afternoon drawing, discussing the photos for the Museworthy Art Show, and enjoying each other both as friends and collaborators.

Fred is of course a professional photographer but I also had my camera with me, and that inevitably leads to goofy pictures taken when I’m not posing. My view from the studio floor with Fred in the background:

feet,toes,studio,drawings,model,floor,artist,New York, New York

Great shot! Looks like you are a great multi-tasker! :)

Check out museworthy !

Essex County, New Jersey

15 Dec
Twinsie toes! These are the toes of adorable twin baby girls that I photographed in my studio. What could be cuter?
toemail, toes, feet, photography, Essex County, New Jersey
Very cute!

Manawatu, New Zealand

1 Oct

toemail,feet,photography,toes,Manawatu,New Zealand

toemail,feet,photography,toes,Manawatu,New Zealand

Debrina writes,
“In NZ we have a lot of sheep. The wool gets turned into things like carpet and striped socks. These photos were taken in my studio at home in  Manawatu, New Zealand.”
Very nice creative take on the toemail concept, Debrina!
Check out her cool art blog, Debrina’s Altered Art Diary, here.


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