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Vacation – Tybee Island, Georgia

25 Jul

Took my mother on her first vacation in seven years in early May of 2014. We live in rural Kentucky, but this is her favorite place, on the beach.

Woman,beach,feet,toes.surf,Vacation , Tybee Island, Georgia

She must have loved it! :)

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Gamboley, Sri Lanka

30 Apr

Woman standing in surf at Gamboley, Sri Lanka

Lovely shot! :)

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28 Jan

This morning I thought I slept in after going to bed at 3am, but I looked at my clock and (surprise!), it was only 8:15. So I kept trying to go back to bed, but I only succeeded in doing so until 9:45. I took a shower and got ready. That, and writing my blog for yesterday on my iPhone, took up a solid chunk of my day. Then I wanted breakfast, but I was in the shower and missed it, so I decided to go scavenge for food. I put on my raincoat and lots of layers (it’s not as warm as I was hoping…), and I put on my flip-flops so I wouldn’t have to deal with wet shoes again. Then I walked out the door.




Nice shots, you are an inspirational trooper! :)

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Northland, New Zealand

20 Dec

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”
― Kahlil Gibran

feet,toes,beach,surf,view,sand,Northland, New Zealand

Nice shot, and love the quote! :)

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30 Nov




Nice shots! :)

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19 Nov

Sea hedgehog


Nice shot! :)

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Wilsons Promontory, Australia

1 Nov

I woke and saw the grey skies and drizzle outside, so lay in bed for a while enjoying the warmth and comfort. It was then that I realised how many bikes we could hear riding past. There was a fairly constant stream of them, all heading away from Phillip Island. It was a beautiful thing, though shame for them that the weather today wasn’t the best. I’m assuming they will head north through the Victorian Alps and the Snowy Mountains, a trip that we too will do in a week or two in Deli-chan (which won’t quite be as much fun as it would be on a motorbike).

We debated for a little while if it was worth driving down to Wilsons Promontory, the southern most point on the Australian mainland. I was unsure because of the weather, and I didn’t realise that you couldn’t actually access that southern most point without a multi-day hike… just like the southern most point in Tasmania, too. But, we aren’t really doing the whole ‘four points’ tour anyway (we skipped West, and may not visit East on this tour). Also, Risa has been here before, so she wasn’t that fussed to visit again. It was raining/overcast when she visited last time, too. It’s hard for me to picture sunshine in Victoria.

It was about an 80km drive from where we camped, passing through several small towns, including one that had an Aldi (discount European supermarket). We stocked up on fruit (we made sure to eat all of our fruit before leaving Tasmania to avoid having to dispose of it at quarantine, only to not go through quarantine this time – though they did confiscate our opened cans of cooking butane…) and UHT milk and other things, which came to a grand total of $9.60! I think that’s the first time we’ve visited a supermarket and paid less than $10 for some food… It was also novel visiting the Victorian Aldi as they also sell alcohol! We couldn’t believe how cheap some of the stuff was, including random German beers, and super cheap Australian wines (including some of Risa’s favourites – Riesling and Moscato). Two wishes – that they had this in Brisbane, and I could (comfortably) drink alcohol. But enough gushing about a cheap supermarket…

Wilsons Promontory is an enormous national park, and for the most part it has been kept natural. Surprisingly, there was no ‘day use fee’ – this must have changed since our (quite old) Lonely Planet was printed. There is limited vehicle access, so exploration is best done on foot. Not having the fitness/equipment/desire to go on multi-day hikes, we realise that we would only get the smallest of glimpses of this park.

feet,toes,woman,beach, Wilsons Promontory, Australia

Great shot, looks like a remarkable place! :)

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Ponta da Tulha, Ilhéus, Brazil

20 Oct

feet,toes,hammock,beach,water,view,Ponta da Tulha, Ilhéus, Brazil

Ahhh, looks so relaxing! :)

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Puerto Rico

17 Oct

A friend, Teresa, is vacationing with her family in Puerto Rico, and she posted this photo on her Facebook page.

I loved this photo.  I asked her if I could submit it to a website I love, and she said, “Sure!”
It’s Teresa and Adam, in Puerto Rico.
feet,toes,man,woman,beach,surf,rocks,view,Puerto Rico
Very nice shot, wouldn’t mind being right there, right now! :)

Oak Island, North Carolina

9 Oct
I wrote about the story behind this pic in a post on my blog http://makedasmusings.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/healing-for-my-soul/
To summarize I had gone through 6 of the most difficult weeks of my life and was at the beach trying to recover. This pic was taken my second night there. So much healing came to my soul in the week I spent there and the feel of the water on my barefoot was pure magic.
feet,toes,surf,water,beach,Oak Island, North Carolina
The beach can be such a wonderful place for healing! :)
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Outer Banks, North Carolina

14 Aug

Just started following and thought it would be fitting to submit a pic from my trip to the Outer Banks last week.

feet,toes,surf,beach,water,sand,Outer Banks, North Carolina

Fun shot, gotta love the feeling of the surf rolling over your toes! :)

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Santa Monica, California

7 Aug

#sloth 02

I could get up. I could go swimming. I could get back on my bike. But I’d rather lay here in the sand and feel the radiant sun and the sand between my toes.

toes,feet,beach,ocean,sand.Santa Monica, California

Photo: Velvet Ocean & Carbide

Nice  shot!

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Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

6 Aug
On our recent trip to Los Cabos, my family had trouble switching time zones. As a result, all four of us were up at the crack of dawn for the first few days – which was the perfect time for a sunrise walk by the waves. My two little girls – ages nine and five – fell head over heels in love with the ocean. My husband took this photo of the three of us enjoying the waves as they washed over our feet on an empty beach at sunrise. To read more about Mexico and our other family adventures, visit http://www.themotherofadventure.com/.
 feet,toes,surf,water,sand,beach,Los Cabos, (Baja California Sur), Mexico
Cool shot, yea, it sure is fun to walk through the sure like  that! :)


1 Aug


I put my feet in the ocean! Woohoo!  :)


Nice shot, tattoos look good! :)

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Extended Summer, Sydney, Australia

17 May

This year’s exceptionally warm Autumn weather in Sydney and the whole of Australia doesn’t just mean we get to save on heating energy bills – we get to go to the beach mid-May and Winter officially starts 1 June! Hard to beat this one. The surf’s up, the sun’s up and I’m down, on the sand.

feet,toes,beach,summer, Sydney, Australia

Fantastic shot, hard to believe you are near a city! :)


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