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Carrollton, Texas

5 Jan

March of the Tin Soldiers

A big share of my surrealistic bent comes from the influence of Walt Disney on my childhood. Lady and the Tramp, Babes in Toyland, the Junglebook… Disney made me dance and dream.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Carrollton, Texas

Such a fun picture!

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27 Nov

Surreal Photography by Kylli Sparre

Kylli Sparre

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Estonia

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Estonia

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Estonia

Very interesting images!

Check out Simon van Rysewyk !

New Hampshire

6 Nov


I like these curious photos by art photographer Sarah Ann Loreth. Read about these images here.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, New Hampshire

toemail, toes, feet, photography, New Hampshire

Beautiful photos!

Check out &inspire !

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

2 Nov

Walk In The Park

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Interesting collage!

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Mexico City, Mexico

31 Oct

Lovely Things: Latin American Female Artists

Without getting too personal, abstract, or cliché, I have been experiencing a period of self-reflection and growth these days that I think is reflected in what I’m currently studying.  I’ve been completely absorbed by the images of some modern female Latin American artists as of late, partially because of this excited state I’m in is somehow manifested in their works.  These women are fantastic and provocative.  They inspire and intrigue.  And they have entered my life at the perfect time.

Remedios Varos

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Mexico City, Mexico

Beautiful painting!

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Mexico City, Mexico

1 Aug

“Kappa” A Surrealist Piece by Dhear In Mexico City

The multifaceted Mexican artist Dhear is one of the most interesting exponents of what we could call Mexican Street Art Surrealism. His art production is diverse, ranging from street art to sculpture and influenced by literature, Sci-Fi movies, nature and illustrators like Moebius.

In this new mixed media piece, man and nature seems to melt into one in a very poetic way, colour playing a huge role and highlighting the process. Beautiful little piece, that’s for sure.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Mexico City, Mexico

Love the mixed media!

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Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

6 Jul

Blown about

Can’t really think of much to say … My new dress has butterflies on it? Why does my hair still photograph red when it’s purple?

I do now have to go and re-arrange the living room. I’ve had to move the settee, a folding exercise bike, weights, yoga mats, a bean bag, a sheep skin rug and various small tables to take this.
I’m aware that list makes us seem like exercise nuts. We’re not.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Lots of effort but great photo!

Check out Manadh Photography !

Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico

1 Jul

Celestial Bodies

Celestial Bodies is by the Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo and in the style of Surrealism. The artist describes it as his metamorphic style. I find his work extraordinary and mesmerizing – the longer you look the more you can see in it.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico

Yes, intricate and beautiful!

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Albany, Western Australia

16 Jun

This is quite a recent self-portrait I did in my home town of Albany. It really tested my Photoshop skills….and I’ve barely used it since.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Albany, Western Australia

Great job!

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Seattle, Washington

21 May

Work In Progress- Leaping Into the Unknown

I’ve been very lax about posting updates lately and I know that is a weakness of mine, but here is something new! I’ve been working on this piece for well over a month but just started the acrylic painting portion last week.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Seattle, Washington

Looking great!

Check out audiart !

London, England

18 May

toemail, toes, feet, photography, London, England

creative photo manipulation (image: erik johansson; courtesy gizmag)

Great illusions!

Check out digger666 !

Memphis, Tennessee

16 May


This was a subtractive drawing I did years ago. I drew from a still life that the teacher had put together. It’s only now, after I have experienced having to draw from terrible still lifes, that I really appreciate the effort put into making such a strange set up.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Memphis, Tennessee

Great drawing!

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

13 May

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Interesting drawing!

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Stuttgart, Germany

12 May

‘Huge Woman Contemplating in the Desert’

by vincenttitus

One of the biggest paintings I’ve done to date got out. 70x100cm; 27,56×39,37in. Oil on canvas. The painting portrays a huge female figure contemplating. The figure stands for an open and constantly working mind, the size of it shows what it is capable in each of us while the female sex was chosen because of its ability to give ‘birth’. The desert is a symbol of non-conformity which ‘big’ mind’ tend to create, usually leaving ‘contemplator’ alone though.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Stuttgart, Germany

Great painting!

Check out vincenttitus !

Lisbon, Portugal

28 Mar

Acrylic on canvas, work in progress.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Lisbon, Portugal

Interesting surrealistic painting!

Check out Cerqueira Pedro !


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