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Reader – Stockholm, Sweden

21 Aug

feet,toes,reading,bench,city,Reader,Stockholm, Sweden

Nice shot! :)

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16 Nov

My experience of street photography.

When I was studying abroad in Sweden, I really enjoyed the fact that I would actually bring my camera everywhere to capture everything. I realized that I wouldn’t do that here in Los Angeles. First, I would not be walking around a lot. Second, there also are not a lot of people walking around. And finally, it is just not convenient. It definitely feels different when one is in a “traveling” mode. But I love the spontaneity of street photography, capturing people in their most natural state, unposed for the camera. There is also a mystery that comes within street photography because I don’t what the strangers in the photographs are doing, thinking, and where they are from, leaving the viewers wondering and curious.

One thing I wish to improve on is composition. So many times my frames do not seem right because 1) I was afraid I would get caught by the strangers for taking photos of them and 2) I rush, so I would just snap a photo without thinking much or thinking that I could always edit it later.

In the future, I hope to be more conscious of how I capture photos on the street and thinking about how to tell a story with the photographs that I capture.


Nice shot, makes us wonder what they are looking at? :)

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Kalmar Castle, Kalmar, Sweden

9 Oct

Sand sculptures

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Kalmar Castle, Kalmar, Sweden

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Kalmar Castle, Kalmar, Sweden

©Tom Gagner Photographer

Excellent sculptures!

Check out more at Tom Gagner !

Habo, Sweden

3 Aug

A part of V

feet,toes,legs,trees,forest,Habo, Sweden

Beautiful shot, such wonderful contrasts throughout. :)

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Gothenburg Archipelago, Sweden

16 Jun
I took this photo sitting on a beach in the gorgeous Gothenburg Archipelago in Sweden. I have just started a six month long backpacking trip, and because I am English and very pale, I am trying to make the most of the sun!
For some reason, the tops of my feet seem to tan more than any other area of my body. This is a great source of frustration for me because what I really want is a nice, all over, golden tan with no tan lines!
But this imperfection has its silver lining. By looking at my feet, I can keep track of just how much sun I have been getting, and as long as I always wear the same pair of sandals, no one has to know quite how silly my feet look!
I’m chilling out in the Gothenburg Archipelago, making the most of summer. The islands are easily accessible by boat on the same public transport system as the buses and trams on land, and I definitely recommend them as a daytrip destination. The islands are beautiful, idyllic and peaceful, and honestly, one day I can only hope to live somewhere so perfect to raise a family.
Go there. You will be jealous. You have been warned!
feet,toes,water,Gothenburg Archipelago in Sweden
Sounds like a wonderful place to just chill and good for you for choosing the positive light! :)

Halland, Sweden

6 Mar

feet,toes,beach,Halland, Sweden

Nature likes that beach, cool spot!

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26 Feb

Clothing and personal style are a huge part of my life. My boyfriend recently built me a convenient way to hang my dresses in the limited bedroom space that we have. Often times before going to bed, I’ll just lie there, planning out new ways to style an old piece, and gain inspiration for my blog as I think back to when I last wore each piece or where they were purchased. Clothes speak to me and greatly effect my mood, so often times I can lie there and get lost reminiscing, and allow my mind to wander and escape whatever may currently be consuming it.

Maybe it sounds silly, but I take comfort in my clothes and now, finally being able to have them on display makes me very happy.
 feet,toes, closet,clothes,Sweden
Great idea!
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Stockholm, Sweden

12 Jan

Stockholm Cultural Festival

feet,woman,legs,smile,photograph,Stockholm, Sweden

Interesting, makes you wonder what is going on. :)

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Kangos, Sweden

9 Dec

I work as a sled dog guide in the north of Sweden; 200km north of the arctic circle. Today, on my free day, I was walking my boyfriend’s dog and took a toe photo on one of the over 130 lakes in this area, at 18 below.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Kangos, Sweden

Brrrrrrr …  what a great photo!

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Saltsjöbaden, Sweden

26 Sep

“Relaxing at my friend’s house on the lake in Saltsjöbaden, near Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoying the gorgeous midsummer weather and taking a dip in the lake before dinner.”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Saltsjöbaden, Sweden

Looks beautiful there!

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Lake Mälaren, Sweden

25 Sep

It was sunny, blustery, only a little bit chilly. Nobody even discussed jumping in the lake. But we spent the afternoon sitting, talking, eating, napping in the sun. It was just a 35 minute bike ride, which is amazing – Uppsala has so much you can do just in any ‘ol afternoon when you have a few free hours. I think the sunshine and lake breeze healed my emotions. After half an hour sitting on the edge of the deck, dangling my legs toward the water and letting the wind mess up my hair, I was ready to go back to the group and be a student again – loud, boisterous, another member of the crew. I’m lucky to have a good one.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Lake Mälaren, Sweden

Sounds wonderful!

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Tjarno Island, Sweden

12 Jul

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Tjarno Island, Sweden

Interesting shot, get a kick out of those boots! :)

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Gothenburg, Sweden

7 Apr

“Happy April 1st!! I don’t have any jokes for today, but I do have some pictures! No, not from my weekend trip, but from the last three days of March’s photo challenge. I’m riding the train home, (cozy times!), but I must admit that I am feeling a little motion sickness. Blah. So, I’m just gonna post the pics then close my eyes & enjoy the ride = try not to get sick. Hehe.

Here ya go.

day 29: feet. ”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Gothenburg, Sweden

Nice shot!

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Goteberg, Sweden

19 Oct

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Goteberg, Sweden

The water looks awesome!

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Vallentuna, Sweden

17 Aug

ladyfi writes, “Now that November has settled on us like a soft grey shawl, it’s hard to imagine that only a few short weeks ago, our world was bathed in sunlight and autumn leaves.

The beginning of October was celebrated with an adventure to the climbing tree,

Where no child was too old to fill her boots with water

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Vallentuna, Sweden

Or enjoy the warmth of the old tree and the delicious chill of bare feet in cool air.”

Beautiful! :)

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