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Cold – Fort Wayne, Indiana

27 Oct
feet,toes,homeless,photography,woman,jeans,Cold,Fort Wayne, Indiana

Photo: Dominique Parker

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Rediscovering – Duka Bay, Philippines

6 Jul

This was supposed to be my last blog for 2013 but the internet connection was too slow so I finished uploading photos at exactly 12:16AM here in the Philippines, that means this is technically my first post for 2014.

I couldn’t think of anything more precious than the company and love of a family. Every moment spent with them is surely something I value and I am very thankful for.

My 2013

Life is full of surprises. My 2013 has been a wonderful year and what better way to wrap it up than embracing new blessings in my life. Just this November 6, 2013, I got officially hired as a Pharmacist for an international beauty, health and lifestyle retailer. It was a career move that I did not plan but I am very much happy for. Although it meant lesser time with my family as I had to go on duty 6 times in a week, I look at the fulfillment I am getting from my new workplace. That is why all the more that I am making up for those times that I missed family dinners etc.  My sister also got married last December 6, the grand opening day of the branch I am employed at. I did not make it to her wedding but even with islands apart I made sure they felt my support. So for today I am sharing outfit post as the whole family rediscovers Duka Bay on my one-day off.

feet,toes,filpflops,tattoo,Rediscovering ,Duka Bay, Philippines

feet,toes,dress,beach,Rediscovering, Duka Bay, Philippines

woman,outfit,feet,toes,brook,Rediscovering ,Duka Bay, Philippines

Lovely shots! :)

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The Big Island, Hawaii

22 May

“Toes on vacation”

foot,toes,flipflop,The Big Island, Hawaii

Nice shot! :)

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

4 Apr

photograph by benjamin guez of feet on sidewalk

Love the lighting! :)

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Balian Beach, Bali, Indonesia

9 Dec

I took a photo of my friends toes yesterday and told her I would send it to you.
Her toes are painted with the logo of her and her boyfriends’ handmade surfboard company called “Journey” https://www.facebook.com/journeysurf

feet and toes with company logo painted on toenails in  Balian Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Pretty cool way to get the logo “out there”! :)

Ballard, Washington

28 Nov

Hope you like this pic from Ballard, Washington. This was taken from inside the Ballard Inn. I had just gotten these really cool minimal running sandals, Luna Sandals, and they made it with me to my little adventure in Ballard. I was there to take part in the annual 24-Hour Comics Day. Check out my blog and it will start to make more sense. Ballard, by the way, is actually part of Seattle–but don’t tell the locals that.

At my blog, Comics Grinder, you will find all sorts of creative content. And, from time to time, I will feature something that relates back to your blog, like a review I did of Luna Sandals and a review of Born to Run.

You can find me at Comics Grinder.

man's feel up in window in  Ballard, Washington

Cool shot! :)

Troy, Michigan

9 Sep

My friend told me about your website and I thought maybe you’d like a photo of the tattoo I had done yesterday.  I just finished radiation therapy for breast cancer and so I wanted something to commemorate the end of treatment.

foot,toes,tattoo,breast,cancer,Troy, Michigan

Wow, an amazing tattoo!  We are so happy you are doing well! :)

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Gulf Shores, Alabama

19 Jun
Picture yourself on the beach soaking up the sun, beer in hand, listening to good tunes.  Now, imagine doing that at a live show and you have Hangout Music Festival, the best festival around!  This past year was the fourth year Gulf Shores, Alabama hosted Hangout and my third year (and counting) attending.  I love everything about Hangout: the sun, the sand, bikinis, the food, the beer, and of course, grooving to good tunes… http://vagabondvirginia.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/best-of-hangout-music-festival-3-years-and-counting/
feet,toes,festival, Gulf Shores, Alabama
Wow, looks like a great party!
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Philippines photo diary

16 May

I fell in love with the Philippines back in 2010 when I visited it for the first time. The beauty of the country and the kindness of its people blew me away! I always knew that another visit wouldn’t take me too long. So I went back in October last year and I had the bessssssst time! :)

First stop: Malapascua, baby! I love love love this island with all my heart. I will never forget  the first time I went there in 2010 and met all those wonderful local people from the dive shop. I seriously missed them a lot, which is why I decided to go back there to say hi and of course to dive with the amazing thresher sharks! :D

On the last night we went to the island’s annual fiesta! It was nothing I’ve ever witnessed before. I was literally culture shocked, haha! The basketball court was transformed into a dance floor with crazy disco lights and let me tell you something; Filipino’s LOVE dancing and are not shy to show it. I had the best time of my life watching them having so much fun and dance like their life was depending on it hahaha, it was so cute! They all had their little dance offs and they even paid the DJ to play their favourite songs. I know because everytime this particular sound went off, it meant that someone paid the DJ to have the dance floor all to themselves & their crew to show everyone what they’ve got and everyone else had to step aside hahaha! Priceless and super fun night (despite hearing Gangnam Style like 100 times that night lol SHOOT ME!)!!

feet,toes,grass skirt,Philippines photo diary

girl,lizard,feet,toes,Philippines photo diary

turtle,underwater,swimming,Philippines photo diary

feet,toes,tattoo,sand,Philippines photo diary

woman, view, country,beautiful,Philippines photo diary

Awesome shots! Philippines is getting higher on our list all the time! :)

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Southwest Kansas

4 May

First pedi of the season. It snowed here today — the 2nd of May — in Southwest Kansas. Three days ago it was 91º.

feet,toes,tattoo,Southwest Kansas

Nice tattoo. Yea, weather is changing everywhere it seems.

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19 Apr

Nia and Feet

The first is of a workshop a friend of mine and I offered called “Metamorphosis” (thus the butterfly). We taught a Nia class and at the end of the class stood around the butterfly.  Great shot of lovely feet.
The second is of my own foot with the word LOVE tattooed on it.  The tattoo is from a business called Mantra Toes.  I teach a cardio dance fitness/lifestyle practice called Nia (www.nianow.com).  I’ve been teaching for 12 years.  Nia is done barefoot, so the feet are highlighted ALWAYS!!


foot, NIA,Love,tattoo,Wisconsin

Nice shots,  looks we have to give NIA a shot! :)

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Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

15 Apr
I got into the habit of taking pictures of my bronzed relaxed feet on holiday to torment friends back in Blighty, and this was taken at the Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland some time after leaving my job forever last year, and you have never seen happier feet in your life….
feet,toes,spa,Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland
Looks fantastic! :)
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Edinburgh, Scotland

5 Apr
This is a photo from my old MySpace page(!). It was taken when I had recently lost a bet, which resulted in my having these initials tattooed onto the sole of my foot.
They stand for:
What would John Mcclaine do?
Now the tattoo still exists, but it is blurred and green, like old bronze.
foot,toes,tattoo,Edinburgh, Scotland
Yikes, that must have hurt!

Gahanna, Ohio

17 Mar

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Gahanna, Ohio

Can really feel the texture of that sidewalk! :)

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27 Oct

feet, toes, photography, toemail, Colorado


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