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Pedicure – Brigantine, New Jersey

13 Jul

It’s been a bit of a crazy year, so far.  Not always good, but definitely interesting and life changing.  I’ve been cooped up for a while and when I got the chance, I went for it.  A manicure, pedicure, and, as a bonus, a ridiculously relaxing massage, were enough to make this girl’s day.  Enjoy the simple stuff. As John Lennon said, “Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted”.  :-)

Feet,toes,toe ring,flipflops,Pedicure, Brigantine, New Jersey

Wow, that sure must have re-energized you! :)

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Waterfall – Templer Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10 Jul

Sitting on the edge of a waterfall surrounded by Malay jungle!

This is one day I will never forget.

Just an unbelievable experience!

July 2013

feet,toes,Waterfall,Templer Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Must have been wonderful! :)

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Andalucia, Spain

30 Apr

This made me laugh because I have lots of pictures of my feet – I use them in a forum I belong to; it’s a way of showing a little of myself but not too much! I update them depending on the season, so you can see my Christmas toes with the vodka and tinsel, beach toes in the summer, sandals, bare feet – and the union jack toes from the jubilee celebrations we had here in Jimena de la Fronetra, Spain. I live down in the south in Andalucia but am British, from Somerset , S.W. of England. My blog is about improving my drawing skills by drawing the town where I live, which is a little white ‘pueblo’ . My blog is here, Spanish Scribbles http://alleycaty2k.wordpress.com/

feet,toes,bottle,pillow,Christmas,Andalucia, Spain

feet,toes,anklet,stones,Andalucia, Spain

feet,toes,Union Jack,patterns,toe ring,Andalucia, Spain

feet,toes,red,sandals,sidewalk,Andalucia, Spain

Very nice shots!! Glad you are enjoying it! :)


Happy Holidays!!

25 Dec


Big Island of Hawaii

30 Sep

Here are my feet on the broken up shells at the beach in Hawaii. I did the henna myself and I am on the Big Island of Hawaii near Kona. True paradise if you ask me!

feet,toes,toe,ring,anklet,henna,beach,Big Island of Hawaii

Great shot, must have been fun doing that! :)

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Monopoli, Puglia Region, Italy

27 Aug

feet,toes,toering,pool,swimming,Monopoli, Puglia Region, Italy

Nice shot! Wondering what that blue ball over there might be ….:)

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Downeast in Maine

18 Aug
This photo was taken Downeast in Maine. This is the first spot the sun hits in the US. I found a heart shaped rock on this same beach and it reflects my feelings for my home state.
feet,toes,beach,rock,heart,shaped,Downeast in Maine
What a lovely stone to find! :)

The Lotus Temple, Delhi, India

13 Jun

I realize on my most recent trip to India I took quite a few shots of feet! Here are some that you may be interested in using

My feet walking to a temple in the hot 120 degree F sun of Delhi

feet,toes,heat,green dress,The Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India

foot,toes,henna,dress.The Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India

feet,toes,heat,green dress,The Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India

Wonderful shots, such nice colors! :)

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Southern California

5 Apr

I am a guy that has a very strong feminine side and always wear fire engine red nail polish on my professionally pedicured toenails. The polish is OPI Big Apple Red. I live in a warm climate and my painted toes are almost always on display in women’s sandals. Red toenails are classic, sassy, and feminine.

foot,toes,sandal,Southern California

foot,toes,sandal,Southern California

We think you got it down pat! :)

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

9 Oct

I lived in a very old and unkempt house in 2008. It was three stories high. In the winter my front and back door had snow drifts on the inside of the house. It was terribly cold. No matter what our circumstance, we need to pamper ourselves. The bathroom was so tiny with no windows.  I did my best to decorate it sweetly but it still had cracks and stains that were beyond my control. Still,  a nice candle and smelly bubbles and I could imagine that I was in a warm foreign country home with exotic colours and enticing smells, that the cracks in the wall didn’t represent the cracks in my life.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Nice story!

Jiuquan, Gansu, China

6 Aug

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Jiuquan, Gansu, China

“Foot in the sand…the sand was extremely soft.”

Nice shot!

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Delhi, India

25 Jul

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Delhi, India

Simply beautiful!

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Collingswood, New Jersey

11 Jul

“Granddaughter and Grandmother – primping and polishing. ”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Collingswood, New Jersey

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Collingswood, New Jersey

How fun!

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Newport Beach, California

5 Jul

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Newport Beach, California

Classic beach shot!

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Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

28 Jun

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Beautiful spot!

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