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New South Wales, Australia

5 Mar

Guess who’s super amazing boyfriend organized a surprise holiday for me for our 4 year anniversary? (If you guessed mine, you’re right!) Seriously, how well did I score guys!

I hopped into the car to drive away for a week of fun to celebrate mine & Dan’s anniversary and had no clue where I was going! So exciting. He had all the details written on a piece of paper that I just was not under ANY circumstances allowed to look at! After about an hour of cruising down the freeway, we ended up here. Don’t be fooled by the 80′s looking pictures on the website, this place was GORGEOUS! The sea was just about 20 metres away from our verandah! There was a huge bed & spa bath! They had free chocolate and port (making it probably the best place on earth)! It’s located just between Blue Bay and Toowoon Bay, just a 5 minute walk from The Entrance. It was truly the perfect place to escape for a week.

Man sitting on a beach in New South Wales, Australia

woman standing on a beach in New South Wales, Australia

couple doing a selfie on a beach in New South Wales, Australia

Awesome shots, such a gorgeous couple! :)

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Sydney, Australia

23 Jan

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Sydney, Australia

Great lighting effect and photo!

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