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Trinity Beach, Far North Queensland, Australia

3 Feb

person walking barefoot in a tree at Trinity Beach, Far North Queensland, Australia

Barefoot tree walking, cool! :)

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8 Dec


Nice shot, amazing really! :)

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3 Dec
Oh, the spectacular mountains!

This picture was taken from our tent while we were viewing the mighty peaks, contemplating on things and enjoying each other’s company. Fantastic place made even better!


Wonderful shot! :)

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Door County, Wisconsin

4 Oct

Most of my blog is about my gratitude journals. I have begun to teach gratitude workshops that combine Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with contemplative arts and sharing my love for altered art books.

This photo was taken in Peninsula State Park in Door County Wisconsin. This is one of my favorite places in the world. Last Saturday was such a beautiful fall day. Of course I threw a blanket down in the woods and laid there taking pictures and enjoying the day. If you want to see more pictures from Door County keep an eye on my blog and it will have some more gratitude journal entries soon.

foot,toes,sandal,trees,sky,Door County, Wisconsin

Good composition! :)

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Western Pennsylvania

1 Sep

What Yoga Is Truly About

You know how it is, whenever you see someone in a crazy yoga pose usually people react with wanting to be able to do that pose too. “Oh it looks so cool!” “You’re lucky you’re so flexible.” “Show me how to do that pose!” are all frequent responses that I get whenever someone sees me in a more advanced pose.

I always take their compliments and tell that I’d love to show them a few of the basics when it comes to yoga. After that happens though, many aren’t seen again.

The longer I practice yoga and share pictures or videos on social networking sites, the more I realize that many people have a strong misconception of what yoga is truly about.

Yoga isn’t about the “fancy” poses. Yoga is about finding the best poses for you, the poses that make you feel good.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know how fun it is to be able to do all kinds of various poses but they aren’t something that I strongly desire. Each pose will be able to be achieved when you’re body is ready to take that step.

Forcing yourself into a pose creates tension and isn’t beneficial to you. Easing into poses and doing what feels good for your body creates ease and relaxation.

Introduce dedication, love, and positivity toward your body into your practices and in return you will receive just that and more.

Next time you step onto your mat let go of all of your negativity toward yourself. Make your practices about you. Improving you, taking care of you, and most importantly loving you.

feet,toes,yoga,pose,grass,trees,Western Pennsylvania

Wow, always amazed by these poses anyway! :)

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany

17 Aug

Here’s one picture of my toes from yesterday, got them wet running in the rain, some last warm days of this summer to dry them outside.

Here’s a link to a blog post that I wrote about summer holidays, and how in (even physically close situated) countries the holiday months are defined different way.


Have a nice August!

foot,toes,view,trees,buildings,closeup,Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Nice shot, looks like they have dried off! :)

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Habo, Sweden

3 Aug

A part of V

feet,toes,legs,trees,forest,Habo, Sweden

Beautiful shot, such wonderful contrasts throughout. :)

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Ozran Beach, Goa, India

30 Jul

To the few people who actually follow my posts. :) Forgive me for this hermit-like behavior. Work and Work has really eaten up all my time, but I managed to squeeze in a quick break to lovely and scenic Goa. Here are a few shots of the beautiful Ozran Beach Resort where we stayed. Waiting to see this kind of tranquility again! :)

beach,wind,surf,palm,Ozran Beach, Goa, India

feet,toes,toe rings,Ozran Beach, Goa, India,sand

trees,beach,surf,wind,Ozran Beach, Goa, India

Looks wonderful, we hear nothing but great things about Goa! :)

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Helsinki, Finland

17 Jun

It was a great sunny afternoon, clear sky,  dry and 19°C at 3pm, a perfect summer day in Helsinki, Finland.
The sun will go down at 22:54, and rise at 03.48!

toes,feet,benches,trees,Helsinki, Finland

Nice shot, and we are betting those benches are probably pretty comfy! :)

Cairo, Egypt

19 Apr

Ghost Foot

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Cairo, Egypt

Very interesting image!

Oulu, Finland

22 Jan
This is the view from my window today – beautiful blue skies and sunshine hitting the snow-filled trees in Oulu. I’m a student on exchange here until May. I’ve been here since September and I can say with my hand on my heart that I have fallen in love with Oulu and with Finland. You can read about what I’ve been up to and follow me on my adventure at http://finlandandback.wordpress.com/
 foot,toes,trees,landscape,Oulu, Finland
Now that is a fantastic view!

Havelock Island, India

21 Jan

Varun threw the fig-like fruits lying on the sand around. Vipul read. I took photos and then bored, decided to climb up a tree (in my defense the low branches were inviting!). Snails continued to crawl under our feet. Waves lapped. After a while we had lunch (cold beer and lobster!) and then headed to the room for a much needed siesta!

feet,mother,son,tree branch,beach,Havelock Island, India

Looks like a pretty good spot!

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Okonjima, Namibia

11 Jan

feet,grass,trees,photograph,Okonjima, Namibia

Very pleasant looking place.

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9 Nov

Taking advantage of our warm 40*F temps to hang Christmas lights in our trees.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Iowa

Good idea and very nice and colorful shot!

Vienna, Austria

16 Oct

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Vienna, Austria

nice place to chill. :)

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