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New Orleans, I love you.

16 Jun

The husband and I traveled to New Orleans a couple weeks ago with friends. Visiting New Orleans has been a dream of mine since as long as I can remember. I can’t quite pinpoint where my fixation started… but something tells me it has to do with New Orleans being the birth place of jazz. I find a lot of people think of New Orleans as a party destination – but it’s so much more! Let’s face it – partying is inevitable – especially when drinks are so cheap and accessible. But the architecture and the history and the culture is what really makes New Orleans fascinating. New Orleans is one of the only places in America where there is a distinct culture of people. Creole refers to those who were born in New Orleans but are of French, Spanish or African descent. This intersection of cultures, combined with strong Caribbean influences, makes New Orleans one of the most interesting, beautiful, and delicious destinations I’ve ever experienced!

Feet,toes,bed,view,skyline,photograph,New Orleans, I love you.

Awesome shot! :)

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Valencia, Spain

25 Nov

woman,feet,toes,standing,skyline,Valencia, Spain

What a great view! :)

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Trogir, Croatia

10 Sep

relaxing on one of our hammocks, in our holiday home in Trogir, looking at the great view of the Adriatic sea.  Bliss

feet,toes,view,water,Adriatic,Trogir, Croatia

Great shot, would be so nice to be there right now! :)

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany

17 Aug

Here’s one picture of my toes from yesterday, got them wet running in the rain, some last warm days of this summer to dry them outside.

Here’s a link to a blog post that I wrote about summer holidays, and how in (even physically close situated) countries the holiday months are defined different way.


Have a nice August!

foot,toes,view,trees,buildings,closeup,Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Nice shot, looks like they have dried off! :)

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Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

18 Jul

Experiencing rains like never before, Meeting Ajay-Lalith-Bharath, Seeing Elephants greet each other, watching a majestic cat planning her move, forgetting to shop, falling in love ♥

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Yep, it sure sounds like you are sitting on top of the world! :)

Cinque Terre, Italy

15 Jul

Breathe , and then some .

To be penniless and grinning like a fool ,

To hate this moment here but anticipate another lifetime with you,

The truth remain unsaid this side,

Seeing these shades blend ,

The waves of sensibility peeled away,

To end this grand scheme with madness,

I try with jargon’s trite .

My words fail me and you ,

I smile at strangers  ’cause of you .

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Cinque Terre, Italy

Nice! :)

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Colonia, Uruguay

4 Jun

Having a free day in Argentina inspired myself and a few others to journey over to Colonia, Uruguay. It gave us the chance to tackle another country that we initially didn’t think we would visit. After our hour long ferry ride docked in Colonia, we met our city walk tour guide. She was an older woman that we referred to as ”The Red Lady” because of her attire consisting of a red beret, long red overcoat, and red gloves complete with red lipstick.

It was really nice to walk around the streets lined with very old cars and falling colourful leaves. We did our best to keep at The Red Lady’s pace but as she walked rather slowly, and went on in long tangents, we found ourselves drifting in and out of her informational bouts. The main industry (and rather the only industry) in Uruguay, is that of Travel & Tourism. The streets are filled with bed and breakfasts, mo-ped and car rentals, wine excursion advertisements, and quaint little restaurants.

Throughout the day of walking, a stray German Shepherd followed me along. I named him Shepley. Even when we would stop as The Red Lady informed us about a lighthouse, or would take us into a chapel, he would patiently wait under a tree. When we stopped to eat lunch outside a restaurant very close to shore, he stretched out and had a little rest until we got on our way again. I wanted to give him some affection, but because I have no idea where he had been, I gave him that affection and attention . .  . via foot. He loved it! I rubbed his back and his belly with my feet and he really liked it. He closed his eyes and relaxed like it had been a really long time since he’d been pat or rubbed.

After lunch, Heather, Greg, and myself walked down to the shore and stretched out on some big rocks right on the water. It hadn’t been too sunny and warm in Argentina, so it felt really nice to be in some direct sunlight and warmth. We chilled out and sunbathed, listening to the water drift in and out as well as some Drake from Greg’s iPod. At one point a giant dog appeared out of nowhere, panting excitedly over our heads, scaring the crap out of us since we had our eyes closed and were completely “zenned out.”

Before we knew it the day was coming to an end and we headed back to board the ferry that would take us back into Buenos Aires. It was a really charming excursion and felt so good to relax after all the go-go-go in Peru and Argentina thus far. I hope Shepley is continuing to make friends with visitors, and is being patted and rubbed lots!

feet,toes, women,sitting,view,water,Colonia, Uruguay

Nice shot, sounds like a nice little place to visit! :)

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

29 Mar

Thanks to our AWESOME friends, Scott and Tim, we traded the ice and snow of central NY for the sun and humidity of south Florida. Scott and Tim own a condo on the beach in Fort Lauderdale.

feet,toes,balcony,view,Fort Lauderdale, Florida, toemail, photography

Great shot, and what a view! :)

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Kilbirnie, New Zealand

12 Mar

toes,feet,view,Kilbirnie, New Zealand

Wonderful view!

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Taipei City, Taiwan

8 Mar

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Taipei City, Taiwan

Awesome, just awesome!

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Waikiki, Hawaii

4 Mar

A trip into Waikiki to run errands turns into a spontaneous staycation with @slumberlee!

toes,feet,ocean,Waikiki, Hawaii

Looks like an amazing place to stay!

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Doha, Qatar

3 Mar

Two thirds of the way through my round the world trip. I last visited Doha, Qatar in 2007 and it is even more wonderful than I remembered it. This photo was taken from the tranquil park grounds of the Museum of Islamic Art which commands a great view of the Doha skyline across the bay.

feet,toes,skyline,Doha, Qatar

Awesome….simply awesome!

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Santorini, Greece

31 Jan
 This photo is from my honeymoon in Santorini, Greece. We were relaxing on the terrace of our room after a long hike across the island. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

My blog is: http://thekittchen.com/

feet,toes,view,terrace,Santorini, Greece

Looks absolutely wonderful!

Denia, Spain

28 Jan

Story of the photo:   I was kidnapped and brought to Denia aboard a ship much like the one in the photo. After several years of being held captive, I became friends with my kidnappers. In this photo I am looking at the Mediterranean and thinking about breakfast. I was going to take a photo of my friends, but they wouldn’t allow it. The thought crossed my mind to walk down the mountainside and get on one of the ships in the harbor, but, honestly, this is the most fun I’ve ever had. We design puzzles from photos that people send us and make a good living over the internet. I am allowed to walk around the mountain, and even to go to town sometimes; and to use the neighbor’s swimming pool. Really, I have no desire to escape. I think about it sometimes, but what’s the point? I live rent free, pay no utilities, and my friends like to cook and barbeque for me. The weather is perfect and my Spanish has improved tremendously. The downside: I am a sex slave to two beautiful Spanish women. Well, everyone has some complaint. My problems are not really very serious in the “big picture”. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

toes,feet.view, photograph,Denia, Spain

Lol, be careful what you say, Phil, there could be an invasion! :)

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Naples, Florida

25 Jan

feet,beach,toes,sand,view,Naples, Florida

Beautiful, ultra relaxing view!

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