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Street Art – Brussels, Belgium

2 Dec

Antoine Gady

Nice shot! :)

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Street – Madrid, Spain

20 Oct

feet,toes,people,street,street photography, Madrid, Spain

Excellent! :)

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The Long Walk – Hikkaduwa, Southern, Sri Lanka

24 Aug

The long walk

After picking up a minimal amount of supplies to eat, this Sri Lankan lady makes the long and slow walk home – barefoot.

feet,toes,woman,old,The Long Walk,Hikkaduwa, Southern, Sri Lanka

Amazing people! :)

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Walking – Verona, Italy

14 Jun

From the Tuscany countryside, we headed to the wonderful city of Verona. Now, Verona is mostly known for being the home to the famous home of Romeo and Juliet. Both homes are beautiful and I’m a complete sucker for Shakespeare, plus the city isn’t crazy and hectic like Rome. On our first night, we were all rather skeptical, thinking that Verona was one of those places we should’ve just skipped-my brother had wanted to spend that day and a half in Venice. But after a full day in Verona, we ended up really loving that city. It’s not a place where you can spend multiple days because it’s really not a very large city, but I definitely think that it’s worth the trip. The reason it’s difficult to spend a lot of time in Verona is that you can walk the entire city in the course of a day. On the note of walking versus driving, I highly recommend dumping your rental car back at the store once you get into the city (if you used a rental car to drive to any of these cities from more rural villages). You can walk virtually anywhere, the maps provided by the hotels are incredibly helpful, and the cost of parking/gas is insanely high in Italy. Save yourself a headache, as well as some extra spending money and return the car.

Verona has the best shopping that I saw during our time in Italy. It has the crazy, expensive brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton but I found some cute, little stores like this adorable textile factory store where I found the cutest tote bag.  I had a lot of fun walking the streets of Verona; it really is one of those picturesque Italian cities that you see pictures of.

Feet,toes,Walking - Verona, Italy

Nice shot, sounds like a fun town! :)

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In Search of Sol

21 May

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

16 Feb

man,walking,phone,barefoot,beach,Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Nice shot! :)

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Penang, Malaysia

15 Jan

Cannon Street: Khoo Kongsi Entrance

man walking in front of hotel in Penang, Malaysia

Good shot! :)

Check out Perspective of Penang !

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

9 Jan

man walking through shopping area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nice shot! :)

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1 Nov

I love sitting in the open doors of trains, especially when they are so slow you can take pictures.

Man carrying heavy baskets of vegetable down the train tracks in Myanmar.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Myanmar

Excellent shot!

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

4 Oct

Last weekend my friends and I decided to pay a visit to another friend of ours who’s not long been living up at the Sunshine Coast. After leaving a rather wet morning in Brisbane, we drove on to clear skies and gorgeous sunshine (living up to it’s name).

We stopped for lunch by the beach, with some yummy burgers, fish and chips then took the dogs down to the sand and watched them make the most of it!

Cody (not pictured) must have lived on the beach in a past life – she didn’t sit/stand still once, fetching various sticks time and time again, splashing out into the water, running about with a huge grin on her face!

Shadow is still getting used to the surf and sand – and she’s not much of a fan. She stuck to the sand that was it’s driest, and as far back from the water as she could get.

Despite the cool wind (expected in winter) and the rain that moved in later that afternoon, for the most part the weather really turned it on for our short visit!

feet,toes,beach,dog,sand,Woman,Sunshine Coast, Australia

Great shot, what a beautiful doggie! :)

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Bristol, England

29 Sep

A really bad pun. Sort of.

Is this a pun? A play on words? Maybe? I think so….Whatever, I had this mental image in my head whilst at the pub and sleep deprived. I found it hilarious.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Bristol, England


Love it! :)

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Katmandu, Nepal

25 Sep

Some random shots from my trip to Nepal

feet,toes,women,walking,street,Katmandu, Nepal

Beautiful shot! :)

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New York City

20 Sep

Walking with holding hands is one of the privileges of two people in a relationship.

It always feels nice. :-)

feet,toes,couple,drawing,holding,hands,New York City

feet,toes,walking,animated,gif,New York City,couple,holding,hands

Very nice, love the animation! :)

Check out Hwan Lee !

Turnbridge Wells, Kent, England

19 Sep

I’m totally loving my street photography at the moment, in fact, I can’t seem to stop which is a great feeling. But I’m now at a stage where I feel I need to get a post production style. I don’t know why I feel this is important but it is now taking over my mind lol. I kind of feel that the images need to be dated by todays fashions, Instagram, Lomo, Light leaks etc, but these modern styles are all harking back to the good old days. Maybe these are buy products of a recession, people finding it tough now are looking back with rose tinted glasses to a more simpler time. But the fact is, that now we have it really simple. I’ve seen little images recently all over the net about how great cassette tapes were. Are you joking me, they were a nightmare. I remember having to carry about 10 cassettes with me, and a pencil. Think I’ll stick with my iPhone thank you very much.
Anyay, rant over, do I stay with my current simple, almost straight out of the camera look, or go for something more fashionable :? eek, decisions decisions

feet,toes,woman,walking,street,Turnbridge Wells, Kent, England

feet,toes,woman,walking,street,Turnbridge Wells, Kent, England

Tough call, both shots look pretty darn good! :)

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Laos/Cambodia Border

10 Sep

Last time we met I was crossing the border into Cambodia with Claudia and Joe. It was another interesting process where the bus that got us to the border stopped on the Laos side so we could walk through no mans land to the Cambodian side. Before we could reach our destination we were given a temperature check to ensure we had no fevers. I was thanking god it was an electronic reading from the neck and not the ¨please bend over sir this will only take a minute¨variety, sometimes my mind goes to some weird places. We then waited for about an hour or so while all the passports were processed, Lao time still. The bus then came to the Cambodian side and took us on the roughest road to Kratie, I kid you not, the potholes were so big that they had to repair the rear bumper as it was torn off. The most amazing thing was Claudia slept through the lot.

feet,toes,people,walking,Laos/Cambodia Border

Interesting shot, love the person waving! :)

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