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Focusing – Venice, Italy

28 Oct

So engrossed in finding the right angle to compose my shot of one the roof features of Hatfield House was I, that I had walked through a well sign-posted gate completely oblivious to the fact that I was in a private area of the property.  Selective attention is the phenomenon that causes us to miss often obvious features of the environment around us when we are concentrating on one thing in particular.

Wonder if she knew her feet were wet?

Woman,water,camera,wet,photography,people,Focusing,Venice, Italy

Great shot! :)

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She Cuts – Newcastle, Australia

15 Oct
feet,toes,water,surfing,woman,She Cuts,Newcastle, Australia

She Cuts Back

Awesome shot! :)

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Yoros Castle – Istanbul, Turkey

20 Sep

Yaros Kalesi/day at the Black Sea

We took the day to relax on a ferryboat tour of the Bosphorus. An hour and a half up the strait, an hour and a half back down. In between the boat rides, I walked with students up a mountain to see the Yoros Castle (Yoros Kalesi). It was a trek, no doubt – sweaty and hot, no clouds to block the sun – and when we saw closed doors at the peak, I worried they would be disappointed. Almost ready to head back down, to relax with nargile by the water, I tried banging on the door a few times. A man opened it furtively. I begged him, in broken but desperate Turkish, to let the students in two explore. “Just two minutes!”

“In two minutes, I will lock this door and go to lunch. Two minutes!”

The students rushed past the door, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the thin strips of land that give shape to the Black Sea. Hundreds of ships, tiny like ants, waited their turn to pass into the Dardanelles. After a few minutes of jumping around and snapping group photos, we hustled out of the castle area, but continued to wander. Rufus, a stray dog, guided us down the mountain.

Perseverance, y’all – it pays off.

woman,dress,sandals,water,view,Yoros Castle, Istanbul, Turkey

Nice shot! :)

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On the beach in Corfu, Greece

9 Sep

feet,toes,water,sand,dress,On the beach in Corfu, Greece

Nice shot! :)

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Striding Edge – Lake District, Northern England

15 Aug

After climbing Striding Edge in the Lake District, I cooled my feet in an enticing stream.  

feet,toes,water,hiking, Striding Edge,Lake District, Northern England

Must have felt good! :)

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Precipice – Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

26 Jun

Getting ready to take the plunge

I am at a precipice physically here which was totally reflecting my emotional self, on the edge of making decisions that effect my life and others, of being in truth with myself and those around me.

feet,toes,water,Precipice ,Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Excellent image and words! :)

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Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

4 Jun

My wife and I visiting the beach at Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda this May.

feet,toes,beach,rocks,water,Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Nice shot! :)

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Flood – Indonesia

2 Jun



Nice shot! :)

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Unknown Location

31 May


Lovely image! :)

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Kythira, Greece

19 May

Feet,steps,beach,toes,flipflops,water,Kythira, Greece

Nice shot! :)

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Oegstgeest, The Netherlands

14 May

kids playing in baloons by Chris Breebart photography

Fun shot! :)

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Rome, Italy

24 Apr

People sunbathing in Rome, Italy

Nice shot, looks very relaxing! :)

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4 Apr

group of people by the water

Nice shot! :)

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Tokai Forest, South Africa

28 Mar
Person standing barefoot in Tokai Forest, South Africa

Photo: Katie Rentzke

Nice shot!

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Location Unknown

28 Mar

Picture of feet dangling over some water

Nice shot! :)

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