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Weekend – New York City

10 Oct

I had the best weekend in New York and I think the greatest part about the big apple is that just around every corner is a new adventure.

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Nice shot! :)

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4th of July, Los Angeles, California

3 Mar

domestic charm : Weekend Feet!

woman,feet,toes,casual,July,fourth,Los Angeles,California

Nice shot, so relaxed! :)

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

12 Jan

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
The weekend went by in utter laziness. Hubby dearest wanted to go on a hike to Lonavala, then to Pune and back to Mumbai after a day.  But me, in no mood to oblige. :-P  Perhaps the following weekend!!!

The picture you see up above; yes,  it’s weird. I have a thing for feet together; :-P like the way sometimes they hang out together. Well, to begin with, I thought I’d update you about the weekend I had. It was a mix of things and then, while writing, I put up this photo and it reminded me of all the pictures I had taken of “feet,” per se!!!!

Nice shot!

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San Antonio, Texas

23 Nov

Reading Date at a Coffee Shop

My husband and I have a coffee date on the weekend, and we love taking our shoes off and getting cozy on one of the couches at our favorite coffee shop and read all day long.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, San Antonio, Texas

Great idea and nice shot!

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