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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

12 Jan

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
The weekend went by in utter laziness. Hubby dearest wanted to go on a hike to Lonavala, then to Pune and back to Mumbai after a day.  But me, in no mood to oblige. :-P  Perhaps the following weekend!!!

The picture you see up above; yes,  it’s weird. I have a thing for feet together; :-P like the way sometimes they hang out together. Well, to begin with, I thought I’d update you about the weekend I had. It was a mix of things and then, while writing, I put up this photo and it reminded me of all the pictures I had taken of “feet,” per se!!!!

Nice shot!

Check out Etcetra, etcetra… !

Ericeira, Portugal

3 Dec


Kerry writes, “These are the toes of my husband and myself at the beach in Ericeira, Portugal a few months ago, before the winter arrived. My husband has always said that he could never be in a serious relationship with someone who had ugly toes and when we first met he made a point to check my toes (secretly of course… otherwise, how to freak out your potential girlfriend!) before falling for me…just in case. I guess my toes were cute enough, because here we are! We are a husband and wife photographic team, Piteira Photography (http://piteiraphotography.wordpress.com/) and this photo was originally featured here (http://kerrymurrayphotography.wordpress.com/2010/10/28/back-to-the-beach/) on my travel photography blog Kerry Murray Photography (http://kerrymurrayphotography.wordpress.com)

Awesome blog, and best of luck on your endeavours!!”
Thanks, Kerry, glad your toes passed the test, lol.

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