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Berlin, Germany

15 Dec

Drawing, not sleeping and worry

Despite my best efforts sleep and get rest, they still seem so hard to achieve.

At night I can’t sleep because I worry about the door locks. I worry about dangerous things around the house that Toddler could kill herself with. I worry about whatever it is I have to achieve the next day. I worry about dying and then I get worked up and think I can outdo anything – if I just stay awake.

I think about Johnny Cash and his lyrics: ‘I felt the power of death over life’ and then I think of my ex boyfriends car, ( and my toe prints on the dashboard ), and I think about how that was another lifetime, when such trivial things mattered and now I have this life that is my responsibility.

And then I feel sad, because there is no one by my side to calm me down. Talk me back to rational. Pat me on the back. You’re doing OK Lily.

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Excellent drawing!


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